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  1. It's my pleasure Rob - sadly not my own media but I couldn't resist a google once you'd mentioned the show. The B&W photos are absolutely beautiful, I wish I'd taken them myself. I started to think about the rear siding as an over-grown head shunt that served a fan of goods sidings beyond stage left, but then the thought of a passing through train with viewers tip-toeing to peep over the wall just tickled me... Thank you so much for inspiring us mere mortals with ideas that are indeed very difficult to get rid of, especially the ones crammed full of your particular brand of 7mm "je ne sais quoi" magic!
  2. Thank you for your wonderful layout thread and sorry to hear that you're in the wars. Just a thought, have you considered a Nelevation thingamajig?
  3. Really really beautiful modelling Rob I saw this gorgeous photo and realised that behind the shed wall there could be a line running parallel serving a private siding (inspired by New Osney) creating scope to fiddle both ends for through running with the rhs stage exit conveniently concealed by the shed. I'm sure passing drivers would stop for a chin wag over the wall...
  4. dpaws

    Camden Shed

    Many thanks indeed for your input - my instincts seem to be along the same lines. I'll revert if I dig up some more info. Incidentally, my web searches have uncovered many railway sites that I've missed before. In relation to an earlier comment on the thread regarding prototypical workings for Camden, I stumbled across these records of "Ashpit Arrivals" from Annesley MPD in the early 60's which highlights just how busy these depots were: http://annesleyfireman.com/id13.html (Apologies for straying off the topic of Camden but I hope it may be of interest to someone )
  5. dpaws

    Camden Shed

    Many thanks Iain - you're obviously not alone and believe me, I've googled from every direction but to no avail! I've sent an email to the "Engine Shed society" to see if they can help out. My guess was that "rough" was implying unfinished, so materials for the machine shop that required further work - steel coils, plate, castings; they'd need a gantry crane inside the shed to be unloaded... I'm curious to hear how you'd imagine the stores in use - baffling isn't it! Are there any ex-Camden workers on the forum? Sadly I don't suppose such work environments were particularly conducive to a long and healthy retirement.
  6. dpaws

    Camden Shed

    Please forgive my complete ignorance - the "rough stores" shown on the track schematic with a siding from the turntable feeding directly into the building itself - what exactly were "rough stores"? What was typical of the items being delivered and what rolling stock would have been used to deliver them? What would the interior of the rough stores building have been like? For once google has failed me completely! Many thanks
  7. If anyone knows... the brickwork for the water tower building - would I be safe with English bond? Also, I noted that the lower floor of this building was designated as the "Repairing Shop" - but to repair what? Many thanks
  8. A 128 idling alongside platform 1B with the depot depicted behind in ultra low-relief. Ex-MR Class 2441 0-6-0 tank 47201 ambles across the water towards the yard's headshunt... yip, a happy day today! It's a while since I lost an evening in a Metcalfe kit; I enjoyed it!
  9. Where I'm up to at the moment, lots of things posed to give an impression of what I'm aiming for, aesthetically at least... I'm liking the density of goods wagons in the yard - it'd never be this busy of course but at least it looks and feels like a yard! The nearest rails leading to "off-stage left" could be for static display only; I imagine the overspill from the adjacent work's department residing there; an old yard hand crane on a rusting Conflat A, even work's loco stabling... Looking the other way across the waterway at the platform ends. A covered footbridge will serve the platforms and provide the stage exit across the 80mm traverser... and speaking of which I've had an idea about using Kato HO, I'll revert if it works out!
  10. Still shuffling stuff around, but it's starting to make sense... slowly... A works yard down the far end and two platforms ends at the other with the yard head shunt in the near corner. Must be a Friday as Mavis looks to be in high spirits...!!
  11. Three steps forward, one back... Followers may recall the idea of using linear slides as a traverser mechanism? Well, there's a problem - stiction - it's not B&O buttery smooth as it needs to be. There's too much of a lurch when the traverser starts to move, enough to derail stock... not good! Plan B? A punt on Aliexpress and back to China... It seems to work nicely... 280mm overall between the outer edges of the black cheek pieces, 80mm long platform.There are of course motorised versions of all these tables but I haven't a clue how the motor would attach to a DCC interface for precision stopping positions. I can't be the first to consider it for sure... 80mm long overall (ie stock wheelbase) offers enough for a wagon or a shunter to move alone; a Locolift can rest on the rails to extend the road length. I'll need something to ensure the Locolift can't pivot and tip from weight on the overhang. Oh, the steam crane is an HO model maybe for the yard - it'll need to weathered up scruffy...
  12. I've had a head like a snow globe these last days with this model! Grrr... finally I reverted to an earlier way of thinking about the layout (after all, that's when I pre-ordered the new buildings) and mental blockage eased... The trackplan doesn't lend itself to the line running through the archway, pretty much everything is wrong; instead this is about the only placement that works. It provides an excellent scenic break, better still once the building has been raised to rail height (for the sunken track). You can see the chunky 08 hiding... It creates the sort of yard that screams for a wagon turntable, unloading cranes etc, maybe an additional rail in the extreme foreground. There's a nice peek-a-boo perspective through the archway, though a raised section will be required over the tracks behind if transport routing is implied, as shown. Now if the double doors are opened out as a maintenance shed you can really have fun with it's interior with inspection pits, maybe that's the ideal place for my incoming W4 to reside... Damn! That slipped out... it's the black of the black one that was the final straw... that or a pair of the Altas Work's ones, cute as kittens... I may allocate it to BR's Loco Department one day...
  13. Steve - I've just been reading through your quayside project and discovered Gordon Gravett's Arun Quay... Oh boy.... what a gem - no wonder it drove you mad! Very inspiring and yet so frustratingly simple. Just in case I'm not the last person in the world to know about this masterpiece please, indulge! Look how that back-scene works... beautiful.
  14. While I remember Steve - TMC had them in stock if you're struggling to find them - the last time I looked Hattons were still waiting for the delivery. Meanwhile if you need measurements or photos from different angles just ask... I've been shuffling them around for most of the afternoon but I can't find a way where they blend in aesthetically with the rest of the scene, and I like the scene as is because of the variation of stock that I can run... The big building is quite errr.... big! The two smaller buildings and the canopy have a chance of inclusion so all's not lost as yet - fingers crossed!! All together they'd be perfect for the diorama in front of / hiding the fiddle-yard after a scenic break - wagon turntables, rope shunting, intimate detail, Modelu figures, DCC sound... a smell the morning dew on the rustic cobbles sort of scene with a scruffy ginger cat licking her paws after mousing at dawn... You know, Chris Nevardland!
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