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  1. Hi Eric, I hope youre enjoying the seaford print (its rather inferior to my current designs), Ive found the wheel diameters from its later use on the colne valley and halstead, and Im extrapolating from the photo, it would be such a shame to waste such a delicious loco, what Ill probably do is map the features onto an existing drawing of a similar loco (something like no.14 from the lbscr society site perhaps?) and arrive at something approximating the Sharp in question, as we speak Im at an advanced stage on the dome I still maintain your Sharpie is magnificent, and as you can see from the tender above I have one in progress
  2. Ive made the offer elsewhere and Ill make it here too, a free print of this loco in exchange for a drawing of it
  3. theyre both based off the WSMR Neilson (370/56) and are pretty much identical to the one in the PDF drawing save for the cab which has been slightly altered, the low profile box is an experimental request (fictional) with the aim of fitting the port of par loading gauge, as for powering it I don't have a specific plan, Ive left as much space under the boiler as possible while still fitting between 00 wheelsets
  4. Gives off the general aura of brotherhoods of Chippenham, if the plate says London Id wager 50:1 its an owners plate rather than a builders plate
  5. I feel if anything could ever make me come back here even briefly its this, its devastating news to have lost such a legend, wherever you are Mike, a flight of Cramptons sing thee to thy rest
  6. Will you be offering these for sale? You certainly have at least one interested party here, when I get around to broad gauge printing I surmise you'll be the chap to send the files on to
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