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  1. grahame

    Planned Farish 2019 release schedule

    The reasons for the delays have been well documented and discussed on RMweb. As too have the price increases - there are lots of threads about it and it seems to have been chewed over to death. It might be worth having a search and read up of some of them. Traditionally youngsters have moved away from the hobby as they grow up and other interests like members of the other sex, getting an education, buying a home and starting a family take priority. But many return to railway modelling in later life when they are more settled and have the time (and money). The fear of the future for the hobby is not a new issue (and doom has always been forecast for various reasons) but it has survived so far. And it has encompassed and withstood much change (social empowerment, the digital revolution, inflation, foreign outsourcing, etc.,) over the years. I don't think the hobby is declining but perhaps getting the market for it to grow is the trick to achieve in the future. G
  2. grahame

    Why would a shop be unhelpful?

    I can understand them not wanting to divulge their stock level but what if they had replied "we have them in stock, how many do you want?". Would that have satisfied you? G.
  3. grahame

    Third-Rail EMU Photos

    Here's a few NSE EMUs. They're scans so not the best quality and I hope I've not posted them before: G
  4. grahame

    Wright writes.....

    That's more likely to be a 'mockney' rather than a cockney. You wouldn't have been able to understand a true cockney, especially if he was talking in rhyming slang. G
  5. grahame

    Wright writes.....

    Yes, Little Salkeld does look very nicely observed and modelled. The code 40 N gauge track is particularly fine and impressive. G.
  6. Thanks. Some great station atmosphere and NSE slammers action. G
  7. grahame

    Third-Rail EMU Photos

    One from yesterday morning at Waterloo East: G
  8. Yep, some good ones there. Some amusing as well as interesting. Thanks. G
  9. grahame

    Wright writes.....

    Interesting. Is there a specific reason for not having the roof separate as originally planned? G
  10. grahame

    Wright writes.....

    Skipping though some electronic photo folders I came across these. I'm not sure if I've posted them before (memory not what it was or maybe on another thread) but hopefully they are of interest as a step by step of my efforts . . . It's N/2mm (as usual for me) and still not finished. I wasn't sure whether to detail the end of the building with internal decoration, fireplaces, etc., but I think the damage was caused by a German bomb in WW2 and didn't get cleared and built on until 50 years later. I seem to recall that the end was patched up (rendered?) as weather-proofing when I saw it in the 80s but I could be wrong (that memory) and it's still possible to add more details when I get around to finishing it. G
  11. grahame

    NGS Journal

    Last call for any content for issue 2/19 - like a review of the Dapol class 142, manufacturers announcements, urgent dated stuff, etc. Absolute drop-dead copy deadline is 24th February and expected publication is w/c 25th March. G
  12. grahame

    Model Rail #258 March 2019

    The latest 'Model Rail' magazine is now out and available. Two feature layouts fantasy Highland and Ledleigh Depot A whole host of 'how to' workbench projects including making a goods yard, container crane, retro wagon kit, and an urban street Quite a few reviews - mainly steam locos 'Skills station' part 1 guide to airbrushing Masterclass on the class Z Plus all the usual regulars It's an interesting, informative and eclectic mix making it a good read although the paper quality is still poor and no usual plan/layout suggestions from Paul Lunn. G
  13. grahame

    Pylons .

    Here's one I can add to that collection of model sub-station pics - one I made some time ago now for a long gone N/2mm layout: G
  14. grahame

    Farish RRP increase

    Actually I didn't do any maths, but of course I'm fully aware that a 20% increase compounded five times is more than 100%. However, I was a little concerned that although I've seen it claimed that was the way it progressed I've also seen/read that the aim was to double (100% increase) the wage rate in five years. Nonetheless over more than five years since Farish was sold and production moved to China the effect certainly appears to be quite a bit more than 100%.And, of course, that feeds through to retail prices. I guess we'll never know all and the exact cost increases but I'm not sure that it can expected that Bachmann should take a hit on profitability by sharing cost increases with customers (although we don't know for sure that they haven't). After all their financial performance over the last few years hasn't been particularly healthy. Many will no doubt have reigned in such discretionary hobby spending but then that process will have always been the case. Those on limited budgets in the Poole production years will have been effected by price increases back then. I guess there will always be those who want, will purchase and can afford it. It's the same for a beer in a pub - a pint was 25p in 1975 and now it's around more than 16 times as much. I flinched when it got to 50p but I still go to the pub and have a few but there will be some who dropped out or cut back. The same goes for purchasing models, some will have given up if beyond their means but others still purchase new ones - but will there be enough? Oddly, although pub beer sales are down, the number of brewers has significantly increased provided choice and better quality products - just like the recent increase in N gauge model producers. However, it does feel that many are now voicing their concerns and complaining about the Farish price increases and there is a very real worry about the future. But is that a more vocal output simply because of the electronic age where such comments are easily and quickly circulated to a large audience? G
  15. Files received, downloaded and saved - many thanks. They look the part. G

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