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  1. To correct some of what has been stated, Llangollen only runs a one train service for most of the year with two trains used at weekends during May, June, July and August. Midweek it has usually been DMU during any February, March, April and October running and steam during the summer months (school holidays have usually been steam midweek too). Weekends always have at least one steam (two in August) but the second train is diesel/DMU during May/June/July. There are often small tweaks each year but this is the base pattern which can be recognized in all recent timetables (Events often devi
  2. I meant 'only' in the more literal meaning i.e. exclusively, rather than in the 'merely' sense. I know this was the main gripe with the previous version as it is a major difference from the prototype. I'm sure it will make a huge difference to the overall feel of the model, I'm just concerned that once again we might end up being left with a Modified Hall that isn't quite right. I was just disappointed that on this third attempt it seems Bachmann still haven't taken the time to go and have a proper look and careful examination of what they are trying to produce. It seems all the wa
  3. I have two of them and they are both excellent runners straight out the box on DC and have been wonderful on DCC too. Judging on this thread maybe there is a slightly higher number of problem ones than normal, but I would rate the two I’ve got as among the best running engines I have. I would recommend anyone who doesn’t get one which they are satisfied with to try and return/swap. For me the gearing isn’t a problem as they will go as slow as I could possibly want (almost imperceptible) and are perfectly smooth. The only problem you could say is that the top speed is too high, but
  4. There are plenty of pictures of the modified Modified Hall on the Bachmann website that I hadn’t noticed before. To my eyes it looks like the only changes since the last release are the bogie and smokebox saddle. Other than the front of the bogie which has been mentioned many times now, the only little thing which didn’t look correct to me was the curved sections of the front footplate (in front of the valves). These seem to be detailed with inspection covers and rivets as on a Collett Hall not the Modified Hall ones which are comparatively plain. The washout plugs are also overdon
  5. I would check coupling rods for catching, sand pipes or any other under frame detail that might be catching on sleepers etc, pickups in case one has got bent out and is getting caught in the spokes of one of the driving wheels. This sort of thing can often be tracked more carefully by seeing if it only happens in one direction, using rolling road, removing the body etc to try and eliminate some of these options from being the cause. If I was sure it wasn’t any of these I would be getting a little more worried it was coming from the mechanism and would be considering ret
  6. I think they're the best done of the other western 4-6-0s. I would be surprised if Hornby aren't looking other their shoulder with the Black 5 and 8f though...
  7. I seem to remember at the time (around 2013) the chassis used for the modified hall was the same as the one used for the Collett halls introduced a few year earlier (around 2005?). When the first modified halls were sent back to China (due to the numerous errors on the first lot) it was discovered that the front end under the smokebox could not be corrected due to the shape of the chassis and the location of the front screw mounting location. As such major changes would be needed to enable a correct modified hall, I would be very hopeful of a completely new chassis. The 2005 one ha
  8. 1) sounds like you’re describing the sound of the vacuum pump (used to maintain vacuum in the vacuum brake pipe through the journey rather than using an ejector). If so it should definitely be there whenever the loco is moving. I don’t have the sound version so can’t be absolutely sure. 2) mine had the same problem and I decided I couldn’t live with so have sent it back. It’s likely to improve over time, but I decided having payed the money I wanted one which was smooth at slow speeds and didn’t want to risk it not getting better. Good to hear that the motor is capable
  9. Can I ask how others have found their 94xx's to run at crawling speed? I must admit to being very disappointed with this aspect of the model. I have tried on both DC and DCC and I cannot get it to run anywhere near as slowly as other recent releases from several manufacturers. For example the much debated Dapol mogul at speed step 1 on DCC (using an out of the box Lenz next 18) will crawl along very smoothly with no hesitation at all. Using the same setup with the 94xx, it runs about 4 times faster and with noticeable lurches at certain points of the wheel revolution. Can anyone else give a co
  10. Should be possible to hide the area with some careful placement of fireirons as well
  11. Plenty of all 3 versions at Hereford Model Centre (my finger also just slipped)!
  12. It would appear the email I sent with links to multiple photos did get passed on to the development team, and the website page for R3850 would appear to have been duly updated with a picture of 6147 in green! Full credit to Hornby for listening and adjusting accordingly. Website appears to be running very slowly at present due to a big design update...
  13. The more you look the more you find! Two photos for sale on ebay show 6147 in lined green at Oxford Station: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/pu2442-Oxfordshire-Engine-No-6147-at-Oxford-Station-photograph-6x4/392694737424?hash=item5b6e6e2a10:g:gTsAAOSwkGJcbDrV www.ebay.co.uk/itm/pu2441-Oxfordshire-Engine-No-6147-at-Oxford-Station-photograph-6x4/293485387951?hash=item445517a0af:g:RV0AAOSwGMFcbDrV Also possible the same one as Miss Prism's above, but the view of 6147's bunker at Swindon: www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2970921073
  14. I have emailed Hornby, and have also found another image of 5189 on Pinterest. Don't know if it's the same one as Irwell as I seem to have mislaid that volume of the Prairie papers, but interestingly it seems quite a few of the large prairies managed to get the small emblem. 5189 Class 51XX 2-6-2T | Train route, British rail, Steam railway (pinterest.co.uk)
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