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  1. grahame

    Farish Class 69

    Same lack of reaction to a 45 or 46 for me, although the 69 is welcome in that Farish have announced they are producing another new loco and effectively expanding their N gauge product range. Now if it'd been a 2EPB emu I'd be a lot more interested and excited.
  2. Actually I have, but I wouldn't be picking a fuel for steam locos. I'd expect an experienced professional to do that. And to get it right.
  3. Probably about time something was done about it. Perhaps supplier accreditation, product checking before use, due diligence or whatever is necessary.
  4. One issue with the Osborns Bedford TK cab is the rather flat front to it which ought to be more rounded. Consequently it doesn't have the curved wrap-around nature of the real truck's windscreen. I guess they've done that to make it easy to glaze, for their finished models, using flat clear plastic inserts. The challenge will be to add a windscreen that looks more curved, particularly at the side edges.
  5. Sounds like another excuse. Quality control of the fuel used to fill the loco truck would help prevent reoccurrences.
  6. Hmm, that sounds like a bit of an excuse. Filling it with dodgy poor quality non-steaming fuel is as daft as filling your petrol car with diesel.
  7. I've got some main blocks of colour on the box truck, but there still plenty to do like glazing, decals, number plates, a little weathering, etc, and of course final assembly as the parts are just plonked together:
  8. And you knocked all that up in a spare 10 minutes? Impressive.
  9. Thanks. I agree with the format size of A4. I feel that it is the way to go for most magazines as it allows larger and clearer images, particularly of details, to be used. Hopefully, those who get to see this new magazine will appreciate just how much better a 'normal/usual' sized magazine, such as 'N Gauge Now', 'Railway Modeller', 'BRM', etc., (which are all at least A4 size), is, for even a small modelling scale like N gauge. I hope everyone who has ordered and received a copy enjoys it. I did pitch A4 to the NGS committee for the NGS Journal and produced a mock up (albeit just
  10. Why not use Scene-setters glazing grids - they come in a range of sizes/pitches and are quick and easy to use. This building, that I scratch-built in N/2mm scale and, as yet, incomplete, is based on a real building and has over 70 windows all formed from the glazing grids:
  11. For a bit more alternative modelling (non-steam and N/2mm scale) here my latest project. My aim was to make a 1973 Bedford TK 220D box truck, which is something like this: So far I've managed to make some parts for it. The cab is a 3D print from Osborns Models, the body and chassis are made from styrene sheet and the wheels are from Tomytec. With the parts just plonked in place it looks like this. Still some work to do but hopefully I'm getting there:
  12. They're gone and another batch is up. To save me continually providing a link for each batch, to locate what is currently available it's just a matter of typing 'n gauge magazine' in the eBay search for anything box.
  13. The latest batch is up and running: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124772625392?hash=item1d0d072bf0:g:uv4AAOSw2s9gyFEL
  14. I think it cuts both ways. Both can, and do, sometimes have poor design features, flaws, quality issues and can produce Friday afternoon poorly assembled models as well as design and produce fine quality ones. But, somehow, I don't think the issues are deliberate.
  15. grahame

    Farish Class 319

    I guess wether it's a big chunk will depend on individuals personal discretionary spending budget for models. No doubt for some it'll be of no concern as they can easily afford it, while others will find it expensive and think twice about purchasing. But then there will also be those who think the Kato unit is dear and couldn't even afford a £100 train.
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