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  1. Looks really good. It is an unusual chair, I wonder what was originally kept in the drawer.
  2. I'm doing this post on phone as the laptop is refusing to turn on today, so apologies if the post looks weird in any way. Reprinted chimney, dome and thingy and the printer behaved this time. Needs some minor filing on undersides to get bottom shape right. I've also Reprinted the little bit that broke so I can repair it. Cleaned up the solder mess and doing some more shaping of bits, including boiler support/ motion bracket that will be almost hidden, but I know it's there. Also partially done gearbox for the hawthorn forgot to take a photo of
  3. Thanks Mikkel. My 3d printer seems to be like a moody teenager most of the time.
  4. It can be difficult to just get started again sometimes. I tend to find once I start I carry on for a bit. With everything else going on and the good weather and, like you, other life stuff, it's probably not the best time of year to restart.
  5. My mojo is starting to come back Cutting up and shaping bits of metal again - various little bits for the rover. Also done the chimney, dome and buffers for the queen class in 3d, but as you can see the printer had a wobble on parts of it halfway through. Don't know why, I'm nearly out of resin so I'll blame it on being near the end of the bottle. I'll try again in a day or so and see what happens. Bit of soldering as well. Blurry photo, sorry. Put the splasher valence back on and the sand box. used far too much solder so it needs a good clean
  6. Thanks Mikkel. With the speed it takes me to scratch build or build kits, I think it's the only way I'll ever have one. Need to do the tender to go with it now. The 5" had me drooling when I saw the photos. If only I had the space and money...
  7. So I think it's fair to say I haven't really got back in a routine of doing train stuff since the house move. It's allotment time of year as well now, so there may not be much more going on until the autumn. I have nearly done the queen class and did a test print on the photon. I managed to break part of the rear frame near the wheel which was a bit annoying. Sorry for blurry photo. It's a bit narrow in there, but hopefully all bits will fit okay. Some bits need thickening and slight changes etc. springs, chimney etc will be done separately as
  8. Transoms, rail and packing strip cut to size I made them the same size as the others, which is a third of the board length. The rail and transoms should be much shorter, but the joins are always going to look over-scale so it is what it is. I only had 6 pieces of transom, need 9 for the 3 tracks, so will have to order more and I guess they probably don't sell the exact size anymore. Back to the queen class CAD It's coming along. rivets and frame was the time consuming bit, not much left to do. One problem though. I've not got the RC
  9. Made up some more transoms did them the same as last time (details a few pages back) will need another coat of paint after being placed on layout. some of them came off during the house move and also lost a fair chunk of the ballast. The baseboard isn't in the semi permanent place yet, need to get a radiator moved first so I can move a wardrobe and then move a table for the board, but I can do ballasting and hopefully put the up line on for now too. Two of the tracks aren't conducting, another house move related problem, so I'll look at the wir
  10. Thanks. Mike uses a filament style printer that uses heat to melt tiny amounts of the material which sets when it cools. The one I have is the resin one, ultraviolet light sets/cures the resin liquid into a solid. As richbrummit says, you can try something similar but using light instead of heat, I've got an acrylic nail light for helping to set things after printing. It is probably just easier to super glue. As there are no windows I can get away with internal bracing as well. Maybe a strip of brass underneath as well as the roof. Matching it exactly without the joint showing mayb
  11. Thanks Mikkel. There's a little bit of stepping to the tumble home, probably my artwork more than the printer, a bit of wet and dry then primer should fix it. Sticking the two halves together will be fun!
  12. Back to the 3d printing... I was getting problems of peeling from the base while printing Like this, straight off the printer you can see over the left something going wrong at the start which means the rest had nothing to hold onto. This is another of the culm valley type carriages with different window types. Needs a good wash in IPA, but I'm using that sparingly as the price is quite high at moment. I kept relevelling the printer and trying old print files and they seemed to work. Then I'd try something new and it wouldn't work. I presumed t
  13. I was a bit surprised when it worked at first. I took a few other videos, but they had massive delays at the start before it moved. It's a bit quick too but more weight will fix that.
  14. After a lot of fiddling, swearing and maybe a bit of bodging, the rover with tender pickups is mobile with power coming through the track. I couldn't fit the chassis on with the boiler piece over the motor, it needs a bit of body, motor worm and chassis cutting away. This was as near as I could get it on. Still masses to do obviously. Need to reroute wires from motor properly, find some proper way of towing the tender (must be a better way of wording that?) add more weight to engine, stop rover body shorting the electric as it did occasionally, fit outside
  15. Great story and photos, Mikkel. Fantastic modelling as usual too.
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