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  1. Yes, it's on the wrong side. ;-)
  2. I tend to check out the details on layouts whether or not the running is satisfactory, or that the period/location are to my taste or not. But I too do prefer to see well observed aspects of real life that are appropriate to the location and that the modelling fit and finish of them has been achieved with care and sympathy. However, I'm not a fan of twee cliched cameos (car crashes, burning buildings, weddings and plenty of flashing lights), however well done, that many layouts now seem to include as a de rigueur requirement. I'd rather see more mundane, ubiquitous and ordinary scenes of life
  3. You need a Ford Consul GT (rather than a Granada) for the main squad car: https://classiccarcuration.co.uk/youre-nicked-restored-sweeney-consul-heads-to-nec-classic/ although it is basically a Granada Mk1 - if you can get one in 1:148 scale please let me know https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Consul#Ford_Consul_(Granada_Mark_I_based)_(1972–1975)
  4. 1960mm width equates to 13.25mm at 1/148 N gauge scale. The RailNscale and R Parker versions are pretty much spot on while the Redandy one is rather narrow at a little less than 12mm. According to this: https://www.transitcenter.uk/transit-mk1-data-specification.php the short wheelbase/low roof version is 4192mm long (scale 28.32mm) and the long wheelbase/high roof is 4944mm. The scale width of the Mk2 Escort seems to be correct although the length is probably about 1mm too long.
  5. Here's my two that arrived today. The stratification ridges aren't overly pronounced but do exist and would probably benefit from a little rubbing down where possible. Details are nicely rendered and fine (like the rain strips/gutters and door handles): However, in comparison with two other similar 1:148 scale SWB Ford Transit models that I have (R Parker, cast white metal in green and RainNscale, 3D printed in beige) the new one looks, particularly the roof, to be somewhat thinner and a little smaller and not a lot larger than the Escort (above):
  6. According to this issue (June 1995, vol 2, no.6) of Model Railway Enthusiast, that I have, the publisher was Link House Magazines, executive editor was Richard West and editor was David Jinks. HTH
  7. The stratification stepping seems quite pronounced on the bonnet and roof. Do you plan to try and smooth it down? And it looks like the wing mounted rear view mirrors have been snapped off. Did that happen in transit? ;-)
  8. I've also got a couple on order - for a comparison with vehicles I've already got. I'll probably try Klear for the windows - aeromodellers use it to make plastic canopies clearer and more like glass. Also being a high quality acrylic gloss varnish with self leveling properties it should help fill any ridges/depressions. It'll be a matter of ensuring it dries as wanted. If you're after Vauxhall Cavaliers, Volvo 240 estates and Fiat Tipos then RailNscale offer those models. G
  9. You're right. I've got quite small hands (N gauge scale);
  10. Here's something which is, as usual from me, a little different from the normal fare of steam trains on this thread, and it's the recent painting of some tiny things - 3D printed N/2mm scale NSE style self service ticket machines and permit to travel machines - cruelly photographically enlarged. They're finished by hand with a brush and acrylic paint (and a few little bits of decal paper) all applied by eye (and without any magnification assistance). They're not perfect but are very small and might not even be noticeable when in place on the layout, and I doubt I can do any better.
  11. I'm trying to be a bit flexible and open. And possibly being too vague and wanting my cake and eat it. I'll probably settle for late 70s to early 90s which is still over stretching things and will end up with some historical anomalies.
  12. I've looked a pics of loads of them now and I was quite surprised how different they are even though basically similar in design - different colouring, different signs, different wording, different types of slots and hatches, different locations of various bits and so on. They probably varied over time.
  13. Final details painted. Any better? It'll have to do . . . . . I doubt I can do any better and they might not even be very noticeable when in place. And they are pretty small.
  14. I've had a bash at painting details on half of them. I think this is about as neat as I'm going to get them. I'll add the notices (black on the ticket machines and white on the permit to travel machines cut from appropriately coloured decal paper - that'll ensure they are neat and square. There's no way I could paint them freehand . . . .
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