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  1. Not coarse scale 0 gauge, but coarse scale 1 gauge this afternoon; a Bing for Bassett Lowke LNWR first class, a Bing for Bassett Lowke Midland third /brake and a Bassett Lowke 12-wheel LMS Dining car (and a fine scale LMS baggage car and live steam LMS compound No 1000 4-4-0): Regards Fred
  2. It is a long time ago that I have been to the NRM, but the railway museums in the Netherlands, Germany and France had better not tried to include model railway items. While the real trains and other stuff are presented very well, the model railway stuff is in a sorry state. Regards Fred
  3. In the seventies Graham Farish made their latest 00 models of a Pullman Parlour car and a Third-Class Brake. Earlier versions of these cars were made from material which after some time lost its shape and resulted in deformed carriages. This later cars, catalogue number B64 for the Parlour class and B65 for the Brake still look good. More pictures (also of many other Pullman car models) in my (free to download) e-book on luxury trains: http://sncf231e.nl/non-ciwl-luxury-trainssmall/ Regards Fred
  4. Re-sell? Why would you re-sell. If you sell your trains you will never win as Ward Kimball said: I have never sold a train and have never kept a train in a box. Regards Fred
  5. Many different model railways in all scales & gauges? Oh no, that is on top of my website: http://sncf231e.nl/ But it is in the title of my book on cranes: http://sncf231e.nl/crane-trucks/ Regards Fred
  6. As member of the TCS my motto is Any Make, Any gauge, Any age. And my website homepage mentions: Many different model railways in all scales & gauges, But only the trains I like So I am not the right person to ask which gauge is better. Note however that live steam is something completely different than running electric powered trains. Further I would not recommend to have a garden track at ground level; 2 feet high is the minimum. Regards Fred
  7. The locomotive on the picture is a Nord Super Pacific (if you want to learn about models of European pacifics you could have a look at my ebook: http://sncf231e.nl/pacificseu/) The Chapelon Pacifics arrived later (1934). Both pacifics were brown until the national railways (SNCF) was formed in 1938. Regards Fred
  8. What 241 locomotive do you have (or do you want to get)? Note that the Nord region (where the Fleche d 'Or was running) did not have 241's but 231 Chapelon and Super Pacifics. The occasional sleepers with the Fleche d'Or indeed only did get to Paris and were then (via the Ceinture railway) coupled to a train to Rome etc. The normal FdO only had Pullman cars (and the container baggage car). The Arrows on the Fleche d'Or cars were only there in the first years (when the Pullman cars were still brown/creme). The locomotive kept the Arrow at the front also later. Regards Fred
  9. Which fourgons do you mean? The "fourgon containeur" (first picture) were only used with the Fleche d'Or. The other fourgons (Baggage cars) (second picture) were used for any CIWL train. Regards Fred
  10. Note the the Orient Express shown in this diagrams is of 1926. The LX sleeping cars (Elettren Cat 1503.) were made in 1929/30; they were used in the thirties in the Orient Express. Regards Fred
  11. The Salon Bar (Elettren Salon bar n°4162 CAT. 1216) was not yet there in the 1930's. They were introduced in 1951. The other types mentioned were also running in the 1930's. Regards Fred
  12. 3544 was one in the series of 3496 to 3555. Amati made a gauge 1 kit for an LX sleeper with number 3533. That might be build with number 3544. Here are pictures of the one I made: http://sncf231e.nl/amati-kit-for-a-ciwl-lx-sleeping-car/ Regards Fred
  13. Using Elettren you could make the following: For the Train Bleu of the fifties you need some 5-7 LX sleeping cars. Elettren makes 5 different (n°3532 3497 3472 3480 3540 CAT. 1503), a Salon Bar (Elettren Salon bar n°4162 CAT. 1216), a Restaurant car (Elettren Dining car n°3638 Cat.1100 or Dining car n°4218 Cat.1101) and a Baggage car (Elettren Baggages 6 doors blue n°1283 Cat. 1300). For the Orient Express you could use 3 or 4 of the same LX cars; the same restaurant but no Salon Bar and an added Baggage car (e.g. Elettren Baggages 8 doors blue n°1251 Cat. 1303). You could also instead of an LX sleeper have an S type sleeper (Elettren Lits “S” n°3406 CAT. 1502). So no Pullman cars or bar cars! Of course you can also mix and match with some MTH and Fulgurex cars. Here are some examples I ran in my garden. And in Gauge 1: Call it the Nostalgic Pullman and Orient Express and you can run whatever you like! Regards Fred
  14. It might look like two parallel tracks , but there is only one gauge 0 track; and with single track I hope there cannot be wrong line running Regards Fred
  15. Some 50 years old Italian coarse scale 0 gauge; the locomotive and stock are all made by Elettren: Regards Fred
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