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  1. Thanks, Aire Head! I wouldn't have known this previously, so thank you for sharing. I think I vaguely remember reading that a few pages back, when I read through the whole topic, but thank you for reminding me. I love how through Tom's modelling of Ffarquhar, and the information that you and others have to share, there's so much for people to learn (particularly the uninformed like me). It's honestly really inspiring, everyone. If I may ask, what it be safe to assume that Ffarquhar quarry would also supply Hardcore/Ballast for the railway? Thanks a bunch for the info, it's really a
  2. Hi Tom, I'm looking forward to seeing how the wagons turn out! I really like your "real prototype" take on the North Western Region, and I'm looking forward to seeing how your version of it pans out. Enjoy the Fell Walking as a little break - I was lucky enough to visit England a couple of years back, and Yorkshire is a beautiful place. Anyway, as someone without a huge understanding of the real operations of British Railways, but is trying and wants to learn, and someone who also wants to model the North Western Region one day (sometime in the future), I must say that your work is
  3. Hey Tom. I'm glad that you've taken a mental health break. I know first hand how much a hobby can become too much if it's where all your enjoyment is coming from, but I am glad you're doing better now. Your Thomas model is looking great, and the picture of Toby taking the "EBV" to Knapford looks wonderful. Great work on both, as always. I'm looking forward to seeing more, but I none of us would want it to be at your expense, make sure that what you're doing in this hobby is what makes you happy, first and foremost. If you need another break, feel no guilt in taking it, I am (and I'
  4. That's understandable. I was trying to visualise where on 5741 a crest would fit and couldn't think of anything that would still allow for retention of the GWR lettering (though, I'd forgotten the steps are only on one side of the model. Regarding explanations for the GWR lettering, I quite like your and Aire Head's explanations. The thought of the North Western Region becoming a bit blasé does amuse me, I must confess. Anyway, musings over Duck's livery have probably hijacked this thread for long enough. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree on one thing. Dalby
  5. Thanks for replying and sharing the specific quote, Tom! I do still wonder as to how the North Western Region was able to get 5741 to carry GWR lettering, under the watchful eye of BR. But maybe I either need to reread IOS, or just let that mystery be just that. Either way, thank you for your speedy and informative reply, and I think the model of 5741 is fantastic! -Alex
  6. Fantastic models Tom! The light weathering really does make them seem so real. I’m impressed with it on all of them, but especially nos. 6 and 7, it really elevates the already fantastic models. A bit unrelated, but I imagine there must be some kind of simple explanation for that I’m simply not privy to, for why no.5741 (or no.8 “Duck”) is carrying GWR lettering in 1959, especially amongst the other three, with their “cycling lion“ crests. The North Western Region was seemingly allowed a lot of independence compared to the other regions, I presume this is some kind of resu
  7. ACT, mostly modelling British Steam of about 1948-1951 currently, though may expand to other areas later. Hoping to (when time, funds and space are more permissible) expand further into exploring the North Western (Sudric) Region of British Railways, though, that specific exploration will be more likely set post 1950’s, into the CA era.
  8. Fantastic work on No.1, Tom! You really captured him well, he looks very smart! The red coupling rods and cycling lion crests are a unique touch, but I quite like them -Alex
  9. Thanks for your help Tom! I really appreciate it. Does the book go into any detail on why Thompson's A2 designs never qualified for BR Express Passenger Blue? The only qualification I was aware that a locomotive needed to meet, was that it reach the 8P threshold. Any explanations as to why Thompson's A2 designs did not meet this criteria, would presumably also be applicable to the Peppercorn A2's, which also were neglected when it came to the application of the BR Express Passenger Blue livery, if I'm not mistaken. Again, thank you very much for your time and your help on this subj
  10. Before I get into the meat of this topic, I must ask that I may be forgiven if this is a repeated topic, I've tried to research into this via google - to not much luck - and the forum search has not presented me any results either. Now, my question. I was wondering if during the early BR Era, any of Edward Thompson's Pacific locomotives were painted into BR Experimental (Ultramarine) Blue, and if any were painted into the subsequent and short-lived BR Express Passenger Blue livery. I've seen some forum posts to indicate that A1/1 Pacific "Great Northern" was turned out in BR Expres
  11. I really hope that making this J36 really pays off Hornby, I also hope Bachmann's 812 goes well for them too. It'd be nice to see both more pre-grouping and more Scottish loco's on the market ~Alex
  12. Thank you all so much for taking the time to drop suggestions, and in a few cases, humorous comments, I really appreciate all of them I'm still learning how to use this site a little bit, so please don't mind me if I have any n00bish tendencies still. I'll do my best to correct any of them. Have a great day everyone, ~Alex!
  13. I know it's far more prototypical for an early crest BR black freight engine to be weathered...but I must say I have an inherent bias for unweathered engines...I just love the uber-clean appearance for some reason (plus RTR weathering can be really hit or miss at best). I'd love to get an early BR variant...but for that reason I may hold off. However I do really love that Caledonian Railway Blue livery...so I may have to invoke Rule #1 for the preserved version. However, if the early BR version has nicely applied weathering...I may end up with a BR black variant, and a preserved variant. I thi
  14. Hey everyone! Thanks for your advice. Sorry I haven't replied in a while, my laptop lately has seemed to have developed a distaste to my wifi at home :/ Anyway, "removing tender crests from a loco" sounded infinitely better than "removing tender crests from a tender", that's my reasoning for how I named this thread, but granted I do concede that I could've named it much better than I did. Anyway, over the last weekend I got jumbled up between family commitments, work, uni and actually repainting parts of the house...so I haven't actually gotten on to experimenting with any potential metho
  15. I agree Gary, tender cabs would be nice, but I'm happy to wait to see them in the future. As for snowploughs though, from what I've seen, none of the decoration samples on their website appear to have this snowplough attached - I have seen sample photos from their "engine shed" blog, of an engine with a snowplough attached though. Which for me, begs the question, are we getting snowploughs with these models as separately fitted items, potentially in a detailing pack? Or is that unlikely? Because I must admit, I'm rather confused by it right now, and I'd love to know, as I'd love to have one wi
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