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  1. In "Russian Steam Locomotives" (only) one Russian 4-8-2 is mentioned. A Tsjech 476.0 Class 4-8-2 built in 1951 was presented to the Sovjet Union as a token of Friendship. It had no further classification but the name "DRUG" (Russian for Friend). Regards Fred
  2. I added the end walls: And then had a run in the garden with a train to which the Amati sleeping car can be added when or if it is ever finished and is able to run: Regards Fred
  3. And now, the outer wall on the compartment side (with details inside the outer wall, such as folding tables and clothes hooks) is also assembled and put on: Is he going to pull the emergency brake handle? Many more pictures on my website: http://sncf231e.nl/amati-kit-for-a-ciwl-lx-sleeping-car/ Regards Fred
  4. It looks like the Caley 123 is an 0 gauge model and not 1 gauge like the trains in my video. I recognise the 0 gauge coaches which are made by ACE. I have 2 of these: Regards Fred
  5. This afternoon I tried to re-enact in my garden a Race to the North in live steam gauge 1 with a Stirling Single and a Precedent class: As far as I know LNWR Hardwicke was indeed in this race but not Stirling Single No 1 but another Stirling Single, But the locomotives run fast enough not to see the number Regards Fred
  6. Ran an ACE Metropolitan Railway train this afternoon and thought it looked like a Morning Train, so added some music: Regards Fred
  7. Since the weather was better the last weeks I picked up the Amati kit again. I finished the corridor wall with paint, striping and lettering and glued it to te body of the car: The windows can be opened and closed, which the conductor is doing: View through the open compartment door to the corridor; the windows could be cleaner:
  8. Is it just me that finds this locomotive awful with the bling bling gold plated livery. It looks worse than former Franklin Mint locomotive models. Regards Fred
  9. A German Baureihe 23 2-6-2 locomotive is again in working order and today had a trip in the Dutch mainline; at the station of Santpoort Noord it was preceded by a stopping train (Sprinter): Regards Fred
  10. My garden layout started as two 1 gauge parallel tracks made from Tenmille bullhead rail. I added 2 extra rails to one of the tracks to have the possibility to run 2 and 3-rail 0 gauge trains (no outside 3rd rail). I added one rail to the other track to run S gauge and 3-rail 1 gauge trains. Regards Fred
  11. From my website (http://sncf231e.nl/) a number of different e-books on model railways that I wrote/composed (with many pictures) can be downloaded (or read): A catalogue of CIWL (Wagon Lits) carriages http://sncf231e.nl/ciwl-carriages-by-fredsmall/ Non-CIWL luxury trains pictured and described http://sncf231e.nl/non-ciwl-luxury-trainssmall-2/ A book full of (most tinplate) accessories http://sncf231e.nl/tin-stuff-from-fred-2/ A catalogue of LNER Pacifics and New York Central Hudsons http://sncf231e.nl/lner-pacifics-and-nyc-hudsons/ Railway Cranes http://sncf231e.nl/crane-trucks/ Railway Mail Carriages – Many Red Ones http://sncf231e.nl/tporpo/ Cabooses and Brake Vans – The End of the Train http://sncf231e.nl/caboose/ Gauge and Scale for Toy and Model Trains http://sncf231e.nl/gauge-and-scale/ Regards Fred
  12. MTH has indeed the rights to make Märklin replica's. Until now they have only made one station and a set of platforms. I doubt if they will ever make any further. There are some German restorers that also make new stuff in the style of Märklin, like Bauer http://www.tinplatetimes.com/profiles/Wolfgang Bauer/bauer.htm . Further Santhion from Budapest makes new stations in the style of old Märklin. All very high priced. Much cheaper tinplate, but not from Märklin, can be found (at eBay or at swapmeets). A lot of these are shown in my e-book: http://sncf231e.nl/tin-stuff-from-fred-2/ Regards Fred
  13. Metropolitan (see catalogue picture) and Lemaco made models of this locomotive Regards Fred
  14. Look here for an example (not mine): https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/marklin-onion-dome-in-paper-plated-tin Regards Fred
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