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  1. As far as I know the book was never officially published (his Lone Star book (Lone Star Model Train Reference Guide) was, I think). Donald was selling some stuff on a swapmeet and had only his own print of this catalogue there. He reluctantly sold it to me; he would print another one at home. Some of the push trains I have are the actual ones pictured in the catalogue. Regards Fred
  2. And something a bit different, i.e.not N gauge size. A JEP boxed push train set from 1949; the loco is 21 cm long (a bit smaller than H0/00): Regards Fred
  3. N gauge static and push trains, from all kind of material, is a collecting niche. Donald Troost made a 200 page plus catalogue of these: One of the most beautiful and interesting I think is the French made Gulliver Express: Regards Fred
  4. An English locomotive will do since these white CIWL cars were made in Birmingham and transported via rail to the harbour. Regards Fred
  5. Most clockwork layouts do not have 3-rail track (well, mine has 4-rail track, so I should not complain ) Regards Fred
  6. For Baureihe 64 in all gauges (but not 00, since there isn't one) see: http://www.modellbau-wiki.de/wiki/DR-Baureihe_64 Regards Fred
  7. Even the music is deliberately old fashioned : Regards Fred
  8. I also have some tootsie Toys and other diecast trains. This diecast train is from France and made some 80 years ago. Regards Fred
  9. The first batch of 15 locomotives was delivered in 1935; the second batch of 20 locomotives in 1938. As far as I could find were all changes between the original first batch and second batch also applied to the first batch. Some changes were done on the first batch before 1938 (like adding of smoke deflectors). Regards Fred
  10. The Belgian class 1 Pacific was made in H0 also in a kit by DJH, and in 3-rail H0 (but a bit shortened) by Elec : Regards Fred
  11. I do not think I ever had a problem with any loco with this rolling road. Mine has 19 rollers (so I can run from 0-4-0 to a (3-rail) Big Boy on it). Regards Fred
  12. I have for 2-rail and 3-rail 0 gauge (and for 3.25 Inch, which he specially made) one from Weloe: https://rollenpruefstand-shop.de/en/roller-test-benches/roller-test-bench.html Regards Fred
  13. I thought the AS CIWL coaches looked good with the Coupe Vent (same time period), so here is the video: Regards Fred
  14. It is a modern permanent magnet (Johnson) motor. And some parts are 3D printed. Chris, I think I might run it with Swiss Darstaed cars, but I have not yet compared sizes. Anyway a video will be made. Regards Fred
  15. Märklin H0 from around 1950; catalogue number 424-3. It is more a platform (Bahnsteige) then a station (Bahnhof). Regards Fred
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