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  1. A quick snap - 40mm lens, f22, ISO 200 and APS-C sensor format plus resized to reduce pixels/size: Not jaw-dropping pin sharp but probably acceptable for a forum.
  2. I've knocked up some first floor flooring and the cast concrete stairs up to it. They need painting and fixing in place but they seem to look okay and hopefully will add some appropriate detail to the under construction building:
  3. Luckily there's no scaffolding in any of the dozens and dozens of pics of steel framed building sites on-line. Just the very occasional ladder, cherry picker or crane. I guess they build up from each floor level infilling the wall panels once the frame has been fabricated off-site and erected on-site.
  4. A fresh pot of tea made and more cutting and gluing styrene. I had insufficient of the larger upright size beams so I've had to adjust the design as I went along. And now I've just about exhausted the other beams and discovering that some appeared slightly different in profile. Nonetheless I've got it this far (with a squirt of grey primer to tie it together) and hope that it will suffice for a steel beam framed structure despite not being neat and fully square. It's also far from finished. I'm planning to add some first floor flooring and some cast concrete stairs up to it. But for now it's time for a rest and another cuppa to recover;
  5. It's slowly taking shape, but TBH it's rather like playing the Vulcan logic game of Kal-toh when trying to install each beam . . . . . . . and I need to take another break.
  6. Quite often those kit short telephoto lenses are very good optics. However, I tend to use a fixed 40mm micro/macro for model photography in aperture priority mode and stopped down to the smallest it will go (around f22), set on a tripod and the shutter triggered by timer. I have used image staking (not in Photoshop but Zerenne stacker) and all you need to do is load (copy in all the pics) and click on the stack button and off it goes working on the stacked image. It takes longer to take all the pics.
  7. Yep, I don't find it a problem. It's just a bit of colloquial language and I guess most people know what is meant by it so at least it serves as effective communication. It's rather like those who call a gas holder a gas-o-meter when it doesn't meter gas but stores it as a buffer for usage demand and provides local district pressure and back pressure for production. Or those who call a crane fly a daddy long-legs when a daddy long-legs is a spider. And perhaps by being over pedantic about terminology risks alienating people when we really need support in the hobby and interest shown.
  8. But isn't it where trains become stationary to allow passengers on and off? ;-)
  9. It's slow and painful progress. Steel frame replication in styrene beams is very fiddly and needs lots of patience . . . .
  10. I've finally made a start on the framework. It's going to be very fiddly and delicate work, with parts needing to be accurate and square, and will probably take quite a while. It will also be rather fragile so I need to provide some reinforcement for the joints:
  11. I think it helps maintain enthusiasm by having/choosing a prototype subject that is a reasonable challenge with plenty of modelling diversity (more than just cursory that would easily become tired and dull) and holds personal interest and memories.
  12. The 'I' beams have arrived . . . . but so too has the 2mm SA mag, What's Brewing and my Fab mag, so it might be a while before I crack on. I just hope there's enough - it was the last pack of the 3x2 size ones they had.
  13. One thing I have noticed is that I tend to need to light the models to photograph them (with appropriate daylight bulbs) but it gives rather bright and colourful images whereas in reality, both the model and real thing, the overall look is more sombre and restrained with duller muted colour. Perhaps black and white monotone is more suitable:
  14. I doubt what I have ordered would be packaged as a parcel and would expect it to arrive though the Royal Mail (letters) service and the local postie - but who knows for certain. Round here the RM Parcelforce brand delivers parcels separately. I don't know what each outfit has arranged for working practices during the current crisis but the website certainly indicates that Saturday letter deliveries have been suspended from 2nd May. And yep, the bin men, both the green food collection service and larger dustcart for rubbish, turned up today. I guess they qualify as heros who are continuing to work.
  15. Here's a pic - it's probably not the most realistic as it is far from finished (all the buildings are just roughly placed in position and none are fully finished) but it is based on a real slice of an urban cityscape and everything is scratch-build in N/2mm scale. The railway will be on a viaduct behind and the station located to the right. I hope it qualifies for inclusion on this thread.
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