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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue to me with getting the roofs off their Mk.1 suburbans? (for installing passengers, toning down the lighting, etc). As per the instructions, the roof is held on with captive screws at each end which can be reached with a long screwdriver up thru' the floor (after the bogies have been removed) - no problem there - the same as the mainline coaches. However, on the Brake Second, and Second coaches, the 'path' for the screwdriver is partially blocked by the seating in the end compartments making it impossible to get even the smallest 'drive up thru the whole. Actually a relatively large Philips/posidrive screwdriver is needed due to the size of the screw head. As you can see from the attached pic, I ended up having to poke a drill thru' the hole in the floor and take a chunk out of the seat. Apart from the obvious visual issue, the process created hundreds of particles of plastic swarf which distributed itself around the inside of the coach, and which has proven very fiddly to remove (If you don't it looks awful, which destroys the otherwise excellent interior ambiance of the coach). Has anybody had the same problem, and if so did you find a way around it without resorting to surgery? Thanks James
  2. Hi all, I have posted the following on the GoG RTR forum and had some interesting responses, so thought it might be worth a go here to catch a possibly slightly different audience. With apologies if this has been covered before, but what do people think are the chances of ever seeing a RTR HST in O gauge? Given that these trains are arguably one of the best British trains ever produced, and an integral part of the UK railway scene for at least 40 years, I am genuinely surprised that none of the bigger or even smaller RTR outfits don't seem to have considered 'doing' the HST. Maybe there just aren't enough 'modern image' modelers out there...? ** Of course there are some detail differences, and numerous livery choices, but when one thinks about it, the basic 2+7/8/9 rakes do not have that many variations compared to, say, the numerous types of Mk.1 that were produced. Maybe the demand isn't there, or maybe it's the price of full length rakes that manufacturers see as out of reach of many of their potential buyers? (Say ~£550 for power cars & ~£350 for Mk.3s = approx £3.5k for a 2+7 set). However, one does not necessarily need to buy all the coaches in one go, and people building up a set or two over a few years could be a form of repeat business for the manufacturer. There is the also the potential, with addition of buffing gear, to sell the loco hauled version of the Mk.3 as well which may appeal even to non HST folk. It may even be possible to replicate the OO approach and have one powered and one dummy power car to help keep the cost down... And who knows, maybe one day there would even be a limited edition prototype power car on the market, which surely would be of interest?! Interested in peoples' thoughts on this, and thanks in advance. James **- I'm really a steam/diesel transition era man, but would still like an HST as I am about the same age as the the train, and 'grew up with them' so to speak - I have almost certainly traveled more miles on HSTs than any other train...
  3. This loading ramp seen this morning at Liverpool Street (Not Chesunt as indicated on the ramp). Interesting that the label refers to 'British Railways' - I thought that this was shortened to 'British Rail' in 1965 or thereabouts, and this ramp looks to be more modern than that.
  4. Hi All, Does anybody know of a reference or have definitive knowledge of the issue of loco lamp colours? i.e. is there a 'correct' colour of lamp body for a particular company/era? For example, I understand that LMS lamps should be black bodied, and the photo record generally seems to confirm this, as it does that BR(M) appeared to migrate towards using white bodies (but in some cases black lamps seem to have been used quite late on into the steam era). I think SR and LNER lamps were always white bodied?, and then of course there is the GWR with their red lamps. Is there any 'correct' time span for these? Was is a GWR only thing or did it live on into BR(W) days? Just wondering if there is a reliable answer to which colour applies to which company and/or period? It seems to be a bit of a minefield. Thanks in advance for any light which can be shed... James
  5. mcjlf1

    Dapol 08

    Hello, With reference to your first photo, are you potentially confusing a missing roof hatch with what is actually the exhaust port? https://flic.kr/p/9VBNm9 (Not my photo) Regards James
  6. mcjlf1

    Jinty in O gauge

    Thanks Neal - glad to hear that it isn't just me then. I'll do some more investigation and look more closely at the wheels - but ultimately I probably ought to get into contact with Dapol like you suggest. Cheers James
  7. mcjlf1

    Jinty in O gauge

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has had trouble with the crankpins coming adrift on the Jinty? I had one come out of the RT wheel after only about 5 mins of moderate speed running, causing an abrupt stop as the coupling rod came loose and started thrashing about on the ballast. Upon investigating further it seems the crank pins are screwed into the wheel, and on my model there was only a tiny amount of thread engaging in the hole - probably less than one full thread of whatever fine series metric thread it is. At first I though the crank pin on this wheel had sheared off, but on removing another one as a test, this looked similar. This would seem rather worrying as it won’t be long before more failures are experienced on the rest of my fleet. Right now it looks like I might have to contemplate major re-work to the wheels/crankpins which, if it’s even possible, will be a right pain (and shouldnt be necessary on an RTR model). Grateful fo any words of wisdom or experience of others. Thanks and Merry Christmas James
  8. mcjlf1

    Dapol 08

    On the rods, I rubbed them down with a fibre pen, and then gave them a coat of grey primer. Then a couple of coats of thinned yellow. Did all this in situ as I couldn't be bothered to take them off.
  9. mcjlf1

    Dapol 08

    Hi All from a very occasional contributor. I have to say that I am very pleased with the 08 and think it's good value for money. The two or three that I've had on test so far seem to pull well and be quite sure-footed even on pretty heavy trains. I've decided to try and do a few 'specials' and thought people might be interested in the first attempt... at representing 08 601 in its 'fake' LMS livery from the late 80s. Just need to find somebody who can do the 'SPECTRE' nameplates now... Would be interested to see if anybody else has done any custom or special paint jobs. Cheers James
  10. Gentlemen, Many thanks indeed for the detailed and informative replies and photos. Looks like I've got not excuses for not doing one now (in O gauge). Thanks James
  11. Hi all, I am wondering if anybody on here knows of any photos and/or sources of info on any Mark 1 BGs which got painted in Network Southeast livery? I know there was at least one, but photos seem to be rather thin on the ground. The only one I have found is this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/trevor-plackett/7316040032/in/[email protected]/lightbox/ Any further info (numbers etc) and pointers to photos would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance. James
  12. Hi all, I am wondering if anybody on here knows of any photos and/or sources of info on any Mark 1 BGs which got painted in Network Southeast livery? I know there was at least one, but photos seem to be rather thin on the ground. The only one I have found is this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/trevor-plackett/7316040032/in/[email protected]/lightbox/ Any further info (numbers etc) and pointers to photos would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance. James
  13. Hi, I was just wondering if anybody had any experience of installing a miniature TV camera(s) on board a model loco to allow a 'real-time' driver's eye view to be had, and even for one to drive the layout from the cab... For example (and I'm thinking for O gauge diesels as a starting point); - miniature camera mounted in one (or both) cabs in the driving position - camera broadcasts a signal to a local TV monitor adjacent to one's controller area - camera/transmitter power supply independant of track voltage (i.e. to allow operation on DC systems) - suggesting battery powered or battery backed up device. - camera interchangeable with minimum effort for switching between different locos (or 'channel switching' available on monitor to allow choice between multiple cameras in more than one loco). It seems that these days there are various miniature video cameras/systems around, but I haven't been able to find one which allow the above to be achieved. Any ideas? Thanks James
  14. Thanks for the replies folks. Alas it seems that it's a case of 'close but no cigar' with Radley models, as they do various "L.56" type transfers for Metropolitan type locos, but not the "L8x-9x" required for the panniers, and the "London Transport" legends are in the wrong colours. :-( I have emailed on the off-chance that there may be other transfers which are not shown on their website, but no response as yet. Perhaps a call or two is in order, or I'll have to try and pefect making my own transfers, which is a whole other story of course. Thanks again James
  15. Hi All, I am trying to complete a model of one of the London Transport panniers in O gauge, but am struggling to find a source for the required "London Transport" lettering for the side tanks, and the correct font style for the "L.99" (or whatever) numbering on cabside and bunker rear. (see here for example: LT Pannier) Does anybody out there know of a source of suitable transfers for these, and even dare I say it the yellow and black lining? I have found the "London Transport" in 4mm from Fox Transfers (presumably for Bus modellers), but they don't seem to do it in 7mm. Many thanks in advance for any information you may have. Cheers James
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