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  1. Hi everyone Prototype now built. Not a high load puller, mostly because the Dapol M7 chassis used cannot get much traction from 4 driving wheels, even with a body packed with weights where feasible. This example has been built by a friend of mine and I think you'll agree he's made an excellent job of it.
  2. Greetings all After months of painstaking work I will shortly be releasing a print to my Shapeways shop to convert a Dapol M7 to a Metropolitan Railway E class 0-4-4T. Finished with parts from N Brass (chimney, dome etc.), this is my first foray into loco design. I had to do several test prints to get it right but I'm hopeful that I've ironed out the bugs now... More pictures of the prototype soon.
  3. The milk van is complete and is now available in my Shapeways shop. 4 variants are on offer including the preserved example No3 and the tool van conversion used in the breakdown train. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/tinyundergroundmodels
  4. So it's been a while I know, but the good news is the Dreadnoughts have now been released. If you're interested they can be found in my Shapeways shop. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/tinyundergroundmodels
  5. Well, here's a taste pf things to come. I think you will agree with me that Pegasus Designs have done a fantastic job. Interiors are being finalised for the 3rd and 3rd brake so prototypes won't be ordered just yet but don't they look fantastic?
  6. Hi everyone Hot on the heels of the Dreadnoughts, I'm pleased to present an N gauge model of the Metropolitan Railway milk van, as seen behind Met 1 on the various steam tours on LU metals since 2013. I've drawn up the 3 variants that I'm aware of, and all will be available from Shapeways by early August once I'm sure the model works. The first picture shows the body for vans nos 1 to 3 as built. The second shows nos 4 to 6, while the third is number 3 as preserved today. An interesting element for the final model is the apparent hybridisation of number 3, having the ends of the early examples but the sides and loading doors of the later 3 vans. The plan is to use a Peco brake van chassis but if this doesn't work I may attempt a unique chassis in due course.
  7. Exciting news. I'm reliably told I should have CAD for 3rd class and brake 3rd coaches very soon. Subject to prototype builds not having any concerns, I will release all 3 coaches to Shapeways for general sale in due course. Currently expect this to be early August if all goes to plan.
  8. Also a GRCW 30 ton gondola ballast wagon. I have 3 of these now awaiting final detailing but otherwise in this condition.
  9. Fellow modellers, presenting the prototype 1st class coach. A few details to add like vacuum pipes and coupling hooks but the essentials are all there.
  10. Used the bank holiday to get some transfers on. A small selection of the engineering fleet on show here but really pleased with how they have turned out...
  11. According to a Facebook post Dave will have an update on several projects at N Gauge Southeast thus weekend. This includes news of the King, fingers crossed for a painted sample....
  12. 2 years... bit of a while to wait. Progress continues every so often in between various escapades. Amongst other projects seen elsewhere on this forum, my brother produced this 10T wagon with tank. This is built on a Micro Trains test car bought on EBay. My brother has done the main construction work and changed the Kadee couplers to Elsies and I'm now in the process of painting...
  13. Thinking just sheet acetate glued in for glazing. Shapeways print, but I must admit they're not cheap. The prints alone are about £60 At current prices...
  14. Greetings Further progress. The prototype requires detailing with brake pipes, transfers then a final varnish. Mk2 has now been printed. The design has been modified and an interior has now been created. The bogie mounting arrangement has been changed so the chassis shouldn't break when the bogies are mounted...
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