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  1. Is this still live gone to subscribe it takes to a page asking if I have a discount code and I cannot go any further ? thank you
  2. As I say I had a Hornby one fitted it was working well which just seems to be unreliable just want to replace the Hornby auto reverse module with a better one
  3. It’s a 00 gauge at the moment I am using a Hornby module but it’s seems to stutter causing a short it had been working fine using a power cab as the loco comes into the reverse loop from points larger locos like class 47 seem to have less problem then a 4mt hope that helps
  4. Which is the best dcc loop module to use please
  5. I believe some are using the gaugemaster dc23
  6. What size is windy ? Did you scratchbuild or buy Many thanks
  7. Shroomy

    Class 07 Diesel

    Thank you for this all done now works fineOnly thing is decoder pro did not recognise it was a gaugemaster dcc23 but as a dcc25 instead
  8. Shroomy

    Class 07 Diesel

    Can you post your results if you achieve this please would be interested
  9. When you consider the loco is £95 approx and the gaugemaster dcc23 is £20 approx this is why I think the Dcc fitted version is great value
  10. I think for £115 Dcc fitted inc the flickering firebox glow that is value for money very impressed
  11. My Normandy turned up today alas with bits not adhered with spit but quick bit of glueing back together Where they had meant to be glued there was no mark so guess no glued used in the first place
  12. My Caen arrived from rails in perfect condition and working order
  13. Would just like to say what a fab guy stickswipe(Jason) is He done my a dcc lighting set for Heljan class 20 which was a superb product with great back up service He followed this up with a dcc lighting set for Heljan class 33 which again is brilliant Very very impressed with his work and advice
  14. Was just wondering if it was the same source but guess not it’s just Hornby Not looking forward to getting mine now
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