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How about a Dictator Loco Class?

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  1. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/470009-fastest-railway-model The above is the actual Guinness world record for the fastest model train. 44.82kph 27.84mph it's a working model maglev in Japan. I'd mistakenly thought it had done 44mph so I went out to try get near 40mph tonight. But before I talk of tonight; Two weeks ago I'd at long last run my train 'Thunder Rocket' twice. Once in the sunny evening and again after sunset. I was amazed that my efforts to get an absolutely smooth, dead straight track had paid off and it made it along the entire track. Hitting
  2. That's a brilliant idea! Please do it! If you need help with what motors to use please ask me. But for starters NSR make some cheap but very powerful long can slot car motors. King and the shark are my favourites. I've run them over 54 volts. I can get around 100,000 rpm out of them. They would go great in a 395.
  3. Wow you are a genius. Thank you so much. I'd like to know more about that interesting end! And how you search an image? I didn't know it was possible.
  4. I've hunted online for years and looked through books to find a picture of this train or any information on it but have failed. Does anyone know about it? May be in Waterloo station Toby from steam railway suggested. I kind of recognise the livery and coach type but I can't remember what the livery is either or the donor coach. Thank you. Rob
  5. Sorry I've only just seen your question Michael! I found using just slightly thinner paints at higher pressures stopped my airbrush blocking as often, it also allows me to cover bigger areas easier, from further away and a tad faster. Yet very small amounts of paint can still be applied for difficult, tiny close up detail if I'm careful with the airbrush. Also it allows me to blow things dry much easier so that I don't tough wet bits and spoil them.
  6. Here is a video of one of the test runs 858mph scale speed. This model was made over 12 years ago and this run was about a year ago. I've been practicing building miniature jet engines since this video was made. I'll post some much faster wheel driven models later on. I now have motors that go over 5 times faster and can be geared much higher. The next issue is space. I'll have to switch to a flat outdoor sports facility as this indoor track will now be of zero use.
  7. I love the sentence at the bottom of your posts. Those are my thoughts exactly. I think it looks amazing to have them! Has anyone got any good pictures of the yellow hazard signs on modern pylons btw please?
  8. Please let me know if you have any tips for my project. I've learned much from the suggestions of others.
  9. Out of interest, how many people work at Rails? I'm just wondering how many they have compared to Hatton's. Does anybody know please? I had an idea that Hatton's had say 54ish, which is impressive. It might be different now. I've forgotten what their turnovers are from that James May program, but Rails seem quite an efficient company. Probably less staff per million £££ turned over I'm guessing. Hatton's turn over is something similar to Bachmann's I think, but Hornby is ahead of them both still.
  10. https://www.themodelcentre.com/Bachmann-oo-gauge-class-66-66051-maritime-intermodal-four-db-maritime-blue-re-sprayed-renamed-renumbered NEW FROM TMC The DB YIWU is also the perfect donor to make the new loco number series; MARITIME INTERMODAL ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR and so on. Treble cab windows, correct lights, fuel tank length, grills, roof, and side doors. This new number series differ from the loco MARITIME ONE. MARITIME INTERMODAL ONE and onwards are a different 66. The original less fuel efficient therefore longer fuel tank version. This new number series also
  11. What do you want to know please? They're more basic weatherings but include buffer grease, fuel runs, exhaust, varnish sealed. Usually a two colour weathering. Light to medium and you leave it to them to know how to pull it off. For those not mad on high detail it makes the models look more realistic for less money. Its like TMC's entry level weathering.
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