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  1. Thanks Phil. Your eyes must roll. TT - I have been using the Peco template - one approach I have always taken is plan with less space than you have, so fewer surprises. I had been trying to keep space between the station building and goods shed - hence it was short. Need to work on that I had got some thoughts on the top left, but am now sitting with a reverse map in front of me... CS - I did, it was with the water tower but it was awkward with the space near the engine shed Top right - that is a reason for habitually putting it there in the early attempts,
  2. So here is my first version of Launceston for a fantasy Hampshire market town location. This has again been an excellent learning experience modelling something prototypical. That was not my original ambition, but it has, non the less been fruitful. What I have "kept" The layout of the goods yard The end loading dock The relative positions of the TT and ES The carriage siding The release loops Ability to give the front of the station building some space and a sense of "beyond" What has "lost" The double slip and the reaction of a
  3. Oddly, I started and abandoned a plan with the TT and ES on the south. This is great, thank you @Harlequin (and I had only found a smudgy image of the plan after your earlier suggestion). You sent me on a hunt! I managed to track down a few further maps to get more detail. It had to exist. As people seem to ask for Launceston in varying forms a bit on here, so a kind of "record". Old Maps was new to me but sent me on a wonderful journey of old stations (and home town). I had no idea the Winchester Chesil goods yard was that big. As a kid I cycled through there trying to work
  4. Wood and trees: took me ages to see the MPD problem. Now can. Completely get it. Hmmmm. Initial plays suggest I may need another foot of board...which I probably won't get away with. I have a better goods siding set up. Maybe bye bye TT as so many others have had to do!
  5. Yes, fair enough. BW was waaaay off my radar I must admit.
  6. Hello, been working with the feedback and a clean Railmodeller template to rebuild this. There are a few notes as am playing a little. Three versions attached (of which I think two are just an aesthetic decision). 1) The Flying Pig / David version, rotated by 3 degrees 2) The same, but at 0 degrees (the rebuild was cleaner and neater so I found more room) 3) The thought I raised based on the feedback of flipping the station and putting the long one at the top On balance the 3 degree twist seems to work better. It is more pleasing and gives a litt
  7. You don't want to know how messy it got! But I learnt a lot about what not to do, and more about what I wanted, so thank you!
  8. On the loco shed: there is a bit (lot) of rule 1. Whilst the station building I am using was at a station that had a racetrack (both defunct) and that had given me a "busy day" excuse with crowds coming in. To @Rivercider point, it is small town, with goods and an occasional spike, perhaps an annual weeklong festicval event. I see this as a moving diorama and I like to see my engines. So rule 1 lets me 'display' them in a bit of context. (This does go down a hole of perhaps having horse access onto trains but not aware of that anywhere). The second siding behind the
  9. Hi FP, thanks. I was beginning to think about rotating. It adds interest after all I think. Let me have a look. On other layouts: completely agree. Part of my "problem" I why I eventually shared now is I have perhaps read too much, especially on this set of threads! I have got to "analysis paralysis". The number of plans printed and doodled on Lots of great ideas (and real life examples) and I have run myself into a standstill. Not sure if that makes sense?! I'm probably being a little stupid by sometimes thinking "that's their's" but it also becomes shades of gr
  10. A week is a long time in this part of the world. The feedback above was very useful and made me step back and think about what I wanted including how I wanted and could use the space. For a long time, there was still trying to do everything above (including files aptly name "Chimer"), before proving to myself (head vs heart) that a raised terminus was not going to be satisfactory in the space. Then, with further prodding, I dropped everything to one level, but it was not coming up as satisfactory. Trains going round a tight loop without disappearing...wasn't working.
  11. I sent a second hand N Class loco on a very circuitous journey back to Bachman via AMC after it threw out a con rod pin and I couldn't fix it. There was a 30 pound charge "which includes a small amount of parts". Repairs via shops tend to be collected as the sales person visits and then returned when they come back. But not a problem for me. Run perfectly fine ever since.
  12. I've had useful conversations with this company. They told me what was fixable...and not. I completely get the affection for old locos and desire to run them, so to me, 20 quid or so for a professional service feels worthwhile. Others may disagree or have experience with this service. Am sure if you sent some pictures they could do an assessment for you as well. Sounds like the engine shown here is older than your fathers: http://www.Hornby-railway-trains.co.uk/Services/Tri-ang_Princess_Elizabeth_Service/Tri-ang_Princess_Elizabeth_Service.htm but gives a sense and walk through
  13. Quickly - thank you very much. Digesting...been moving house hence the hiatus! If only it was owned... got about 15x15 but not going to happen here Back in a week or so I hope!Sketching and fiddling in the meantime...
  14. I had wondered about creating something modular. (As I type, it might solve some other issues). Thought had been to have a 18" by 4', or like that at 90 degrees for a fiddle yard that would feed into the main layout under the loops. OK, 4'is not hugely long, but better than ought. You can see where that leads...moving the station and reducing the incline rate. Station could be longer, but not that much so no set length creep. But if designed in the right way, would be easy to disattach (?) for moving. Would kill a few birds with one stone. I know...inclines on b
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