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  1. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Mark
  2. If you have a multi meter you could check for shorts at the 8 pin socket. With the engine off the track and the meter set to continuity or an appropriate resistance setting probe the yellow, green, white and blue pins in turn. Ideally there should be no resistance between them. Then check each of these wires in turn with the red, black, orange and grey pins. Again there should be no resistance between them. A short on the socket would be easy to remedy. Hope this helps
  3. You could try de-soldering the blue common and function wires from the decoder or 8 pin plug. This would isolate the lighting circuit from the decoder and leave the motor power only. You would have to risk another chip testing but it would confirm an issue on the function side.
  4. I'm not over familiar with the model, but would I be correct in saying it utilises two decoders? Presumably one for motor power and lighting and the other for lighting alone. Does the second decoder work the lights on the dummy car only ?
  5. Has anyone fitted a decoder to Hornby large prairie R3723 and if so is there enough room for the larger Lenz standard decoder? Thanks in advance Mark
  6. Just came across a feature on this crane in Midland Record No. 2. There's a couple of images of a match wagon, including diagrams.
  7. Does anyone own the Bachmann Midland 1F (31-434)? I am fitting the detailing parts, included are x2 cosmetic couplings, a shovel, tarpaulin and x2 steam heat hoses. In the instructions included it points out where the vacuum hoses as well as the steam heat hoses should be located. However I don't appear to have the vacuum hoses. The pack of parts did come sealed so I don't think any have fallen out. Trying to establish whether a pair of vac hoses should have been included if owners of this model can help. Thanks in advance Mark
  8. Hi Tim, Yes ! very much so... I would love to see any pictures you have. Mark
  9. I have completed a 4mm scale 3D drawing of a Midland type 2b signal box using SketchUp make 2016. I created it as an aid to scratch building one for my layout. If any other members would find the file useful, feel free to message me. (edit) Meant to mention all measurements in millimeters and info taken from 'The Signal Box' by Signalling Study Group. Best wishes Mark
  10. I have the Hornby ex Dapol J94. Ir runs quietly on DCC. As peterfgf suggested, try it from a pure DC supply to rule out the controller before taking the loco apart. Mark
  11. Shame this one isn't because its a lovely little engine.
  12. Wolf, I'd say its mechanical. It happens once every wheel revolution, so i'd say its final drive, although I just can't see anything ! Under load on DCC it vanishes ???? Presumably the decoder has a greater power output due to the load and this overcomes the tight spot. One thing i did notice, the outer most part of the wheel flange rides very close to the body! Mark
  13. Keith, I also run it with the Lenz silver mini. What CV settings do you have for CV's 9, and 50 ? If 4 or 5 in CV 50 what do you set CV's 113 and 114? Thanks Mark
  14. Hi John, Only last week I removed the body of a new Bachmann 4MT to fit a decoder only to find the gearbox minus of any grease whatsoever !
  15. Hi I have a Bachmann 1F from New. It had a few hours of running in on DC prior to fitting a Lenz silver mini. At low speed in the forward direction I noticed it hesitated once per wheel revolution which was noticeable at low speed and less so at greater speed. I was hoping a combination of more running in and the decoder compensating for it would make running better. However, the problem persists. Then, last night i noticed that if the loco pushed or pulled a sizeable load the low speed running was near perfect. But once running light engine the problem is evident. Any ideas?
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