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  1. Thanks Ian, I'll take a look into the rectifier wouldn't know where to start with wiring them up or introducing them into the circuit. Would a simpler and safer way be for me to feed the LED's from a separate 12v source and switch them from the spare switch on the cobalts (S2) as I have no plans to use this?
  2. Hi All, Excuse the rather primitive question, but the search function isn't helping me particularly. I'm looking to feed my LED's from the DCC In's and Frog port on some Cobalt IP Digitals. I have already some 12v 3mm Yellow LEDs with a Vmax forward of 14V so should be fine with my NCE power cab. However DCC Concepts website shows a diode used to protect the LEDs from reverse voltage when the frog polarity is switched I have no clue around diodes about what to get, would these be suitable ? - would i need 12v or 14/15v diodes? https:/
  3. Mike, Can't thank you enough for such a detailed description there! All the placements make sense the way you've written it out. I've taken the sketch and quickly put it into MS Publisher to come up with the below. Two questions I have from it if you dont mind. Signal Box placement, would it be sensible to place it where I have on the diagram (end or P1)? With regards to numbering of the signals to their respective levers is there any particular numbering that would be used? I'm hoping to have some form of electronic inte
  4. Think your right there Simon semaphores would certainly look the part. Im planning to have as many as I can working minus any ground signals as I’m modelling in N gauge
  5. Thanks for the Reply again, I’m torn between signal types to be honest, I’m keen on having semaphore however colour light would maybe be more in keeping if I end acquiring stock going further into the 70s. I think my drawing is a bit mis leading the double slip you mentioned is actually planned to be a single slip to reduce the space taken up by a trailing crossover and facing point. Excuse the poor edit done on my phone! I believe it should’ve been represented like such?
  6. Ahh yes that is a rather useful bit of info I've missed off that ill now add in! Broad era from early 60's to early 70's on the Western Region
  7. Hi All! I'm getting to the point on my new layout where I'm starting to think about signalling. However I'm a complete novice when it comes to where the relevant signals would need placing. The Era is planned to be 1960s to early 70's Western Region to go with my stock I've collected so far I've drawn a quick diagram up of the track plan along side the any rail track plan (yellow shaded is off scene), rather simple just a double track mainline with engineering siding, h/shunt and a bi-directional freight line. Could any of you wonderful people sh
  8. sammmm

    DJM, the end.

    I wonder how this fairs for the Shark brake van , been collecting the Dogfish's in anticipation of it..maybe its time to buy the NGS kit
  9. Is there any reason the link for the subscription offer doesn't work ?
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