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  1. John, Read with interest your post. I will PM you on Wednesday. Paul C.
  2. Thanks for your replies. Any thoughts on which number Kadee I would need to fit to keep the coupling distances the same? Paul C.
  3. I have a number of old Triang-Hornby Bowater slurry tanks (R668) and want to update the couplings to Kadee or similar. I need to know how to get the old ones off and whether the new type will fit. Paul C.
  4. I've just bought a Heljan Class 33 D6504. It's showing head codes of H1 and 4A and I would like to know which route(s)/area these refer to. Records show that it entered service in March 1960 allocated to Hither Green depot and I am trying to establish what numbers it would have been displaying when working the Sheerness/Sittingbourne areas of the network. Thanks. Paul C.
  5. Wow, You guys have been working overtime so thank you for a fantastic response. (Tim) The new bridge is called Kingsferry as was the previous one but they were going to entitle the 1960 opening as Queensferry but for some reason that idea fell out of the sky. C and H Class certainly hauled most of the passenger services along with Ivatt 2MTs but Q class did do some of the freight runs as I have it from a reliable source who worked out of the Gillingham shed at the time. I've just bought a Heljan 33 showing a number of D6504 so reading your posts above I'm guessing that
  6. Hi All, I'm modelling the Sheerness branch line as per 1959/60 and would like to get a true to life running number for a class 33 diesel. So, if anyone can give me a few suggestions to choose from I would be most grateful. I know that they didn't venture onto the Island until early 1960 when the new KF bridge opened as the old bridge couldn't take them. I think Q class hauled the freight until the new bridge was ready. Paul C.
  7. Does anybody know what's happening with ZTC? I haven't seen any recent posts but one snippet did say that they were "gone". Can anyone shed some light on this please? Paul C.
  8. Thanks Andy and Heaton Lodge, I will give both methods a try. Paul C.
  9. James, I have am using mainly Peco 75 Bullhead but have recently bought a box of SMP flextrack from Marcway in Sheffield. The sleepers are not as thick but I have remedied this with sheets of Plasticard. The difference is basically 1mm so I've just bought a pack of Plasticard to boost the height to bring it level with the Peco. Not sure which method I will adapt yet but I'm thinking of cutting individual strips and gluing them to each sleeper individually. The SMP range also offers a good choice of points etc.... Paul C.
  10. Can anyone suggest a good way of getting the right texture/colour for a good concrete effect please. I have some Plastikote Suedetouch as suggested by some but would like to get it a bit nearer to the real thing if possible. The bridge that I'm modelling is proving a tricky proposition colour wise. Paul C.
  11. Hi Stuart, Wow, what a nice surprise to receive your response. In a word no. I didn't receive any response to my post until today from you. Thank you for that, every little bit helps and they are a little bit closer. This is such a tricky one as it is long gone but I continue in hope that one day someone will be forthcoming with some of totally different angles and also of the inside. Thanks Stuart. I hope posting yours didn't contravene any copyright issues? Kind Regards, Paul.
  12. Hello Guy, I have just had a reply from Daniel at 3D Printingcorner with images attached. He has done a final draft for my railings and they have come out really well. I just need to measure the model now to determine how many lengths I need to order. Should look pretty good once they're all fitted and painted. Sorry about the third image, tried every way to rectify it but no luck. Paul C.
  13. Guy, I have had a response from Daniel at 3D Printingcorner and he is currently working on my request. I painstakingly went to some extreme lengths to get the correct measurements in order to have the 4mm version as per the real thing. I felt that this was important as the bridge is all accurately to scale.
  14. These units were in service on the Sheerness branchline from 1959. Can anyone suggest numbers of the ones that worked on this route from the start of electrification please? Paul C.
  15. Suggestions please for iron railings (4mm scale) for my lift bridge. I've had an initial search but would like to get something that's as close as possible to save scratch building. Thanks. Paul C.
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