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  1. heard from somebody that lived by the line in the 70s was that on occasions a 25 would haul/propel the bubble car up and down the short branch on "plenty trips" presuume due a unit failure or bad leaf fall.. nr
  2. A nice image from the late Tony Ewer with 90009 storming North near Tring with the 1900Euston - Manchester on June 29th 1993 NR http://www.leightonlogs.org
  3. Tony Ewer's nice image of 83009 at Bletchley downside parcel bays as thunderbird on April 12th 1982. What we will probably never know is that this loco probably got to Bletchley on that mornings 2A23 "the stuff of legends" 0350 Euston - Bletchley "milk" train used by staff and anybody else desperate enough to travel at that early hour!! NR
  4. 25037 heads past Dunstable Vauxhalls with the evening cement empties bound for Northfleet on April 9th 1986. The 25 would normally work just to Luton with a Southern 33 taking over there. An apalling busway now covers the track bed that at least 145 different 25s worked along over the years.. A photo from the late Tony Ewer (out of his lounge window!) nr
  5. With the booked Bedford crew on board 45143 accelerates past Dunstable Vauxhalls light engine after working the morning cement in 2 portions from Luton Bute St on a murky morning of March 14th 1984, 2 x 33 would have worked this train from Northfleet to Luton. 108 different 45s visited the Dunstable branch mainly on the morning cements, incl all the 451s plus 2 46s making an impressive 110. This fascinating line is now a busway!!! A photo from the late Tony Ewer
  6. By 1991 few locos were stabled on Bletchley HS as traffic declined. 08807 rests between station pilot duties with a 31 for company early evening on November 27th 1991 NR
  7. not the most common of sights at Inverkeithing, i reckon, 45048 with an up ballast back on September 20th 1983. A dave Spencer photo NR
  8. hard to recognise now but perhaps the station roof helps. the late Tony Ewer catches 86233 still in BR blue with an empty van train probably for Thornton Fields at Liverpool St on August 8th 1987 NR http://www.leightonlogs.org
  9. a phot from May 93 from the late Tony Ewer of the farewell "Mothball" tour in May 93 crossing an overbridge near Winslow. full tour report at http://leightonlogs.org/Mothballfull.htm cheers NR
  10. A rare loco at Fenchurch Street scene on January 8th 1994. Metals sector 47279 is the power on a short engineers train. NR http://www.leightonlogs.org
  11. Edinburgh Waverly early on May 5th 1984 with 26004 and 26005 the exotic traction on the superb Anglo Scottish Freighter tour. In the foreground are some of the DAA (daft as !!) organisers of this epic weekend tour. A Tony Ewer phot
  12. 19/12/84 We 86227 1B06 1714 Euston-Northampton 81007 1B07 1718 Euston-Northampton LB-NO 81020 1B08 1745 Euston-Northampton 86244 1A76 1730 Birmingham-Euston NO-MK 81006 1B09 1815 Euston-Northampton MK-NO 066 1837 Birmingham-Euston NO-LB a typical but always enjoyable "Evening Cobbler" leap frpm Leighton Buzzard. Seems like yesterday we were peering into the gloom South of Leig
  13. Must be a few years since Shrewsbury had a pilot with the closure of Coton Hill and loss of parcels traffic. 08395 is stabled for the weekend at the South end of the station on August 6th 1983 cheers NR http://www.leightonlogs.org
  14. From a time when journeys were a pleasure not a drag, peak 98 waits departure time with 1E40 0750 St Pancras - Sheffield on March 30th 1974. 98 later became 45059. Thanks to John Williams for the classic 70s phot NR http://www.leightonlogs.org
  15. The second man is ringing the "bobby" as the driver of looks on with 31321 and 31134 providing background noise at Derby on August 19th 1984. A Tony Ewer phot cheers NR http://www.leightonlogs.org
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