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  1. May I suggest, only partly tongue-in-cheek, that rather than duplicate themselves to death over a small number of diesel classes the manufacturers opt for steam items - the Fowler 2-6-2T mysteriously springs to mind - where the possibility of being gazumped is almost non-existent.
  2. Just in case Hornby have forgotten, these also came in crimson and cream.
  3. These really do look a step up from the Hornby equivalents.
  4. Will they do digital versions?
  5. A bit off-topic but can anyone tell me if there are any significant visual differences between the Derby- and Crewe-built split headcode 45s?
  6. Does it list the 31 by any chance?
  7. It’s hard to put a price on random speculation.
  8. I'm chuffed that the Clan is back, slightly disappointed that Hornby have, in their usual way, refusal to connect some obvious dots. Clan Stewart, as the only member of the class to grace ex-Great Eastern metals, would presumably have sold in reasonable numbers to the GE modelling community, but the version offered is all wrong for the loan period in question, when 72009 had black-backed nameplates, plain black cylinders and an early crest. As I already have the nameplates, I think I'll be getting Clan MacDonald, and changing the numbers rather than the crests.
  9. Me too. No sign of any accessories or buildings either. Though grateful for the effort involved in putting all this info out, I do think there should be a thread on the range as a whole.
  10. This feels utterly unnecessary, but they must think there's a market. I find it hard to conceive a level of improvement over Bachmann's version that would persuade me to part with that sort of money.
  11. Downer

    2021 hopes

    I predict Big Bertha, a streamlined P2, the Turbomotive, the Great Bear and a new range of display cabinets.
  12. Is there any chance of a re-run of the early plain green version? Having blown my stash on a sound D5000, I missed out the first time around.
  13. Downer

    2021 hopes

    There were less than fifteen J21s left in 1955.
  14. Downer

    2021 hopes

    The 2P produced by Hornby is not the Midland 2P, and the tank produced by Bachmann is not the Johnson Jinty.
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