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  1. I take it you will both be available to sort my lack of operators problem?
  2. Not sure if its even going ahead but I think its usually June/July
  3. Thanks Paul. I appreciate the encouragement Hoping to get the first third of the layout, everything from the left upto the grey building (station) finished by the end of the year. And then the second third (Station and Yard Area) by March and the final third (River, Countryside and Apartment Blocks) done by June. Hopefully in time for Larkrail if indeed it goes ahead
  4. Hey Paul Thanks for this. I hadn't really noticed the shadow on the grey building and was trying to distribute the light evenly across the layout but it looks like I should position the bulbs more strategically for the buildings on the left of the layout. The right side of the layout is more open and countryside so don't seem to have any shadow problems there at the moment. Thanks again for the feedback
  5. Further to my lighting dilemma : A, B or C ? A - Combination of Cool Light LEDs with Warm Light Bulbs B - Combination of Cool Light LEDs with Cool Light Bulbs C - There's no real difference here, Matt and you are overthinking it. Just get on with finishing the layout
  6. In the words of Bruce been "working on the highway sorry ......railroad" Mainly on buildings, things are a long way from finished but getting there. One thing I have realised from these photos is that I need more light on the layout.....not 100% sure how I am going to do that.....
  7. Ok Geniuses...... I need your help I have a couple of problems: Unfortunately, I didn't notice when I sent the photo to the printers that there were 2 spots/blemishes on the photo for some reason. I don't really know how they got there or what they are but they could have probably been removed with Photoshop software. Doh! Anyway, it was too late when I got the backscene printed out and put it on the layout..... So I need to think about how I deal with the road meeting the trees on the backdrop and also how to hide at least the large spot. The smaller one I can probably live with (which is just above the large one for those who haven't cleaned their computer screens in a while) Any suggestions are welcome..... Quick mock up of how to deal with the transition but this will probably be no good for disguising the spots unless I put trees in the middle of the road!!?!! The spots are only really visible when you look head on down the road......
  8. Made some progress on scenery on the Staging Track/Distillery Track area, while watching The Medusa Touch (very interesting film by the way, don't know how I had managed not to see it so far)
  9. Awesome......I am using Vallejo paints Funny what you said about the Isopropyl Alcohol : On my previous layout I primed then painted the concrete ties, only for all the paint to come off completely when I weathered them with an India Ink/IP mix. Hence, this time round I haven't used the India Ink/IP mix because I was convinced it was the reason why the paint came off! I didn't think it was the "slippery" ties and that the paint does not key to it well!
  10. I use Evostick Wood Adhesive to glue the track and don't have any issues with it sticking to the styrofoam base. I should have said I don't actually paint the rail until the track is in situ and the ballast is down
  11. Thanks for your reply Paul. Yes, I think you are right it's the "slippery" plastic as I have used the grey primer on may things and it's always been fine. It's just very frustrating.....but anyway, nothing that I cannot resolve. I would be interested to know if the same issue occurs with other Concrete Sleeper Track (Micro Engineering, Tillig etc) on the market or its just peculiar to Peco Code 75......I don't have the issue with their wooden sleeper track though
  12. Well, had a mammoth session this weekend and managed to get the following done: Track cut and glued down, Wired up for DCC Wired up Frog Juicers I tested the track and it all seems to be working fine so I cannot complain. However, I am going to...... I have spent a lot time on the track: I like to paint the track before I lay it so primed it with grey car primer spray and some Umbro acrylic spray to give it a basic concrete colour. I then weathered the concrete ties with various oil and acrylic paints. My complaint is this: After all that time and effort the paint seems to just come off the concrete ties (Peco Code 75) with the slightest ease.....the white glue I used to glue the track down removed it, even the map pins that I use to hold the track down while the glue dried seems to knock bits off.....so now I have in lots of places shiny plastic grey ties showing through.......seems I will have to paint it again! Does anyone know what mistakes I am making here? Is it my primer? Is it the smooth Peco concrete ties? or am I just being careless with the glue and map pins? I want to try and avoid the same thing happening again in the future Any feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks Matt
  13. A quick update..... Been working on the track recently : wiring, tie spacing, painting, weathering....not much to show for it at the moment. Hopefully, things will start to fall into place once I have glued it all to the layout and weathered the rails. In the meantime, in order to relieve the boredom of track work I had a go at the stream/inlet: Obviously, still got to add the water.......green or brown Sorry, photos are not the best
  14. Interesting what is prototype and what looks right...... It reminds me that on a previous Cuban layout, I intended to have a "Bridge to Nowhere". These are common place in Cuba when the money runs out. But to me it just didn't look right, I guess because we are used to seeing a bridge in its complete state/finished and it just looked unnatural. The brown river will fit in more with the rainy/wet look I am considering for the layout
  15. Thanks for all the replies and feedback. Going to be tackling the stream/inlet soon as it needs to be done before track is laid as there will be a bridge across it. Am currently in two minds: Brown or Green......???
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