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  1. i've had some amazing deals at auctions, but i've seen many horror stories, far more bad experiences than good.
  2. i ended up using toolstations basic spray glue, which worked well
  3. I wasn't all that fussed on the dual tracks in, so here's the single track version which i prefer. Also gone is the siding leading to the buildings, and i've left the hidden dmu storage tracks drawn that are inside the buildings and are fed from the traverser. This is a handy way of storing several trains in one long 3m traverser road and being able to pick and choose which one i need at any point in time. This works by feeding them into these storage roads to free up the ones behind, also the two sidings below hold the replacement locos for the container trains return trip. My next obstacle is fixing the paper trackplan to the baseboards. My first thought is spray glue, as i've tried wallpaper paste and pva but this tends to warp the ply a bit. Any ideas guys, the ply board is only 6mm so i have to be pretty gentle with it.
  4. Boards are up on temporary legs and the track plan placed on top with a couple of trains to show the scale and the sweeping station curve. One of the traverser boards has been left off to be able to shift the boards around work on them.
  5. cb radio for many years in the AM days, repairing them when there was no one else to do it. Went to amatuer radio as a natural progression and literally immediately lost interest, so boring.
  6. Some improvements and progress on Intermodal. Here is the plan taken from Templot, which is an amazing piece of software and so well supported by Martin Wynne. Added to the plan are board outlines with buildings, dock, traversers, hatched areas, crane tracks, fences and access gate, station building, platform, access ramp and a road bridge crossing the lines to form a scenic barrier. Storage lines have been removed for clarity. As the weather has improved and the construction of the baseboards has evolved a bit further, the layout has also evolved with new and old ideas and many changes, for the better i hope. An idea was floated at one point to have the dock open to the sea, but it didn't work out to be very practical due to many factors. So the old dock came back and has opened up a few ideas including a closed car ferry terminal and workshop area. The freight/container traffic has been given a dedicated line which gives a bit more room due to the removal of the access point, and the container yard area has been developed to include an old now defunct car ferry terminal that used the dock. This has been reclaimed to form a small service area for container wagons with the customs offices and storage shed converted for this use, such is progress. Technically the design of the traverser mechanisms have altered, scrapping the idea of belts in favour of long acme screws and sprung nuts. These are used extensively in 3d printers and hold tolerances really well, an important point for matching the track to the traverser on each road. Stepper motors will drive the traversers to maintain rigity and accuracy from four places along it's 3 metre length. Next week the trackwork will start with 3d printed track parts closely following the C&L principles of track construction, all track will be completely hand built.
  7. watch the postage though, they used to be high.
  8. I've made five baseboards out of ally extrusion. These were originally ikea bed frames that were discontinued and for sale at £2.50 per frame. They are exceptionally strong but the height is 42mm. They are 12 x 42mm box section with a 30mm flat tab running down the one edge. Rectangular ally box section would be much better than angle, have a look at Aluminium Wharehouse, they do a fair range.
  9. i've had weller, antex and many more brands, but if you're just soldering track and similar jobs get yourself a 60w cheap chinese one with a bag of replaceable bits. There's usually an adjustable one for around £8-£10 or £20 with an electronic base on ebay. I've had these for quite a few years and they do the job well.
  10. very much under construction atm, which keeps getting sidelined by the need to work in the same space. It's for my layout "intermodal" and has undergone several design changes and a house move. I have a thread for the layout on here "Intermodal in P4". The current and i expect the final setup will be five 1.5m long boards connected inline with the first two being the fiddle yard/traverser. I'm using roller bearing drawer runners to support the traverser boards and it will be controlled by a computer.
  11. I have an 8 road 3 metre long traverser under construction that holds all the stock when not in use and splits in two to make it portable. The whole 8 road traverser moves with stock.
  12. i ran my machine with the original blue finish on the build plate for quite a while, but now and then a print would come unstuck or curve away from the edges. My bed was pretty flat so i didn't need to sand it to make it flat, i sanded the blue finish off and it improved the adhesion about tenfold. Now i need to make an effort to remove the print from the bed and all the failures i had before are history.
  13. that's a major failure, are you still running your bed unsanded
  14. i'm referring to the thread content not your post, but as you have said there is a need for a better control system.
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