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  1. Man your rolling stock is making me jealous. I know that they are way out of era, but I think the coaches look great and can always be used for a branchline scene since they tend to use older stock. Plus they are no where close to being as expensive as the MK1 kits I've seen. I just with they offered a brake variant instead of the bird cage.
  2. That's why I bought so many haha. I was planning on building the 4 wheel coaches next that connoisseur offers, that way I can get used to the build and get solder practice before tackling a loco. I already played around a bit with a Wizards Mk1 kit. Plus another good thing about O is that you can work features in much more easily for extra detail
  3. That is a very nice Jinty. You make me envious, but I'd rather build kits, very eager to get further on my soldering. I feel much more satisfied knowing I spent the money to build a loco and get a good looking loco that I built rather than just buying one. Especially since they're roughly the same price and or cheaper than factory made. Only my modelling skills will decide that! As I said, I'm young and anything can change when I am able to settle down and start the process of a layout. The wagons aren't really dictating my layout limits, like I said I'm just building my stock. Wha
  4. Also, you bet I went and opened one of those van's to check this. Sadly same issue with the excess brass in the buffers. Brand new spruce yet I still have to go through the torture of cleaning these out Definitely making sure I do these later
  5. As much as I would love to build a layout, sadly I'm not at the state to where I can. I don't my own house/property yet, so I don't really have any space for anything. Not even much to build these kits. I plan on just building up my inventory, as kits don't take much space, and it's what I'll enjoy doing to practice my skills and creativeness as a modeller. As for region ideas, interest may change over time. Before I was thinking about going with a GWR, but I might go with LMS instead. Who knows! I love both railways and it makes it hard to choose. So far the only big project I'm w
  6. Just an update. Think I got a little carried away ordering more wagons to build haha. Can't wait to get started on them, but I'm not too eager to do more van's again. However Slater's got a little confused on my order and sent me a 7 plank with a sheet rail when I ordered a 5 plank open. What's weird is that both have the same product number so don't know what happened there. Gonna be a bit more of a hassel for me to sort this out though since they're on the other side of the Atlantic
  7. Will definitely give it a go, tired of holding fragile pieces and blowing on it for a solid 5 min just to redo it again haha. Also y'all have any tips or details I should know about for the BR brake van? That belly shot saved me for the Std van
  8. I believe 1/32" and I don't know the depth. Just chose whatever was easier to manipulate I only used epoxy because its the only stuff I have to bond brass and plastic. Believe me I have so many epoxy pools on a plate from every time I've had to used it haha
  9. If you're talking about these, then I'm way ahead of ya haha. Suckers snapped apart the moment I tried cleaning any of the feed from the spruce. I just bought a brass strip, a pair of needle nose, and the unbroken loops as a template and ended up pretty clean. However, it was a huge headache trying to get them to stand straight as the epoxy took awhile to cure, and any slight movent would knock them over.
  10. Humorous story haha and believe me mine are no better, I do electrical for a living right now and my fingers get torn up on a daily basis. Plus hand drilling with such small bits tend to lead to plenty of punctures. As for drilling the buffers, I figured putting them on a slightly tight vise would be the easiest, which it was, but the drill wasn't able to grab the bit tight enough to do anything
  11. Are those casted or brass? Because the 7 plank wagon I did has brass bodies that weren't on a spruce, while the van's were casted and had to be cut and sanded off a spruce. Could possibly be a bad batch that I may have received in the brake and Std van kits? Either way here's the kits for reference if needed
  12. I just got some thicker plastic that perfectly matches the size for the W irons rather what came in the kit. The brass felt nearly just as flimsy as the plastic so I didn't bother with it. Figured plastic on plastic would form a smoother and stronger bond than epoxy. And yes I did see the release agent before hand and was able to clean that out, but all 8 buffers for both the van and brake van have these casting burrs inside that prevent the buffer shafts from sliding in, like I said to SM42 I was able to take a round file to them and was able to drill them out, but these are further inside an
  13. Had the same issue with the van's buffers, but they were much closer to the opening so I was able to get a round file on it, but these are for a brake van I'm working on now and are further inside to where I can't reach them
  14. Got the van finished a few days ago, but finally got the plastic to complete the tie bars. Still not happy having plastic for them but I wasn't about to epoxy brass as I feel that will be just as weak. Already had hell with the vacuum pipes . Any opinions or tips about the van? Now for the next problem. How do y'all deal with cleaning out the buffer bodies that Slater provides? I was able to manage with the van, but took me awhile to do so. Every pin vise drill I've tried hasn't been able to break it, and I've even resorted to using a power drill with no luck. Simply too
  15. That was the only thing I figured, and they also give you a choice of shock springs too. I just don't see why they would send me a whole extra set when I already have a set with customization. Just seems like a waste of material for them. I just wasn't sure if there was a little extra detail between them that I didn't notice that was for Morton or vacuum versions or something. Appreciate the comment
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