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  1. I took this snap yesterday evening on my way to meet some friends in a pub: It's Surbiton station which is not only grade II listed but is considered to be one of the finest modernist stations in Britain. G
  2. Stunning and impressive design in those pics. Very uplifting - thanks for sharing. I also understand that the 'new' London Bridge station has recently received an architectural award although for me, despite being better (for passengers) than the 1970s makeover version, it lacks impact and interest for me. G.
  3. The latest issue of the 'N Gauge Journal' ( 3/19) should be falling through members letterboxes this week. It's a bumper 100 page issue with a separate 20 page Newsletter (for NGS business reports and matters): This is the last issue of my, a little more than five years, tenure as editor. Enjoy it. The contents include: What’s new in ‘N’ - 11 pages of reviews and a look at the latest news Blackwell Lane - Michael Warburton describes his ‘cheat’ of a layout GWR Departmental Brake Vans - Modelling these wagons by Duncan Weaver K&B Models - Ken Jones researches the company and their models Loading Coal Wagon - An automated loading facility built by Leo McNally Castle Bingham - Keith Bingham describes his layout Simple Scenics - A range of simple projects presented by Don Pearson Building a GWR pre-grouping 0-6-0ST - Jerry O’Reilly tackles a loco bashing project Installing Dapol OHLE Masts - Jonathan Buisson is attracted to a magnetic solution Members Projects - Two Peco loco kits built by David Tomkiss Centre Pages Spread - London Bridge Detailing a Union Mills J25 - Ric Keeton bulls up a Union Mills locomotive Simple, Cheap and Easy Tarpaulins - Don Graham outlines a technique for making them Introducing Rothley - One of Don Pearson’s layouts Tomytec Moving Vehicle System - Donald Troost undertakes some conversions Evoking a Sense of Place & Time (pt 6) - Phil Lundberg continues his period review series Tremendous Trees - Experiments by Roger Beckwith produce results Peterloo Coaling Stage - Peter Hills builds one for his new layout Amerton Ford (ESSA) - Irving Roberts Moving Vehicles - Noel Leaver describes using the Faller Road System Mail Train - Members letters G
  4. IMO the second pic is more preferable - it's clearer, sharper, cleaner and in colour. The first seems messy and fussy from an aesthetic view although it does provide some extra interest, but whether that is ugly or attractive is debateable. Unfortunately both are somewhat obscured by smoke. G
  5. That's great. I hope they're made available in 1:148 scale and from Shapeways. I'll be able to order them when I place an order for a Volvo F10 truck. G
  6. Refreshing, I'd say. Left off for historical accuracy maybe, but otherwise it's the eye of the beholder. After all you did infest LB with ugly signal/point rodding rather than neater and more efficient point motors and CLS. G
  7. Probably a good idea to call time on black words (rather like BR did with steam) otherwise you'll be blackballed and given black looks and lines to do on the blackboard. Ooops, is that a black mark for me? G
  8. I got the impression, from reading the article, that is what the author was saying. G
  9. I use Humbrol aerosol acrylic Matt varnish extensively. However it is always best to test on an area that doesn't matter. And it is essential to ensure that any paint, especially enamel, is thoroughly dry - they used to recommend at least a week and preferably to use enamel varnish on enamel paint. Also shake the can for ages to make sure it is properly mixed. I've read that the white blushing effect is often caused by spaying on a humid/damp day where airborne water particles get caught in the spray and end up in the varnish on the model. G
  10. Seven of Nine perhaps? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_of_Nine G
  11. I was wondering if it was a short train because that was the limit of its haulage ability - I often read of people bemoaning the lack of grunt by some RTR steam locos. G
  12. I have to admit that after watching the video I wasn't that impressed by the sound - it appeared to be all loco noise (and rather loud) and no associated train noises. It was certainly missing something by lacking any other railway sounds or environment noise. It sounded insular and disembodied. And the train seemed rather short. Does the model not easily handle anything longer? G
  13. AFAIA the SR Walrus/Sealion hopper wagons did get far and wide although the Gresley Beat location isn't far from Southern metals. These pics show examples at Doncaster, Littleton Colliery, Tyne and Wear, and York: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=sr+walrus+hopper+wagons&qpvt=sr+walrus+hopper+wagons&FORM=IGRE Incidentally the 'SR' initials on POA/SSA scrap wagons didn't stand for 'Southern Region' but for 'Standard Railfreight' who were the owners. G
  14. . . . . and now the cab unit (without trailer) is available in 1:148 (and 1:120) scale from RailNScale/Shapeways. https://railnscale.com/2019/05/10/new-volvo-f10-deutrans/ https://www.shapeways.com/product/27F2JASNZ/volvo-f10-4x2-tractor-british-n-1-148?li=shareProduct G
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