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  1. So I thought I'd dig out the half made rover scratchbuild tender to see if it would help It did help, as I remembered I stopped working on it because I did it in 3d and printed about 10 of them on the photon. Call me mad, though, but building one yourself from scratch is different. It is a hobby after all, and I enjoy this part even if it looks worse than the 3d one. Fretting out the frames and donking the rivets out by hand are quite time consuming, but I will finish it eventually. The rover sandwich frames, bottom right, are starting to come unstuck, I originally soldered part of it then switched to epoxy resin, but I think the resin was past its useful date. So I need more resin (and probably not pound shop stuff either this time) So I've started on the hawthorn two wheel tender cutting out. I've never been that good at rescaling and printing pictures (they always print a few mm too large or small however many times I try) so I took measurements from the pic, redrew it on graph paper then marked out, etc. Once this is cut and filed it will be a template for the other three. As the underneath is very visible, I don't think a traditional chassis will really work so I'll either try inside bearing 'hangers' as with the carriages, or as the prototype and use bearings in the axle boxes.
  2. Thanks, Northroader, that's very helpful. Loads of rivets to keep me quiet. I think the outside frames are 'sandwich' ones?
  3. Few more bits chopped out and taped / blue tacked them together for the pictures The pic of what it's supposed to look like is here https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/hawthorn-class-locomotive-dewrance-great-western-railway-news-photo/102725500 The splasher side wouldn't stick so you'll have to use your imagination. Still need to cut out the splasher tops, I've decided on 4mm wide for these, I'll just cut strips of nickel and bend. Also need to do sand boxes, finish the rods for the wheels and find a view from the rear to do the fiddly back head bits. Don't know when it'll get soldered, maybe a wet winter's sunday. For the tender, as it's a four wheeler, I need to find a drawing. I can remember one of the Broad gauge mags had a piece on tenders so that may help. The mags are all in a box at the moment, I'll try to dig the right one out at some point.
  4. So, cut out the first splasher side fairly roughly, I used a thinner blade than normal, 0/3 though to be honest I don't know what the numbers mean. This piece will be flipped round onto the other side so the marking out isn't visible on the final thing. blurry photo, but I couldn't get the superglue to stick (too old) so I masking taped the first piece back onto the sheet of nickel then roughly cut round. Then filed carefully to get the rough shapes. Nearly there, I managed to add a few minor bends but they've straightened pretty well. Need to thin slightly more in various places. That's all for this week, it took a fair bit of time to do it slowly but it's done (almost).
  5. That's excellent modelling , and a really unusual prototype too.
  6. Marked out the metal for the splasher sides. My hope of fitting two pieces on failed by me making them too close together. What I'm going to do is roughly cut out one piece and poundshop superglue it back on the nickel silver then cut and shape so the two pieces are the same. I'm hoping it will be less susceptible to bends as double thickness while shaping. Found some more photos of Prince Albert via an ebay saved search. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GWR-Broad-Gauge-photos-x-6-Holyhead-Silica-Co-/313142848695?nma=true&si=jrrcSUshMCf5qChnle%2BiHaQ%2FyWA%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 The auction has ended, I didn't bid on or win it, but there is a good view of the back which I haven't seen before. If you've forgotten, Prince Albert is awaiting wheels, soldering the chassis and for me to figure out how to motorise him. I never did get round to ordering the gearboxes, but until I get a bit more room to work in, they aren't really needed.
  7. Thanks Mikkel I follow Mikes blog but have got behind a bit recently. I'll try to catch up. It would be nice to have them all as soldered metal, but cutting the shape and soldering will get very fiddly.
  8. Bit more sawing and shaping and that. Just blu tacked and masking taped together for now. The splasher is a test piece from plasticard, I was thinking of cheating and trying a 3d printed splasher, but I'll give it a go from metal and when it fails I'll swear a bit and then do a 3d one. The copper tube is 15mm diameter (the boiler scales to roughly 16mm) so I thought I might get away with it. But the motor is 15.5 diam at its largest points so back to trying to roll one. I haven't done the replacement smokebox surround yet. Also came across this carriage I like the look of while googling https://www.steampicturelibrary.com/carriages-wagons/broad-gauge-early-rolling-stock/wheeler-tri-composite-coach-no1-8526445.html?prodid=1337 Another ex Monmouthshire railway and canal co, but a tri composite with luggage compt. Obviously it ended up in GWR ownership but I don't know if it travelled anywhere. I was thinking of try it in 3d, I can get the length and height from the Mansell wheels, but don't know the width. Some of the older carriages were 7'6", but I'm unsure where to find that out. The 3d printer's still packed away so I'm in no rush with it.
  9. So with most things packed away, this is what is currently to hand two boxes of tools, bits of sheet metal and a few chassisses / bodies / motors etc. I guess a photo of the box's insides would have been better. I'll save that treat for next time. The soldering iron is sort of to hand in a box should it be needed, and the baseboard and controller is, again, sort of handy if needed. Bit more shaping to the metal bits and banging rivets through. I've messed up the dimensions of the smokebox mid piece. Seems to be a cm out (0.5mm each end) must have forgotten to carry when adding up. Shame because I've already done the rivets, but will have to do another. The rivets are bit harder to see in nickel, about half the smokebox door is done. The piece of brass on the far right is another reminder of the 2mm venture that will never be. Interesting for a size comparison though.
  10. Couple of spare hours sunday so I did some marking up And rough piercing sawing out Couple of the non-cab sides, weather shield (ie non-cab front, I think it's called that) and start of smokebox front but need to work out the curves for the lower part. Sorry photo quality isn't brilliant. You should probably ignore the 2mm scale drawing on the right, I had a half idea a few months back then realised it was a bad idea. It's probably obvious, but I'm doing this one in nickle silver (10 thou I think). It's supposed to be easier to solder, time will tell.
  11. I suppose whoever submitted it to the picture library could own the original negative plate?
  12. I tend to clamp or stick down as much as I can. When you only solder occasionally though it doesn't always work as planned. Using epoxy feels like cheating, but there's only so much time.
  13. Thanks Grahame. I haven't got that book, I'll have to add to my Xmas list.
  14. I just make it up as I go along really. When I did the Rover (more than half built) I imagined it in kit form and cut out the pieces. I did a dry run in plasticard of some parts. Soldering the bits square is what I find hardest.
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