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  1. MatthewCarty

    The Engine Shed

    No, there doesn't need to be something to'WOW' everyone, but a blog with a bit of insight into what is actually going on on the ground would be better I think than what is there currently. Insight into the decisions/compromises they have to make when producing a particular model either in terms of what is needed in making it run well (where they need to put the motor, balancing it, providing space for a decoder etc), the decisions which lead to only being able to produce certain variations, how tooling allows for these variations.... all of these things would interest me, and as there is a continuous stream of new models being designed, these sort of decisions will always be being made. I suppose I'm interested in the careful thought that goes into turning a 3d scan into a design for a model. I think these sort of insights are what caught everyone's attention and created a buzz around Hornby's products, not just here on rmweb but all over the hobby. Since it has turned into just another place to share pictures, it has lost the excitement it once had. At one time I could be pretty certain there would be a fair amount of information to read through as well as accompanying photos. Now it is mostly just a set of pictures with captions (not entirely, but often the longest bits of text are the introduction and conclusion at the end). I personally feel that is what Facebook, Instagram etc are for. Also it is worth adding that whilst the engine shed was in its prime, I ended up buying many models I might not have otherwise bought because seeing the development of the model had made me take a real interest in it, and often I was impressed by the work and thought that had gone into it. I don't think it is a coincidence that in the last year I think I have only bought one item from Hornby, but in some recent years have probably ended up spending a four figure sums on their models.
  2. They seem to have adopted a similar shape as Heljan for the supporting stays at the front with unrealistic bends. Hornby's models of the 8 coupled GWR locos look much better in this regard. If they want to be any sort of competition with the prairie they're going to have to put this right by then.
  3. Hornby's site don't mention DCC, Hattons say DCC compatible but no socket. So I think you're probably correct and Rails have made an error.
  4. Some as early as March for some if the Hornby website is to be believed, suggests work was started along time before the Rails version (although difficult to understand why it seemed to be a late addition to this year's range if they were so advanced). However even if the March ones turn out to be a mistake, May isn't a long way off! R3767 - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/br-terrier-0-6-0t-32655-era-4.html R3768 - March https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/br-terrier-0-6-0t-32636-era-5.html R3780 - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/lb-scr-terrier-0-6-0t-655-stepney-era-2.html R3781 - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/k-esr-terrier-0-6-0t-no-5-rolvenden-era-2.html R3782 - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/se-cr-terrier-0-6-0t-751-era-2.html R3783 - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/sr-terrier-0-6-0t-2662-era-3.html R3767X - March https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/br-terrier-0-6-0t-32655-era-4-ca7b01.html R3768X - March https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/br-terrier-0-6-0t-32636-era-5-b21f92.html R3780X - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/lb-scr-terrier-0-6-0t-655-stepney-era-2-7b5ec8.html R3781X - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/k-esr-terrier-0-6-0t-no-5-rolvenden-era-2-01709e.html R3782X - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/se-cr-terrier-0-6-0t-751-era-2-e9a28d.html R3783X - May https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/locomotives/locomotives-by-class/a1x-terrier/sr-terrier-0-6-0t-2662-era-3-89eefe.html
  5. Edits to try and avoid duplication of posts and content
  6. I have added the last couple of years worth of stuff to this, as I sometimes find it useful to look back over, and maybe someone else does too! Clearly it only covers standard gauge steam stuff (my main interest), but it does unfortunately highlight the struggles Bachmann have had over the last few years!
  7. It is interesting that Hornby have decided the way back to profitability is through high investment and lots of new toolings, and with a very limited amount of re-liveries. While Bachmann seem to have decided the opposite, with a range with very little new tooling but mostly re-releases with new numbers. I am mostly interested in 00 steam, and the new tooling that Bachmann have announced in the last 5 years probably isn't far off what Hornby have announced for this year alone! Note: this is just an observation, and I have tried to not to make any judgements in the comment.
  8. MatthewCarty

    The Engine Shed

    Latest edition covers the 2019 range and gives a little more detail on some of the new projects: https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/news/the-engine-shed/Hornby-2019-range
  9. From the first few picture, it was the cylinder cut out for the leading pony that immediately jumped out to me. Dapol had at least on the mogul managed to find a way around this. Compare Hornby's https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/br-class-61xx-large-prairie-2-6-2t-6145-era-4.html with Dapol's https://digest.Dapol.co.uk/forum/main-forum/steam-aa/gwr-mogul-4300-class/7818-63xx-mogul-project-managers-blog
  10. They actually came from a link labelled New for 2019 on the Hornby website under the shop menu...
  11. You're really whetting my appetite for Dapol's offering hopefully this time next year!
  12. You can maximise the potential and use the "or best offer" function, as once the "offer" is agreed, you click pay, it opens a new tab for you to pay in, you then close the new tab, and the agreed price is sitting in your basket! I've just bought a basket full of stuff (with the discount code applied) which had 2 best offers in.
  13. Unfortunately it's the nature of this thread that not every bargain is going to be for every person who looks at the thread! As someone who lives about 10-15 minutes journey from Ian Allen, these posts are great, however I'm not at all interested in display cases or tools from Lidl but I don't feel the need to post that I'm not interested in them! And to please the bargain police, here is what I think really must be one of the best prices for a new large tender loco we're likely to ever see again (ROD 2-8-0s for £59 and £56) https://www.hattons.co.uk/StockDetail.aspx?SID=34449 https://www.hattons.co.uk/StockDetail.aspx?SID=34450 and yes I know they've been posted before, but they really are amazing prices!
  14. MatthewCarty

    Hornby 8f motor

    It is very difficult to understand why they haven't been able to fix this particular problem given that I think this motor (X9108) has been out of stock for almost a year, and in that time we have had brand new 8fs, Granges, Britannias and Black 5s (all of which use the X9108 motor). How difficult can it really be to buy a few more of these motors and put them in a box with all the other stuff coming from China!
  15. MatthewCarty

    Hornby 8f motor

    It is very annoying that they have stopped producing this motor as a spare, especially considering there are so many current models that use it. I have been looking for one for a grange and another for an 8f, but they are also used on Britannias, Black 5s, Clans and the old Kings. Considering they are still manufacturing/buying in these motors for models they are producing like the recent 70013 models, it is annoying that they won't get some more to sell as spares. Surely there is profit in this when they have been selling them for £15-£20!
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