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    3mm , Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway , West Highland Line , Industrials , Cornish Clay lines , 1980's diesels , Yorkshire !

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  1. And he still never caught up with the tortoise !
  2. Thanks for posting this Jerry, I've not seen this image before either and find the view of No.5 just as interesting as No.80 as I intend to build one of the Fox Walkers as my next S&DJR 3mm locos; I was looking for a suitable chassis at our AGM last Sat but couldn't find one although there's always a chance that I've already bought one in readiness but it needs 'unearthing' from the mess that my modelling room is currently in, it's just taken me several days to find my part built mail van kit that I'd only seen a few weeks ago ... it was in a clear plastic box right next to my seat but underneath some other things !! (LoL ... hangs head in shame.) Regards, Ian.
  3. Yes but you also have to sign up for the 'Free to join' Hornby rewards scheme to enabalise you to order one. You can then use the points that you earn on this purchase. I tried to order one without joining the scheme but couldn't progress through the order system, ending up in a loop as it wouldn't recognise my postal details. Once I'd joined it went straight through. Hope this helps. Regards, Ian.
  4. It's closer than I'll ever get ... oh, sorry, I thought this was the "for those who are scared to come to Australia" thread ! LoL
  5. ... and you've already got the 20s and 25s Dave ... just need a 27 now ! (Nudge, nudge ... wink, wink !!)
  6. Have finally managed to come up with a 'valid' (in my head) excuse to pre-order one of these as they don't really fit into any of my planned schemes but also like the look of the NCB one and either of the black versions. 'Invincible' now on order for an IOW layout that is under construction ... which will now have to be stretched to include the preservation era ! LoL Lovely looking model. Regards, Ian.
  7. An order for which has now dropped into your in-box in the hope that it includes Tim's photos from Sturminster Newton but even if it doesn't can you produce another book that does, please !! LoL Kind regards, Ian.
  8. Hello Steve, after your first post regarding the slightly thin looking 0s on the headcode I went back onto the Class 25 Photo thread to look at a Flickr image that I posted on there of a 25 coming through the washer at Holbeck, the 0 in the headcode was noticeably thinner than the other numeral and letters in the code. Unfortunately I can't work out on my iphone how to repost it here and my tablet doesn't work with RM Web anymore for some reason (on which I do know how to link things !) It's worth a look if you're interested, it's about 3 pages from the last post on the thread (if that helps.) Regards, Ian.
  9. Just looking at your photos again Dave and just wondering if this is the sort of kit where making a little jig out of wood on which to help build the chassis and maybe another for the hoppers (can't remember if they are a one piece moulding or not ?) Thinking ... build upside down with 5 pairs of parallel holes for the stantions to slot into either side of a raised rectangle to build around, handrail part left until all of this was set and upright again (I'd have to dig my kits out again to see if this is how the parts come (?)) When 'batch building' this might be worth the time and effort to get everything square once the first one has been done and you know what is required. .... Just thinking out loud. Regards, Ian.
  10. Hello Dave, Very interested in the Dogfish build as I've also got a box with about 6 of these in a cupboard somewhere ... not much call for them on a 1920s S&DJR layout but maybe one of Lenny's Bo-Bos might tempt me to build them just for a change of subject, although I really need to finish a couple of other things first. Anyway ... watching with interest and good luck with the build. Regards, Ian.
  11. I also saw my first Swifts and Swallows of the season overhead yesterday in the outskirts of Leeds. We've got our first 'home grown' Blackbird fledglings keeping us busy on security duties at the moment, we've lost one already but the other 3 have now dispersed from my garden. One has unfortunately got itself locked inside my neighbours garage but he has given me the key late last night. It's managed to get itself up into the rafters at the back and the parents are feeding it through the waves in the roof. I decided that it was probably in a 'safe' place for last night and am about to go and let it out, hopefully it will come out on it's own and I won't have to handle it. Regards, Ian.
  12. Thanks for the update Rob ... I can assure you that your list of winter achievements puts mine to shame !! LoL. Love seeing the photos of the layout as you have your little running sessions so please keep posting them and give us all our 1980s WHL fix to keep us going ! Kind regards, Ian.
  13. Some went via Leeds (possibly to pick up the same train ??) as I had a 'Glorious' moment one morning on my way to work when I found 50033 sat waiting patiently in Leeds City station. Likewise, I seem to remember an article or snippet from Rail Enthusiast but I'm afraid that I dismantled my copies several years ago now in a space saving bid (which I now regret.) Regards, Ian.
  14. Hello Rob, has there been any progress to report regarding the Lochan, please, did you manage to achieve a satisfactory result with the resin ? Regards, Ian.
  15. Post deleted as posted on wrong thread.
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