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  1. I only have the LM WTTs, but all the Motorail services to and from Kensington were shown as 'May convey 20 Standard Carriage Lengths' with trailing load indicated as E600 (D600 between Willesden and Kensington).
  2. It has appeared in Model Rail (October 2017), Hornby Magazine (November 2018), and Traction magazine (Sept/Oct 2019).
  3. Diesel substitution. A 47 heads south at Watford. A Deltic hauled Special passes Linslade heading north. Passing trains at the south end of Watford. A lone 310 trundles through Linslade nearing the end of its journey from Euston to Bletchley. Vintage Pullman. The Manchester Pullman heads north past the Box at Watford. A pair of 24s head a Special through Harrow as 47164 wheels a Tanker train south destined for the Eastern Region.
  4. As it looked back in 1975s General Appendix Instructions, no doubt changed somewhat since then ????
  5. Having spent years in my display case in it's original form as 10001 a rainy day saw it 'updated' into a new guise as 34001. The story goes that the Research Department at Derby rescued it and have now used it as a testbed for Traction Motor research. Seen leaving Watford heading a southbound Parcels service. Looking south through Harrow as a 47 hauls a northbound freight through on the Down Slow Line. A pair of 501s head off for Watford. Heading north out of the tunnels at Linslade. An Express overtakes the North Wembley to Widnes BOC tanks. Heading south out of Harrow. A Willesden bound Freightliner passed by an Express for Euston, and a pair of 501s clatter off all stations for Euston. Traffic is at a standstill on the road bridge ! 47164 heads a northbound Freightliner past the Sports Ground at Headstone Lane as an 87 heads for London on a service from Wolverhampton. The Stirling to Kensington Olympia Motorail service swings round the curve on the approach to the tunnels at Linslade.
  6. Don't know if you have come across this website ? www.watfordlocoshed.co.uk/index.html Loads of information on Watford through the ages, including the Loco Allocations up to closure in Diesel days. If you look at the latest update pages for 2020/2021 there are some photos of the suburban workings with steam and diesel. Only wish I had found this when I was building my Model based on Watford, very useful on all the buildings, loads of photos that would have been better than relying on my own memory !
  7. Continuity error as the 0700 from Tring turns up running a bit late ! Watford overview looking north. Southbound at Harrow. The Fort William portion of 1M16 running late, the Inverness portion of 8 vehicles has run up on its own on time. Looking south from the Depot at Watford. Northbound through Watford. Passing some time at Harrow.
  8. The old station remained for sometime as this shows, Gatwick and its Stations (sremg.org.uk), not finally disappearing until the late 1970s when the Slow Lines were 'straightened out' for junctions to be installed at Tinsley Green. The buildings disappeared soon after the filming of Hard Days night. For some reason the link to the Southern Railway e-mail group article won't post ?
  9. Outside the Box at Watford. A southbound Freight passes a northbound Express. A Bakerloo Tube completes its journey from Elephant & Castle as it arrives in platform 5. Looking north towards Harrow, plenty of activity taking place. Thumping south at Linslade, 1005 heading for home territory. Looking north along the Harrow section of the layout, with the Watford section along the other side of the loft. Looking north along the Watford section of the layout near the Loft Access hatch. Another fairly recent clip of video from the layout. West Coast Main Line N Gauge Layout (Part 18) - YouTube
  10. Although probably not running over the main line the British Gypsum mines at Mountfield used to have its own Diesel shunting Locos (steam prior to that). They would work the empty and loaded wagons from the sidings up to the mines. The sidings had a gate across the track at Mountfield Ground Frame, and the sidings were all under BR ownership. The Loco crews employed by British Gypsum were all supplied with a BR Rule Book and associated publications. Even the weekly notices would be supplied. (I can remember taking them up there to be delivered). They were also given an Annual 'Rules Exam' by a BR Inspector even though they didn't travel over the main line as such.
  11. Did Rowley Regis ever get the floral hanging baskets that used to grace some stations years back ?? Look like the brackets that were used for those ???
  12. Passing the Depot at Watford. Southern Cement passing Harrow. Southbound at Harrow. Cabview approaching Harrow on the Down Slow Line. Suburban interlude at Watford. Northbound at Headstone Lane. Latest video of the layout with non-DCC sound at
  13. A Euston bound Express passes Linslade. A diverted Midland service for Sheffield crosses from the Down Slow to Down Fast Line at the north end at Watford, after providing a connection into the St. Albans Abbey branch. Harrow. Looking south. The southern approaches, outside the Box at Watford. Waiting to leave the Reversing Sidings at Harrow after the southbound Bakerloo service has vacated Platform 2. The first glimmer of light on an overcast November Sunday morning. Passengers await the arrival of the first northbound service at Platform 5 Harrow.
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