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  1. If my hands shook as much as yours and I could line like that I would be happy.
  2. I have ben allowed back on here for a bit by SWMBO and I have to say I am really impressed, I remember seeing a self weighing tender on a B1 in my spotting days and always thought it would make an interesting model. The LMS one is very impressive, I bet there are not many of them out there, and it would definitely generate interest at exhibitions, can you let me know where your next exhibition is?
  3. Those two look like beautiful little bundles of trouble, what bread are they, are they Jack Russells? The lining is looking really good, apart from the little give away's you would think these are 4mm models, I cant believe you can produce this standard by hand, even if you claim they shake. The Mogul looks stunning, I think there will be a lot of people wanting to ad one to their collections now? I know you have said you would not consider commissions but I think there would be lots of us out there who like me think you should consider it.
  4. Yesterday a member of the family in shock after discovering I was a blogger at my age, told "her in doors", who promptly read my first entry and then got me to actually admit how much my latest acquisitions cost, I am now in serious risk of being known as "him outdoors" as I was banished to the shed to review the error of my ways, I don't think my wife understands what she calls toy trains. So I think this will be the last blog until she clams down a little,
  5. Will the mogul be fully lined or just plain black
  6. Do you have any NE stock or is it all from a lesser company like the LMS, just wanted to see if you could model from a real railway. Only joking, about the LMS being a railway
  7. Apart from visit the occasional exhibition, and buy the odd item of stock from time to time I have not really done any modelling. I may put together the odd kit every so often and then put it into the "to be used on the layout" cupboard but that's about it really. This has meant I have done a lot of arm chair modelling and planning which is not a bad thing if you seem to make any progress, but I just seem to increase the number of rejected schemes I have considered. The major cause for this use to be that I was far to ambitious for the space, time or skill levels I have available to me.
  8. I cant believe how fast you progress, my record for fitting a chip into my loco's is 6 months
  9. Can you post some step by step pictures so that we can all learn how you do the scenery
  10. I'm sure there are plenty of people on here who would like to see how you do it
  11. I still think other people like me will be interested, you should put some details up to judge interest
  12. Can you please put some step by step updates on how you weather and build your locomotives please, as I think this would be more useful than just completed pictures?
  13. I cant with to see the finished model as I have a couple of Mainline loco's I have been waiting to replace the chassis on myself
  14. I see you have the same issue as me, when I paint a loco with black in hiding the brush marks
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