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  1. Many many thanks for everyone's support and best wishes, Simon & Jacky.
  2. Treneglos update.... Having purchased the layout at the end of 2017, I must apologise for the lack of updates. I did make a start on a light restoration, but sadly my wife was diagnosed with small cell Cancer in June of this year, and life has been turned upside down. My wife comes first, and is being very brave, we are doing everything we can to help her fight this. Treneglos is safely stored, and I hope, one day, I will be able to continue with the layout. In the meantime, keep well, all the best, Simon.
  3. Model Railway Journal, No.266, has published a couple of Treneglos pictures this month. A nice magazine that always inspires.
  4. Hi Peter, Great build as always, you are a master craftsman. On the subject of locos to build, how about an 'N Class', or a USA Tank, always a challenging one. Keep up the good work, I follow with interest, Simon.
  5. Hi Chris, Many thanks to you and Andy for a great article on Treneglos. Best Wishes, Simon.
  6. Many thanks for your support exmoordave, I am looking forward to working and exhibiting Treneglos, I have a few ideas up my sleeve going forward, but never want to loose that Cornish appeal the layout has, and seeing the pictures and detail Chris, John & Damian have posted, it is a credit to them, still in good condition after all this time. I am hoping work will start on Treneglos in the New Year. Have a good Christmas & a Happy New Year. Simon.
  7. Hi, Not sure quite how to start my introduction to Treneglos, but here goes. My name is Simon, and with great appreciation to Chris, John & Damian, I am the new owner of Treneglos. I have been modelling for more years than I can remember, and have exhibited with previous OO & O Gauge layouts, although this has not been recently. I am very passionate about the hobby, and will now take Treneglos forward, starting with a light restoration, fear not, Treneglos will not alter from the original design, and we will never forget Chris, John & Damian's hard work, bringing this great layout to the public, all those years ago, thank you from all of us.
  8. Superb layout Darren, Well Done ! love the detail, proper weathering, great loco's, fab !
  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Treneglos is still being considered for sale ? Having seen this layout many years ago at the Uckfield Model Railway show, I fell in love with this layout, and the idea of a North Cornwall railway layout, as I adore Spam Cans, and everything Southern, I have all the loco ingredients for a layout like this, and would give this layout a very good home in East Sussex, although I am hoping to move to Cornwall next year. Any news, please get in touch, good or bad I would be grateful.
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