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  1. I can empathise with you there, two years after leaving the UK (for a rail engineering role with a Spanish company in the Southern Hemisphere) I've found I don't hit it off in quite the same way with former colleagues and friends. I'm not sure where I would elect to work if New Zealand didn't want to keep me though.
  2. ...mine does't look like that so far, ho hum!
  3. That's some very neatly observed catenary Fabrice!
  4. Emigration isn't really an excuse anymore, had another fight with the RCH tank chassis that put me off 2mm last time, just long enough to get comfortable with the RSU. Which was sharply followed up by a CCT chassis to fit under a PD Marsh body from the Sykes boxes at Tutbury. Which was going swimmingly until I realised I had only got wagon wheels in stock...
  5. I've been using a gaugemaster combi with a HH as a wander controller. Nothing special but it copes with 2mm, 4mm and 7mm locos pretty well.
  6. I'd hate to lose the spindly nature of the replacement rods that lift the farish model significantly. That said, it would be nice to have a self jigging etch like the 64xx or a Harris style set of alignment holes if it's possible to tweak the etch?
  7. Yup, emigrating helped me commit to one scale and theme though, which should theoretically have lifted the output volume...
  8. That looks good Chris - any idea when it's likely to appear in the shop?
  9. Impressive locos though the DLs. Like an unsilenced mtu HST. Most night shifts I get them passing Wiri Yard after a speed restriction...
  10. Shame not to link into the southern line at wiri and give me some more trains to maintain.
  11. Cheers Andy, I'll pm you an email address.
  12. Could any of the panel please furnish me who a copy of the Stephen Harris instructions for 16T opens, plate, catfish and grampus please? The originals were put in a very safe place before emigrating...
  13. Before now I've used a softer glue like copydex to glue things onto cocktail sticks to help position them. Once you've mechanically located the card, the copydex will peel off?
  14. Rob - if you're around the Auckland or Hamilton area I'll willingly offer you a hand, drop me a private message if you'd rather.
  15. Taking it off means modifications, paperwork and hassle. Leaving it but electing to isolate it is free.
  16. Last time I asked no-one could help. I did find a card kit though, possibly alphagraphix.
  17. You're assuming of course a foray into 3'6 hood diesels and kiwi engineered steamers isn't on the menu?
  18. The pin is the dellner gathering horn. It's purpose is to align the coupling heads. The toggle to release the nose in an emergency is below it to the other side of centre.
  19. Yup they are - evidently the heater units aren't working, which isn't a surprise since they never got tested in my time. The temp sensor is on the front bulkhead nearly 2m inside the clamshell (which staff were cautioned against working in since there's no obstacle detextion)
  20. That looks familiar peter - have they solved the cab door leaks when the units are stables yet?
  21. I'd suggest Repton fits the bill.
  22. 55mph we had on test. The pack is a get out of jail idea. It also can supply hotel power when the wires break.
  23. It is in order to bring a pan down before it tears down chunks of infrastructure. I can't remember the tolerance but it gets surprisingly high before it drops. The 800 pan still has a positive air feed through both carbons and an indication I the cab. I can't recall how it opened the vacuum circuit breaker though. Thankfully I'm 8 months clear of the shambles!
  24. Looks a lot like a data recorder and signalling equipment to me. The FGW ones also had a digital AVR on the cab back wall.
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