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  1. Pleased to see this - have always had a soft spot for the Lima 47. One of the first locos I detailed/weathered - now sadly sold (but I actually wish I'd kept it)! Matt
  2. Not as dirty as your example, but I used thinned down enamel paint. Note: the prototype wasn't quite as heavily stained either. One day I will finish this!
  3. Please persevere with this one Kevin!
  4. Is there a supplier of flexible pipes that you can recommend?
  5. Thanks Jonathan - it's acrylic paint and washes of black, brown and grey oil paint over the top. I've been working away on the BSO. It's now been repainted and the various markings applied. I was in two minds whether to replace the window bars - I initially thought that the printed Hornby ones looked ok but following closer inspection, decided they definitely needed replacing. These were easy enough to knock up from fine wire and look a lot better to my eyes. I've also made a suggestion at a dropped buckeye - the inner ends will use Kadee couplings. I'm now debating whether to add cosmetic pipes to this end - their omission is noticeable, however will they get in the way of coupling/uncoupling using Smiths hooks and couplings? All that aside, I'm about to start the weathering progress soon which will hopefully bring all this to life. Matt
  6. Have you tried emailing? Website has contact details and says enquiries are welcome that way.
  7. Not with the Mk2D, but I had a similarly tough time removing the body from my Mk2E. On the E, there are 6 clips (3 per side) that click into the window moulding which makes it very difficult to separate. I don't have a Mk2D, but it might be a similar arrangement. Matt
  8. Hello all, 6 months on, and I've finally finished the interior of the Parkside 13t wagon. To be honest, I've no idea if the real wagon floors were painted or not! Matt
  9. A bit more work managed over the Bank Holiday, although unfortunately I'm going away again tomorrow so any further progress will be halted. I decided to knock up some steps using some bits of waste etch, nothing clever, but quick, [relatively] easy and most importantly, cheap! I've also done some more work to the ends: replacement handrails mentioned in an earlier post, and some very basic detailing to the corridor connector. I won't be repeating this on the inner ends of the rake, only the outer. And finally the coach sides have been repainted so as to provide a blank canvas - why I hear you ask - well there was some scratching and scuffing to parts of the body and a repaint was easier! Note that the body isn't clipped in place in any of these photos - disassembling it once was difficult enough! Matt
  10. Hi all, I mentioned a few posts ago that I would be needing some coaching stock for a future project. At the time, I was mainly referring to Mk1's, but I've subsequently come to realise that a couple of Mk2's won't hurt either! The stock will predominantly be Blue/Grey, so this is very much an outlier, but I picked it up for a bargain price and thought it made sense to practice some of the changes I'd be making before committing to anything else. So this is a Hornby Mk2E BSO. I'm no expert when it comes to coaches, but these are certainly more affordable than the Bachmann equivalents on the used market and that is my priority! I've limited my changes to replacing handrails and roof grab handles. I've decided to leave the bodyside handrails as they are to avoid too much work/damage. I will be doing a bit more cosmetic detailing before I call it done, but this'll mainly be some pipes, cosmetic couplings [possibly] and steps. After that, I'll have to do a bit of repainting, just to patch things up. I did consider replacing the glazing, but after consideration, decided this would be an unnecessary step. Happy Easter! Matt
  11. Sorry, can't help but... ...I remember these being advertised in RM! I always wanted one but could never afford one!
  12. Interesting thread! I saw the original photo on FB too. My wife is from Bargoed. Matt
  13. Although going away was a good thing, and a good time was had, it wasn't such a good thing for my modelling! That break, even though it was only a week, completely derailed [excuse the pun!] my enthusiasm and flow and I've struggled to return to the bench ever since. That said, I have made some slow progress, and here's how the CCT currently looks. Numerous tiny triangles [36 in total] have been cut from plastic and fitted individually to the solebars. This was as much fun as it looks. I've also sanded down the prominent roof ribs and then drilled, and fitted replacement vents. If the roof looks a bit strange, it's because it's moulded in transparent plastic. Matt
  14. Are the Brassmasters rods still available?
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