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  1. The 54th Rochdale MRG Model Railway Exhibition Sat 7th April – Sun 8th April 2018 The Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough, Lancashire OL15 9AE OPENING TIMES: SAT 10am-4.30pm, SUN 10am-4.30pm ADMISSION: Adults £3.00; Accompanied Under 16s FREE Once again we will be holding our annual show at the Coach House Littleborough. The accent is on quality modelling in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. We run a small show with a bit bit of a back to the good old days feel about it but with good, well modelled layouts. Simple food and drinks available and there are many other goo
  2. As you ask: The 54th Rochdale MRG Model Railway Exhibition Sat 7th April – Sun 8th April 2018 The Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough, Lancashire OL15 9AE OPENING TIMES: SAT 10am-4.30pm, SUN 10am-4.30pm ADMISSION: Adults £3.00; Accompanied Under 16s FREE
  3. I've done some research how people find out about our small show and to be frank RM Web does not score. The magazines and local publicity do.
  4. Our club members are to put it mildly somewhat bemused by this. OK we might miss one or two visitors as a result of it, and its certainly not worth us paying £30 plus VAT for it. On the other hand its going to cost BRM some sales as members cease to buy the magazine as a result. A classic case of shooting yourself in the foot by BRM.
  5. Did anyone spot this at the very beginning of episode 1? The sequence and the on train shots was filmed on the ELR and involved topped and tailed Class 40s, 135 and 145 on 16 October. I should have been working Townsend Fold signal box that day but was stood down the night before as they only wanted to go down as far as Irwell Vale. Knowing what was happening I beetled off with the camera at lunchtime only to find the train empty - the cast had remained in "refreshment facilities" in Ramsbottom, and only the camera crew were on board for the external shots.
  6. Unfortunately despite the lack of white stuff there, the glut of white stuff here means I wont be visiting today as planned ;-(
  7. With all due respect the siting of a table advertising other shows is the very last thing on the Exhibition Managers mind!
  8. At least get your facts correct before slinging the arrows - the show closed at 4:00 pm. For what its worth the show offered a good solid offering of decent layouts as always. OK the trade may not have been what it used to be but bear in mind that the club are coming back after a year in which they were forced out of their home by flood damage and couldn't run a show last year. That has a severe knock on effect for the exhibition, particularly as far as trade goes. I ask myself at this point whats more important for people - spending money or looking a good layouts - if the former then ind
  9. This may be useful if you are considering doing a quick and easy conversion to EM: https://newheymodelrailway.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/another-convert-to-the-cause/
  10. I personally find it easier to file off a plastic roof moulding, be it a chimney or a ventilator, and make a neat job of it, than actually fabricate and add one. Its worth considering looking at that design element again.
  11. Split axle, the axles look to have enough meat on to pull the wheels out, plus it rather looks like there is no need for any plastic butchery for clearance.On the negative side the wheels are a bit wider than should be and it may be a case of proceeding as I did with my Heljan DPU, making the BTB a midges dick less than 16.5mm, which worked a treat when wheel pulling.
  12. Its my understanding ( direct from Maggie) that Pempouls last show is at Railex.
  13. I just don't understand this not enough this, not enough that, its a general show and has to have something to please everyone so get over it. Now Im no fan of American layouts generally but in my eyes the best layout in show was Prospect Point, it was stunning modelling plus always something happening. As for the FREEMO layout it was clear there were problems on Saturday but by Sunday it was running well and with a fair bit of action, and on that lovely modelled mine branch as well ;-) . The main thing is that the guys on the layout were obviously trying their best to sort out and rectify
  14. Clearly DJM / Hattons have been consulting no less authority than the Rev W Awdrey in the design of this model.
  15. Apart from Stamford East, I cant say I have come across any of those layouts before, I presume then that this isn't the old Rochdale show which used to have an excellent selection of top quality and well known layouts which made it a must see show?
  16. Went on Saturday. I'm not the greatest fan of the show as the quality can be a bit iffy in regards of filling the show with layouts, but this year was an absolute cracker, particularly in relation to 7mm. For watching trains go by, you cannot top "the Summit" from Bob Alderman and the Yeovil Group. So simple but so effective and you knew straight away where it was without any write up in the guide.
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