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  1. Wow!!! I love your amazing models Pylon King. Very impressive work. And very accurate! I have designed a taller, extended version of the tower now and both versions now have all the Inner strengthening detail. I'll soon sell fully assembled models via my shapeways account in N and OO in plastic or stainless steel + for those who ask; pylon accessories, spare parts and cheeper rates for multiples. And maybe a weathered, painted version with signage via TMC. The original pylons were certainly designed by a genius! I've learned so much about the wisdom behind the design by building these. They use the minimum material calculated to give the required strength. So the L2d appears to be the cheapest of the L2's to build' requiring less parts (insulators, steel etc) helped by a less wide stance due to it's shallower angle of diversion. There are rules behind where triangles are to be put and what angles they should be at. So you get a formula that shows you exactly the size and angle every triangle will be. The design is full of genius order and mathematics like we see in all nature. But obviously not to de degree seen in nature.
  2. My L2D's are gradually nearing completion. Just a few odd details to add and glitches to sort out. What a nightmare time waste this has been! I'm too silly and stubborn to give in. They're circa £100 cost price to me in OO and can be 3d printed in stainless steel or a strong flexible plastic for a similar price. Steel is about £10 more. In N gauge they only print in the plastic due to finer parts and come out at about £25 each cost price to me. I'd say this design took at leat 40 or 50 hours minimum, including traveling to photo them up close and personal and many nights working till between 3 and 5am! I don't even want a set of pylons though. Just a design addict and pylons look so cool. I'm on with some even more difficult designs atm lol! I did a design that took 3 years and was made up of over 66,000 lines! It's such a stressful use of time. I'll post pictures of them when I get around to printing some. I won't be surprised if I never sell a single one lol! Thank you so much Paul and Pylon King for all your help! Rob https://www.instagram.com/bobsbitsnbobs/
  3. So what about those bellow the £85,000+ earnings mark. Will normal self employed people need this new software? And what does that actually cost? £££ (For software that's for 1 person rather than a bigger company)
  4. Wow. Amazing information Paul! Thank you so much. You should compile a definitive, ilustrated guide! I had a strong desire to but no knowledge lol I have looked at your pictures. They are a great help thank you. And as Pylon King pointed out, the sides are actually slightly different to the fronts and backs. My L2d needs changing again! It's so hard to draw.
  5. Can anyone help please? I'm looking for OO gauge wheels, that send power to pickups via brass pinpoint cone barings. So that power is taken from the 60° tapered axle ends. But ideally it would be even better if these wheels are insulated and go on to a steel axle. But the power transferring axle ends are actually part of the wheel, not the axle. I can supply an accurate drawing of what I mean. If nothing quite like it exists I'll have to scratch make them via 3d steel/brass/aluminum printing and or some lathe work. Standard power pickups create more drag and get in the way of my magnetic tuned suspention. I want power pickups that don't press backwards, forwards, up or down ideally. Thank you. Rob
  6. So far I've found no super detailed 'Pylon Bible' out there. So without a quality guide I'm having to traverse satellite views of motorways and travel up and down roads on google street view. So if you have any good pictures or data on L2's I'd much appreciate it! Thank you Paul. I hate when people "pooh pooh" things just because they don't have the drive or know how, yet claim to know what they're talking about. I'm no pylon king, so it's a struggle but I know it will pay off eventually. I'm traversing half the UK's roads on google street view trying to find good pictures at the moment. I'm happy to make any L2's or alternatives you with if you want any. What is the difference between an L2d and other L2's please? A pylon expert I met on Sunday told me, the arms on the side are at a specific optimum angle (which I've sadly forgotten) from the earth cable at the top, to help against lightning strikes. Interesting.
  7. I've just had a go at designing a quite accurate scale L2 so I can 3D print a load of them in OO and N. I'm well along with the design but I'm not sure if the very top is more triangular/tent like in shape or almost square/cube like in shape as I've drawn options in the second picture. Anyone know for definite please? Picture proof ultimately if possible? Thank you. Rob
  8. Does anyone know the heights or dimensions for standard L2's, L6's and L12's? I know there are taller and shorter versions of all of these but there is a standard height for each I've heard. Then they go up or down in 3m increments, signified by different letters and numbers. Also the spacing between towers, is there info on this please? Thank you. Rob
  9. I will gradually add more of my projects. But I've put this one up first as I don't know what to do with it. It's an MXA box wagon body drawn to exact scale plans of it's MVA relative (so I'll tweak the length if you want an MXA. If anybody wants one or more of these making in any gauge then feel free to ask. They sit usually on a BDA wagon.
  10. If you post a picture and describe exactly what you mean we can probably do it yes. Do you actually mean 'Dog bone style iron pigs' or ingots?
  11. The pictures show how you will receive them once posted. Put as pictured they should be cut out with a scalpel. They must not be placed in as one huge neatly ordered interconnected piece as you rightly point out. We will improve them further still. We have made some very pleasing steps forward on the price due to some developments! They won't cost circa £20 anymore thankfully. We want them to look as near total perfection as possible though. Hopefully far far better than any rival version. Thank you all for your input. Rob
  12. That is very useful as it shows a treble pig. The double dog bone pig was as a result of much research and based on exact dimensions. We had help from somebody with real first hand knowledge of the steel works of that period. But anyone who wants treble pigs making can just contact us. They look way better in the flesh. The painting effect is time consuming and uses multiple shades. These aren't just some one colour vague plastic chunk. I really appreciate the second picture especially. Thank you!
  13. (Deluxe super smooth dog bone pictured last) The lads at TMC have been busy making new loads for the plate wagons. Steel sheets, plates, slabs, tubes, H section. Now I'm just about ready to introduce hopefully a few more loads. Iron Pigs, Dog Bone style Iron Pigs in textured finish or smooth finish with deluxe rust effect. A few more shades will be tried such as grey, beige, grey and yellowy rust. And runs of pigs with mixed shades. The 'Dog Bone' style Pigs will probably cost £18 to £22ish per wagon I'm guessing and that should be around 180 pigs. But you can put more or less in. TMC can supply trestles too for carrying larger sheet loads. BUT THIS IS NOT 100% ACCURATE TECHNICALLY, as the wagons need slight modifications if you want to be fussy. Some of the other loads available are quite a bit cheaper for those who have to watch the ££'s, but still really look the part! We will make lower amounts of the most challenging to produce loads.
  14. I love 66789! What a loco. TMC can now supply etched stainless steel nameplates for 66789 and they're in stock. Check my instagram for some pictures of the name plates. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj6KsqUASxf/?taken-by=bobsbitsnbobs Thank you.
  15. TMC are also on youtube now! Keep and eye out for future posts.
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