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  1. The Peco layering spray is made by WWS and it is the same glue. Martyn from WWS made also the tutorial videos on Peco’s YouTube channel. I agree with the pumping bottle head. After a few pumps the head is blocked and you have to clean it completely. Not so with the spray bottle. It is much much better.
  2. Fran, I seriously understand the challenges for a packaging for such a fragile product. But there are some substitute materials available today with similar characteristics (like clear and durable) like plastics but sustainable and partly compostable. Recycled plastics are also an alternative. You are trying to deliver the best models on the market (and I am sure you will). Take the challenge and be the first model railway company with an eco friendly packaging and a green label on the product... Cheers. Guido
  3. Fran, thanks for the detailed update. I never wanted a class 92 because my layout has no catenery. But it is very hard for me to resist a model with working pantographs and all the other features you have described. Now I think that I will buy at least one. It is worth the wait for a perfect model like this.
  4. I am sorry. I have missed that this was posted and discussed before.
  5. Maybe this diagram from Hattons is useful for ordering the correct coaches:
  6. Thanks for the tip Andy! I was happy to find the Scotrail BSO in your shop. It seems that it is sold out everywhere else.
  7. Harlequin is right. Let them halp you to redesign the track plan. Otherwise it may happen that you are not happy with your layout later. I was also a beginner I have completely rebuilt my layout 3 times since 2013 for the same reason and wasted a lot of time and money (but learned a lot ). Less is more is also right. I did not want to hear that either. But that’s right. Less points end up in less wiring and complexity. And you have mor space for scenery.
  8. Fran, is it possible the get a cheaper delivery method for overseas customers? If I want to buy two pairs of buffer stops (value £11.90) I have to pay £15 for shipping. That‘s a lot and stops me from buying them. Thanks in advance Guido
  9. The DCC fitted TPE „Brutus“ is now available at Rails: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/38175/Dapol-4d-022-014d-oo-gauge-class-68-019-brutus-transpennine-express-diesel-locomotive-dcc-fitted Order placed...
  10. These are a lot of wishes for a small layout even in N gauge. Maybe something like that may fullfil your needs: https://www.thegoodsyard.co.uk/twinlevel.html (just for inspiration). It measures 28x72 inches. With a few extra inches you could add a dock scene at the front that is served by the branch line.
  11. Thanks guys for developing this fantastic coach pack at this price! I paid the deposit for TPE pack 1.
  12. Looks very good so far. I am building a layout that has a similar plan but much smaller and located in Scotland. I am very curious about the station building. Do you have something in mind for this?
  13. You are probably right. After all the trouble with correct working halo lights and sound fitting I thought it was a bit difficult. But I have watched Richard‘s (New Junction) video on YouTube and it seems really quite easy. Now where the TPE version is nearly sold out I wait for the DCC fitted one. On the other hand it‘s most likely that Dapol will release another TPE loco with the next batch...
  14. Is there any sign of the DCC fitted „Brutus“ (4D-022-014D) as announced by Rails or is this cancelled by Dapol?
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