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  1. Another 66? I thought Hornby had cornered the market in underwhelming announcements with theirs of yet another Terrier.
  2. Was there any standard policy in the 1950s when it came to which coaches were used for day trips to the seaside. Like, for example, a day out from Bedford to Southend. All thirds and brake thirds perhaps, or did they make allowances for the odd toff family? Or was it just whatever stock was at hand?
  3. Downer

    Oxford N7

    I was under the impression they’d already released a DCC sound version of the grey GE loco. If so, why the problem now?
  4. Page 34 may be wrong, but it’s a damn fine picture anyway. What layout is it from?
  5. Downer

    Oxford N7

    Thanks for that, NXEA. Kind of makes my point though. Why can’t Oxford keep us informed about developments as a matter of course?
  6. Downer

    Oxford N7

    Likewise the BR sound version. Oxford’s willingness to keep its customers in the loop is non-existent.
  7. Bachmann produced right-hand drive 4Fs with both Deeley and Fowler tenders. It may well be a dumb question, but does the Fowler tender version also need a tender swap?
  8. Yes, the pigeon van is/was one of the best plastic rolling stock kits on the market. A joy to put together.
  9. I understand the J69 body - which looks great - is designed for the older Terrier chassis. Was that ever released with a DCC socket?
  10. A mistake has been made, but not one, I would guess, which will be visible from two feet away to anyone who doesn't eat, sleep and quite possibly mainline - pun intended - Peaks. And as Ben says, the rest of it looks great. I shall be getting one of the TMC specials.
  11. Perhaps significant was an exaggeration. Stupid thing is, if I hadn’t seen the pics of the prototype and model side by side I’d have been perfectly happy with the latter.
  12. This is all getting too confrontational. There is certainly a significant problem with the body shape, and the only really question is whether Heljan are willing and/or able to fix it at this stage of the process.
  13. Downer

    Oxford N7

    Given that the next release - 69670 - was an N7/5, can anyone tell me what visible difference there was between an N7/5 and the subject of their previous releases, the N7/3?
  14. Downer

    Oxford N7

    Still waiting on the sound version of the early crest.
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