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  1. Painted test version of the London Brighton 7mm Signal Box, I think for the club layout I will resin print the lower windows omitting them from the FDM print to get a cleaner crisper print. I also need to sort out the glazing for the club version I need to model the interior next and the larger version for the club layout
  2. Hey Din, as I say im pretty interested in trying out your site for all my models, let me know when you would be in a position to start getting stuff on, and what needs to be done my end. Cheers Rob
  3. First attempt to print this off in 7mm, some small issues with a bit of warping that I hope to correct in subsequent prints, along with dropping the printed handrail for actual metal wire that I will hope to bend. Then I need to get my hands on a donor terrier for trial fitting, although be good to know if any kit companies sell their chassis separately for further locomotive builds I would love to do for the LBSC and GER, LNWR, and GNR? Primed version to show detail
  4. YeahI have to agree speed is not my primary focus either, though can understand from Din’s perspective how that would be a bit of a factor! But im finally looking forward to printing larger items, especially some O gauge locos, and, 6 wheel carriages. I’m also looking forward to the new prusa XL rumoured to be out this year, for doing buildings etc.
  5. I have the phrozen 8k on order to dude, looking forward to its eventual arrival, however apparently despite the mono screen its super slow
  6. Would this new larger printer happen to be the phrozen 8k by chance
  7. Well it sounds good to me Din, I would happily trial some of my stuff on your site when its up and running, as I certainly have no intention on using shapeways because of it being so expensive, for both the creators and buyers a like, but I do hope you can get it to work, and it would be awesome to have a dedicated platform for 3d printed railway modelling and miniatures for folks to sell or buy from.
  8. update on the interior of the J69, its mostly what I have managed to see through glimpses through the cab door in various photographs online, so here it is the latest, which im hoping to print a test this week
  9. Hello Din This sounds like a fantastic idea chap, I could well be interested as I much prefer spending my time creating and prototyping new designs than printing models out. I have quite a bit of stuff potentially, mostly 4 mm wagons, and 4 - 6 wheel carriages, some buildings, along with some 7mm stuff I am working and some Bolt action wargame buildings also I have been working on, be good to know what you are thinking of charging, obviously dependant on the model size/time etc?
  10. Cheers chap, no it will fit on my mono X so hope to start running some prototypes off soon, need to grab myself a donor terrier though to get it to sit on top properly.
  11. So finally taking the plunge and hoping to model some pre grouping locomotives in 7mm, and whilst I know a lot of really good kits already exist, I wanted to try my hand at seeing what I could potentially model and print, and more importantly practise my painting and modelling skills, so I thought I would kick off with this GER J69, modelled mostly from photographs found online mainly taken at the NRM. So I already know my interior for this isn't correct, but figured I would mock something up anyway when looking through the cab door. Once I have finished I hope to fit into onto a Dapol Terrier chassis as recommended by @thegreenhowards who gave me the idea in the first place. Progress so far, i'm sure I have a few bits they need attention but looking forward to working out how to paint and line this baby, once I have printed it.
  12. Thank you Nick as always very helpful, and knowledgeable, and gives me a great head start on my painting of this little box, I will post when I have finished the paint job, I then have to make a slightly longer version for the club layout so can iron out any issues with the second printing all being well, and subject to hopefully getting my fdm printer back online
  13. Quick question if any of you knowledgeable folk know what colours this Box would have been in lbscr times, the weatherboarding im guessing a pale cream, the frame and roof supports a dark red, windows a white, but what would the stairs have been? Red, or the pale cream? Or even white perhaps? Im searching online now and struggling to find any solid examples. Cheers Rob
  14. First print of my Crawley LBSCR signal box in O gauge, Here it is primed and ready to start painting tonight. I Still need to detail out the interior. I used a mixture of FDM, and resin printing on this baby, was quite fun to make, though I have managed to knacker my fdm printer for the time being.... To many bricks :)
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