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  1. The 'halo' effect (otherwise usually known as 'silvering') is where decals dry and trap air underneath. This happens if they are applied to matt/flat paint which doesn't have a completely flat and smooth surface but contains microscopic pits which scatter the light to prevent it looking shiny. Therefore, as mentioned, it is best to apply decals to a gloss finish as that is a lot smoother than matt. The use of a decal setting agent can help make the decal sit down and adhere to contortions in the surface but is best used in conjunction with a gloss surface. Apparently if you apply the decal solution in conjunction with applying the decal to a matt paint finish, the microscopic pits will cause resistance to the decal as the solution softens and settles it, which may result in the transfer not flattening out completely and leaving wrinkles and creases.
  2. I finally managed to get a copy having trawled around lots of newsagents/supermarkets. However it was the last copy in that shop and there was no DVD included with it. Would it be possible for one to be sent to me. Thanks in anticipation. G
  3. grahame

    Bendy Bus

    The Farish ones (smaller than 1:160) tend to be a little too small and the earlier cast metal ODC ones a little too heavy, but the more recent plastic bodied ones can be made to fit. The Cars Workshop buses (1:150) are also suitable.
  4. grahame

    Bendy Bus

    Tomytec actually produce a range of motorised chassis (different wheelbases and an adjustable one) as well as other buses, but I doubt they do any other bodies that'd fit the bendy chassis.
  5. grahame

    Bendy Bus

    Tomytec are producing a 1:150 scale Merc Citaro bendy bus that is right hand drive. It is motorised and works on their road system. There is also a non-bendy/2 axle Citaro but that seems to be left hand drive only. Just a shame that they are too modern for me but with all the electrical gubbins in them I wonder if they catch-fire as regularly and easily as the real ones.
  6. That's what I tend to worry about. Well, maybe not worry, but have some concern about. Perhaps I should be getting on with necessary and planned models rather than spending time on frivolous projects? After all I do enjoy the building of both, although perhaps the making of unnecessary things is a welcome diversion.
  7. Does anyone else get side-tracked in to making models that aren’t pertinent to one’s long term project or magnus opus? I seem to end up making models (kit or scratch-built) for a host of reasons such as “it’s an interesting structure”, “for the challenge and to prove it can be done”, or even just simply for the enjoyment of making something. And them I’m lumbered with a model (sometimes not even fully completed) for which I have no use and end up either selling or giving it away. Why can’t I get on with things I really want or need? For example, this N/2mm coaling tower was knocked up from some cardboard, a bit of styrene strip and some wire, and based on some photos of one without any plans. It’s something I’ve absolutely no use for and don't even have any interest in, and I ended up selling it. I’ve plenty of other examples.
  8. I like the idea of having the tracks non-concentric to the baseboard. It gives additional interest and intrigue and prevents a stiffled and clichéd look.
  9. I've seen the instructions and considered trying the technique but have not done so to date. I seem to be rather unlucky with liquid glazing: it usually dries with a milky finish and a concave profile (when convex would be preferred). I generally use thin and rigid, but flexible, clear plastic sheet, cut to shape and gently bent to fit. And glued in place with the merest smidge of super-glue.
  10. grahame

    Farish Class 319

    There does seem to be some growing inconsistencies and anomalies with the latest RRPs for 4-car units: 319 - £300 350 - £300 450 - £375 220 - £400 especially bearing in mind they aren't all new tooling. And some of the 2-car units (although not in stock) are listed at £290 and £300.
  11. Yep. They're 92t glw bogie aggregates hoppers (dia PH003A) built 1970/71 at Hartlepool by IMC Ltd and owned by Francis Parker Ltd. They are very unusual, for British outline, with lower side clam doors for unloading. Just eleven were made (Nos. 17001 - 17011) and only one route worked, usually hauled by a class 73 electro-diesel, with the occasional excursion to Eastleigh for wagon repairs. The train ran from the Lavant gravel quarry (North of Chichester) to the Drayton stone yard (East of Chichester) starting out along the old Lavant line (which had become freight only when the Midhurst Branch closed and was later cut back in 1972 to serve just the gravel workings). Apparently, when the run finished the wagons were stored on the Lavant branch until it was lifted after closure in 1991. Then they were moved to the old Drayton sidings until they were also lifted. The wagons then disappeared, presumably towed away for scrap.
  12. Nice modelling. And down in the South [BR(S)] they also had some similar distinctive and individual lower body-side double clam-shell door hopper wagons. They are something I've long been planning to make a rake of. It would mean quite a bit of scratch-building although fortunately the bogies are available. A project for the future:
  13. grahame

    Farish Class 319

    Thanks. I did look for a side on view but couldn't find one. However, that is pretty close and illustrates the point nicely.
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