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  1. Apologies for not answering your question but instead posting another one but I too was about to ask about Class 50 sound projects... Much of my "misspent" youth consisted of spending many hours at Penzance in the early 1980's - lots of fifties in those days! I've witnessed more 50 start ups than I care to remember - unless my memory is playing tricks, I think I'm remembering correctly that once the engine had started, warmed up and settled down to a nice even beat, when the ETH was engaged the engine revs at idle increased quite noticeably as the loco took up the load. Do any of the existing sound projects have the facility to mimic this, i.e. is there a toggle to "switch on" the ETH, where the engine idle revs are higher than at start up? I'm hoping my rambling makes sense! If this doesn't currently exist (to all those out there producing your wonderful sound projects), can I add this to a wish list - there have been a few instances now of air-con ETH stock hooked up to a Class 50 so hopefully it would be possible. Many thanks, Mike
  2. Ha, sorry for replying to my own post! Tried emailing again today and have received a very pleasant, apologetic reply. Overrun with a large order for a major manufacturer apparently - which can only be good for our hobby! Thanks all.
  3. Hi all, Is it me or is it nigh on impossible to contact/place an order with Shawplan? I've tried ringing at the specified time - I must have tried this in excess of 50 times now but the phone either just rings and rings or I've had a message saying orders are only being accepted by post or email. I've emailed numerous times but have never received a reply. I've sent emails with payment details and an order (with cheque) by post. Again nothing! I've been trying this for over 3 months now. I'm at a loss what to do and there isn't an alternative for the item I need - a roof fan and grille for a Bachmann Class 46 (early Bachmann variant). None of the usual suppliers have stock for most Shawplan items. Peter's Spares informed me it takes over a year to get a reply when they chase orders. . . Can anyone help? Many thanks, Mike
  4. Does anyone know if Shawplan are still trading? I've tried emailing (some time ago) and have phoned on numerous occasions but although the number rings it's never answered. To add to my woes the majority of the Shawplan detailing parts seem to be out of stock everywhere. I'm after the "Extreme etchings" Class 44/45/46 roof fan and grille for an oo gauge 'old' Bachmann peak. Any help would be appreciated sourcing this or an alternative if such a thing exists! Many thanks, Mike
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