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  1. Having been a member of Stafford Railway Circle for a very long time I remember the tram layout really well. I think I did my first bit of scratch building for the layout, a roof in the back corner that can be seen in one of your photos. The thing I remember the most about the layout, other than the fun in operating it, was the first meeting of the group when a certain member (DJH) turned up with a piece of track bent in a really tight circle and running a tram round it. After all these years it is probably the only Club layout I have been really involved with Another thing I remember about the layout was the use of Relco units to keep the track clean and if you lent on the track at the back you got a nice shock!!!! Maybe one day I will build a tram layout!!!! Richard Hill
  2. Definitely missed the track plan in the article. Another great issue, thanks Phil and team
  3. Maybe an interesting talk next week? The next public meeting of Lichfield Waterworks Trust will take place on: Monday 10th June 2019 @7.30pm, in the rear meeting room of the The Bowling Green Friary Road Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6QJ Tel: 01543 257344 Tonight's Talk Richard Green our electrical engineer will be talking about the Tram systems of Staffordshire and the Black Country. The talk will explore the various Tram operators that have worked the streets of Staffordshire and the Black Country. From the northern tip of the county Stoke on Trent to the furthest corner, Kinver and as far as Burton on Trent. The different operators involved and their success or failure in providing a transport system across Staffordshire and the Black Country Richard's talks are always interesting and innovating, this is certainly another one not to miss.
  4. Have a good day out and don't spend too much! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the steam tram in Hull
  5. Andy As usual great work so far That cutting machine looks an interesting piece of kit! Richard
  6. Hi Andy I'm looking forward to seeing your latest project, I have heard a bit about it from a certain DJH! There is a model tram exhibition in Blackpool on 22nd and 23rd June at the old tram depot and Crich have a model show 17/18th August. My garden railway seems to be going back to steam tram action at present but as usual from me that could change at anytime. Also my SRC layout module may become based on Wantage Tramway! Richard H
  7. Thanks, hopefully I will be able to visit both events
  8. Have you got any exhibitions lined up the layout this year?
  9. Brilliant modelling, looking forward to seeing in the flesh one day
  10. Oh yeah forgot to say that it is 4mm/foot. The track is n gauge and the tram is a part completed model I brought many years ago from a show. I am trying to build the model using bits and pieces I have collected over the years, so far the only things I have brought is the cake base and a pair of bogies for the tram. The white base is an old display sign I acquired from a beer festival I was involved with
  11. Hi All After many years of looking at this site I have at long last signed up. Even better after nearly 30 years of not doing any modelling, I have started a cakebox challenge! Doing something simple like this challenged seem a good way to kick start my modelling again. My challenge entry is based on the lower station of The Great Orme Tramway, hence the name. Hopefully I have succeeded in attaching some pictures to this post, if not I will keep trying until I can
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