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  1. And yet the Crosti is an excellent model.
  2. Downer

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Another open goal would be a plain green Class 44, which as far as I know they’ve never done.
  3. Does anyone know the composition of BR’s ‘The Caledonian’ rake, and whether it will be possible to reproduce it with BR-liveried versions of the forthcoming Coronation stock?
  4. Downer

    Dapol Class 21/29

    What were the differences in the Hornsby/Stratford ones?
  5. Downer

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Help needed from 21/29 experts! I’m getting an all-green Class 21, and want to renumber it as one of the D6110-19 Stratford allocated series. What alterations - if any - will I need to make to the loco?
  6. Does anyone know of such? I’m thinking of things like MESS VAN and TOOL VAN transfers.
  7. The shareholder is the one who has money he can afford to lose.
  8. Downer

    Oxford N7

    Thanks. Just wanted to be sure.
  9. Unless I’ve missed it, they aren’t doing the original plain green version. Maybe a special from one of the retailers.
  10. Downer

    Oxford N7

    Sorry, but what do you mean by ‘the little connection to the GN section’?
  11. Dear Brian, As regards increasing the numbers wanting to take part: I don't want to give the team any more work - I'm already thankful for the amount you do! - but I do feel that a poll which lets you vote for as many things as you want is less inviting/exciting than one which makes you choose. A combination of the two might be feasible - letting people vote for any item (as now), but also asking them to choose the one item they most want. Just a thought. Thanks, David
  12. Downer

    Oxford N7

    On the Tottenham & Hampstead line, which I am modelling, Stratford N7s often appeared on parcels trains.
  13. Downer

    Oxford N7

    We seem to be in glass half-full territory here. Whichever way you look at it the lack of a smoke box number plate is a retrograde step.
  14. No big deal, but I was surprised by the omission of the streamlined B17.
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