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  1. well board 3 is probably one with more to update on , basically when i acquired the layout there was a board about 16x26 in length which was technically board 4 but due to its size and of the damage it had received it seemed a better idea to permanently bolt it and attache to board 3 , of course would extend the length of that board but it would reduce amount of board joins and trying to look after an additional board which had more chance of being damaged and knocked about so plan one was to bolt board 4 and 3 together using the bolts layout came with and then gluing them
  2. Been a few weeks since last update so thought i would show what has happened to all those dropper wires i was preparing on my desk. well i managed to install the extra droppers i needed to install on the back fiddle yard , as you can see i got myself set up at home in the spare room so that progress wasn't halted after the closure of the local club and also with the bad weather wanted to be back inside rather then out in the shed i have now installed a central bus for the roads and sidings on board one and have droppers on all bits of track to improve the reliability of the
  3. Not much to report but whilst been on my lunch break at work have been prepping up the rest of the droppers for wiring the track up , got a few looks at work . spent 2 hours at home last night tinning them aswell here is another photo of some of the repairs i have started for some of the buildings and stock
  4. Another work day in so more work was carried out on the layout , replacement point for the one in the engine shed was purchased then retro fitted , after lifting the old point we found the track was peco and not tillig as originally thought but luckily the medium radius point fitted very snug , we had to cut a little of the track away so maybe the sizes of the points has change a little in that time but the angle of the point hasn't. next on the list was to start adding some droppers for the track power luckily the track is in decent size lengths so not as many as fi
  5. please find attached layout thread will try keep updated how we are getting on with the restoration and updating Mark
  6. Some of you may have seen on here a few weeks ago an advertisement for a layout that was free to a good home , should find few photos on there of layout before collection I thought i would try keep everyone in the loop how the restoration is going on the layout to bring it up to modern standards and breath new live back into it. After sorting and arranging a pick up i managed to get layout back down to Southampton from Pontefract ,the advantages of having family estate car :-) we managed to arrange a work day at our club so we could have the layout up all together and start
  7. awesome , i'm just looking into possibility if i can collect it , just sorting logistics like you said would a great shame to be broken up and would be great to restore it we have done this with another 009 layout we picked up a couple of years ago any ideas on the wiring and points underneath at all?
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