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  1. Thanks for your reply Plasticard would be a nightmare because access is so awkward. However you started a new line of thought. Could I fashion a thin ferrule to fit over the mounting pegs? No- because it would be too thin to flimsy to handle. Then the answer came. Wrap something around the mounting peg. Small length of Tamiya masking tape. Works well and any future owner can easily remove it if they wish to refit the buffers.
  2. Bought an Oxford Rail snow plow for my Dean Goods. Removed buffers (tight push fit) for the plow but it is a fairly loose fit and so it falls away as soon as the loco moves.. I don't want to make a permanent fit by using regular glues as it would be nice to be able to revert to "normal". Any suggestions for a secure but removable way of fitting.
  3. Thanks for the comment. It is beginning to seem that Ultrascale is the only option.
  4. I am working on restoring a Lima Class 20 - the one with the central can motor as used in the Hornby model. I have found that one of the gear teeth on one of the drive unit axles has been damaged, providing an audible click when running. I thought to replace it with a Hornby X9846 but (inevitably) there seems to be none in stock anywhere. I asked Hornby if they could suggest a substitute . No. I know Ultrascale have a Lima Cl 20 conversion set but £20 seems alot just to repair one axle! Any suggestions? Roger
  5. Thanks for all your comments. It looks like the consenus is A1 kits. Clive - I admire your dedication in modelling all 10.
  6. Found this on eBay recently, not wanting to pay Heljan prices. I am now puzzled about what make it is. The body is all white metal and appears to be from a kit. The chassis appears to be Lima, also metal. I can find almost nothing on Cl23 kits other than Silver Fox but I understand that was a resin bodyshell. The only, possible, identifying feature is that the two rooftop vents are open - although that might have been done by the builder Any suggestions would be helpful.
  7. Wow, I didn't expect a reply that quick! Thanks John. I guess it must have come from a Parkside kit - I think they were the only Grampus kits. So- not much use to me. I'll see if anyone on eBay can make use of it, otherwise it goes into the "scrap-heap challenge" odds and ends box. Regards Roger
  8. I acquired this sprue of detailing parts. It clearly includes 4 buffers and some hoses but...... Does anyone recognise what it originally belonged with? Can anyone identify what the other pieces are meant to be used for? Expert help greatly appreciated.
  9. US postal costs are a nightmare with many sellers having a minimum order quantity as well. I recommend 1) Identify what product you really want - make and product id. 2) Do an internet search for stockists 3) eMail each one and ask for their best/lowest mailing price, Eventually decide to accept some financial pain, unless you strike lucky! Cheers Roger PS, yes TMR Distributing is a good supplier, and being in Canada, their costs are sometimes more attractive.
  10. Think I can live with rare locos - I am sure they work for collectors, but vans? BTW, I inherited the H&B van too - in Birds Eye livery? - although it is now bauxite with a BR "E prefix" to justify its continued existence.
  11. Thanks Giz - isn't always the one place you didn't look! I had not searched that particular set of photos, although I see he had a photo of B784288, and Hornby used B784287! Yes, it is a fairly crude model. Strange that Hornby would choose to model such a rare original.
  12. I have - from many years ago - a Hornby R205 ventilated van. I have been searching for something that looks like a prototype but found nothing so far. It is marked as "Return to Marazion" which suggests a fish van in the GWR family Can any web members help please?
  13. Bought some from eBay - chinese supplier. It would not give me a conducting surface of any use. If you get some, be prepared to be disappointed!
  14. Thanks to all who replied. I learn a bit more each day!. Roger
  15. Hornby has produced a BR 21T mineral wagon - R6161 - which has the usual diagonal white stripe but placed at the non-opening end of the wagon. I was under the impression that this diagonal stripe was specifically to indicate the wagon end door. Has Hornby just got it wrong or is there some other reason? Also, can anyone tell me the significance of the letter K at the end of the running number. Thanks in advance Roger
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