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  1. paulcornish


    Andy, I did look on their website but was looking for specific bullhead ones. I didn't realise they don't exist.
  2. paulcornish


    Can somebody please point me in the right direction as to where I will find the free templates for Peco code 75 Bullhead. Thanks. Paul C.
  3. With regard to the paper mills at Sittingbourne and Kemsley can anybody tell me which is the correct terminology please, is it Bowaters or Bowater? Paul C.
  4. Can anyone tell me which particular issue of Modern Railway magazine contains an article on the Bowaters china clay slurry tanks going back to 1966. Eighteen of these were introduced initially with another two being added in 1971. I have been told that a good article including several photos of them in their original Bowaters livery appeared in a certain issue but I need to find out which particular one it was. Any information on this would be very much appreciated, thank you. Paul C.
  5. Hi All, I'm trying to find some of the old Triang-Hornby Bowaters slurry tanks (R668). If anybody knows of any that are available could you please give me a shout, thank you. Paul C.
  6. Hi Andy, Here's an update on what you are looking for regarding the Queenborough/Rushenden bus route. I've found some photos on a local website that confirm my previous comments, route numbers were indeed prefixed with a 3 at some point (probably early 80's). I cannot find a photo of a 354 but it shows a 362 to Rushenden. In my time the 62 was a Sheerness to Leysdown route but I found a 362 displaying Rushenden. That service was extended by the looks of it and ran from Leysdown into Sheerness and then onto Rushenden. I reckon there must have been a 354 so to cover Rushenden Road you've two options, 354 or 362. If you go onto Trevor Edwards Sheppey Pictures and click on "Buses" you'll find the afore mentioned. Regards, Paul.
  7. Cheers mate, I've just sent them an email so will await their reply. Paul C.
  8. Can anybody suggest where I can get some cylindrical roof mounted air vents please. I'm revamping my model of the old Bowaters clay shed that used to stand adjacent to Sittingbourne station and need some new ones. Previously I got a supply from Mark, one of the chaps who exhibits the Treskilling EEC layout but I have no way of getting in touch with him. Hope someone can help. Paul C.
  9. David, Your layout looks superb with some great detail. Where did you get the platform signs and lamps from? I'm going to need some very similar when I get my build underway. Paul C.
  10. Hi All, Can anybody shed light on this please. I'm looking for photos of the station building that stood on Kemsley station at the time of electrification in May 1959. I know that it was erected in 1938 and lasted until the early eighties (I think) but, I can't find any images. I can't recall enough detail of it from memory in order to build a model so photos would be a massive leap forward. Hope someone can help. Paul C.
  11. Thank you for your replies, very helpful. I am now much wiser having checked the links that you posted. Paul C.
  12. Hi All, I've recently decided to use the new Peco code 75 bullhead track buying a box of flextrack. This week I added a large radius LH turnout and will be looking to make more purchases once I start building the layout and when Peco release more parts. Can anybody advise me as to any other makes of track that would be compatible with this i.e. C & L Finescale, Marcway etc.... Hope someone can help. Paul C.
  13. I'm looking for a ZTC 611 controller if anybody has one for sale please. Paul C.
  14. Hi Jack, Thank you for responding to my question. I followed up your suggestion and it proved a real winner. I found details elsewhere in the forum linking Branchlines to a small company called Kean Maygib. That showed an address for Trowse (Norwich) so I gave them a call. They are now on the Rackheath industrial estate which is about 15 minutes from me and when I spoke with them and it appears that they actually make and supply parts for Branchlines. I then phoned Branchlines and managed to get the exact buffers for my model so a brilliant outcome. The kit is being built for me by an experienced modeller so I had them sent direct to his address. They arrived yesterday morning so a fantastic result, thanks Jack. Paul C.
  15. Insert other media Hi All, Can anybody point me in the right direction with this please? I'm looking for some sprung buffers as per the attached photo of this SR D1 4-4-0. Colin at Alan Gibson's has told me that they don't do that one so any thoughts please? Paul C.
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