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  1. Thank You to all that sent me information on hook plates and it is great that you can put a call out and people respond Cheers
  2. Does anyone know who produces a 4mm plate that the coupler hook fits into on a wagon buffer beam preferably etched brass Thanks
  3. what do the small numbers mean 7-11 7-6 and other numbers on mineral wagons
  4. what would be a good colour of paint to use to give the inside of wooden wagons a fair look of a used wagon. I have lots of wagons and very little time to go into weathering them so a basic colour of an open merchandise wagon would be okay. Thanks Derek
  5. Thinking of adding several NCB 21 ton wagons to my inventory I have noticed 1 photo painted a reddish brown and some painted a light grey, some models I have seen painted a dark grey but have been unable to find any prototype pics. I was thinking that the colour schemes were different to each NCB colliery. Thanks Derek
  6. Thanks Guy's for all the info and as I live in Canada I truly thank you for taking the time to answer me Derek
  7. Dapol and Wrenn both have converted Cattle Vans to Fruit Vans but after going through old pics and research I cannot find any info about the prototype or was this not for real
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