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  1. Really Phil? Back in the "real" world then, they let Tesco take over Booker, which was/is about as anti competitive as you could/can get. Your "faith" in such organisations is really quite touching......
  2. Oooh, there's an offer! "Watersmeet" is a long time project that came about because of the extreme generosity of my now sadly departed friend Andew Pullen, of Aster fame. Last year I got some of the few bits I was missing from Japan, with Andrew's kind help, and I now have the loco up to a rolling chassis, more or less. I will have it RailWells as my "demonstration" by when I hope to have made more progress. It has Mark Wood wheels and is one of my favourite things.... It was so good seeing you and Rob operating "Wrekin Havoc" back in the day, another of my favourite things, Julie.... Simon
  3. Thank you very much for an utterly brilliant close up shot of Mr Bulleid's finest, spot on for helping to finish and detail the front of "Watersmeet", an Aster Pacific that I am electrifying and scale-ifying. Just awesome! Simon
  4. Well, if you do manage to come up for the show will I recognise you old boy? We could perhaps wear carnations in our lapels, or be carrying a copy of the Model Railway Journal... And no, I didn't recognise him either!
  5. Summit meeting completed, we are pretty certain it all fits.....
  6. Really fantastic images from a great event Ade, thank you very much for sharing them.
  7. All I can say is zut alors...... In my defence I er, um, well it will be magnifique to voir Cogirep un autre temps et aussi je suis, mais non, nous sommes, tres contente avec seulement Obbekaer sans Ribe Skibbroen. Pour ma defense, j'ai ete dazzle par le gilet de Monsieur Cygne chez le RMweb membres jour. Mange tout!
  8. Things are hotting up, we now have a list of what is attending! Layouts Iain Rice’s Longwood Edge, built for Don Lepper - P4 South Hants MRC Obbekaer and Ribe Skibbroen - P87 Geraint Hughes Les Caves de Roy (Beiruit railways in the 1980s) - HO Matt Strickland Cogirep - HO scale Al Reynolds Colwyn Bay goods – 2mm scale Bryn Davies Parkend (and a Japanese bonus micro) - 2mm scale Steve Nicholls Parkend Marsh Sidings - P4 John Farmer Dinas Mawddwy - EM Andy Cundick The Watchmouth Railway – 7mm in a small space Richard Phipp Lockdown Fen - OO Chris Hopper Demonstrations and displays Gauge One BR Blue; hydraulics and sound Andrew Vines Radio Control and an animated Hunslet Giles Favell Gauge One scratch building; from France to The States Dave Easto Bonus Gauge One in tiny space by Roger Swan Large scale figure painting Dennis Lepper Bonus fantasy figure painting Charlie Castens The 2mm Association Roadshow Paula Martin Modelling in traditional 3mm scale Bob Brown The Model Railway that time forgot - EM scale archaeology Forbes Robertson Trade Branchlines kits and components Brian Osborne YouChoos DCC John Gymer and Richard Simmonds Wild Swan Books (by bus at Tollbridge Studios) Refreshments available in the hall through the day. E&OE, just in case.... Also, parking has been kindly confirmed and made available for the show by Fielden Clegg Architects, situated just down Toll Bridge road from the Tollbridge Studios, https://www.google.com/search?q=feilden+clegg+bradley+studios+bath&sca_esv=405bac46b56f0757&ei=IwNjZsnKHuClhbIPmay70AM&oq=fielden+clegg+car+park+batheaston&gs_lp=Egxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAiIWZpZWxkZW And, even better, Brian Wright and his fabulous minibus from Chippenham & District transport for the disabled are providing a free minibus service between Tollbridge Studios and The New Oriel Hall throughout the day. Last year's show raised £800 for the two charities, here is the letter from Parkinson's UK, the same amount was donated to Julian House but I didn't get a posh letter! See you all there! Well, not all of you, obviously... Simon
  9. Here on my own HS2, despite problems of incomplete terminal facilities, unfinished infrastructure and a total lack of investment in new trains, lateral thinking and cross border imagination has resulted in a service that is proving quite popular. Standing room only on market days....
  10. Ah, possibly not, but other Gauge One-ery will be on view, including this magnifique piece of Plastikard mangling from Dave Easto: I will likely be wandering around in some sort of quasi organisational cum spectating daze, something along the lines of young Mr Grace I would imagine - "you've all done very well...." Thank goodness we have Jerry and Kim(!) At Railwells I have solemnly undertaken to bring something of my own, big and green, with lots of wheels. Which may go round...
  11. Well come on then, can't Jeeves do that for you? You have huge skill at making unworkable kits into working models, as I recall. And the odd working models into slightly less well working models too, tee hee! Personally it is the going round, "up and down", and "in and out" bits of any model that I find most challenging and of least inherent interest. But trains do look better with wheels going round, so I had better persevere. You will be able to come and laugh at my current efforts at Railwells...
  12. Hi Kevin Thank you very much, I have now corrected the text. Hope all well with you and yours in the sunny North, bit grey here today.... Simon
  13. Now in stock and orderable from Titfieldshire, my take on it is here. A good issue I think, featuring the most spectacular recycling of "things that might come in useful" by Mike Lynch - truly awesome. With Kier Hardy and Karl Crowther each covering recent "diesel developments" in 4mm scale, this is quite an "up to date" issue in some ways. But then again not, of course... I also liked Paul's editorial, another good observation of "what it is all about", for some of us at least, and as an aside I love the thought that (Cyril's) "modern image" modelling is now 50 years old, at least. It's good to be modern.... Bee - barp!
  14. Which are, of course, things that anyone might say when refuting or stating anything . Which is how errors arise in the first place and are then promulgated. What is a (historical) fact? How do we absolutely define such a thing? Sources of courses, but actually we can't state that much with absolute certainty. Which doesn't stop people, of course... Back to topic, I quite liked MRC back in the day, and even bought a few, the Datafiles and Paul B and company were definitely good. But Railway Modeller prevailed, I think apart from the "layout angle" mentioned above, (with which I agree), it was blessed with Cyril's engagement with the hobby, his thoughts and insights and his great enthusiasm. And all driven by Sydney Pritchard, a remarkable character by anyone's standards. I don't mean this disrespectfully to either individual, but another of Cyril's great qualities was (probably) "putting up" with Sydney over many years. Poor Chris at MRC also suffered at the hands of owners, I'm sure he didn't choose to use some of the rubbish quality paper that MRC tried out on its readers! They were all good in their way I think. Simon
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