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  1. Got my package from Hattons yesterday, and roughed out the foam core for the bed of the layout. Need to attach the two pieces together, fill the gaps, and then see if I can raise it enough for the dropaway. The two wagons are a Ratio 5-plank and a Dapol 7-plank, both need a little work, but they were cheap. Funniest to me is the weight in a 5-plank- it's just a metal hinge glued onto the floor
  2. Would just like to point out that you've accidentally named your American layout after an American home improvement store. Thought it was going to be a layout built out of only hardware store materials, at first! heh.
  3. I have seen Ruston's layout, and it is absolutely amazing. Some of his photos of real-life scrapyard workings, as well as his great modelling, serve as great inspiration for this project, though I'd had it in planning beforehand. I do have plans for a working crane, with some notebook sketch plans involving miniature electromagnets and hidden ball bearings. But that will come once the layout is farther along.
  4. Finally gotten around, after many many failed proposals, to a micro layout that I think I'll be happy with. I recently cleared off a shelf that used to be home to some audio equipment, and in lieu of filling it with yet more brick a brack and clutter, I want to put a little layout there. The trackplan I drafted up in AnyRail should be attached, and most of the labels should be self explanatory. The "torch track" will be an interesting bit- my plan is that cars delivered for scrapping will be shunted down there, behind a fence and into a shed. In the shed I'll have some kind of elevator o
  5. Would love to see what the trackplan for this looks like, also working on some industrial layouts in a very limited space..
  6. Over the past few days I've used my off time at school to model a basic approximation of a Ruston locomotive using Solidworks, and I got it printed today. This print didn't go too well, there was a small "shift" halfway through printing, and this print was done using some old filament. But I still think it came out fairly well. The finished print, quickly painted and cleaned up more to kill time than anything as I'm not sure if I will use this particular print. It will eventually be fit to a Kato 11-103 chassis, meaning I'll likely have to carve out the bottom a bit. The finished model with
  7. Here's a photo of the finished scrap. and a shot of the "raw material". Some ties off broken track, some sprue, a few staples, part of an old pair of earbuds, the glass from a long gone model car. As I said really anything goes here.
  8. Stunning work, especially for the space you had to deal with. Is the loco scratchbuilt or kitbashed? I quite like it.
  9. I will get a picture when I get home, but I have made decent looking loose scrap out of almost anything, the key is just to get it down to a good small size. I've taken nearly everything, stripwood bits, bits of track, ties, 3d-printer support material, old rolling stock shells, even some electronic bits, and then cut them down to size, spray painted them silver, and then drybrushed them brown to make the finished scrap.
  10. Ah! Nice. I'm modelling a small Ruston-inspired diesel and wanted to know if I should include it on mine. Since it'll be a mine loco, I guess I should include it.
  11. Very impressed with the No.6, I'm planning to make a similar loco for my layout. Might use a different mechanism though, I can't seem to find the "Boehler" online for a good price.
  12. What is the large black box/equipment on the back of the loco?
  13. Really a beautifully detailed layout, I'm certainly taking notes on how to build my planned OO9 layout. I especially like the Code 75 rail used for fence posts, I wouldn't have realized they were rail unless I was told.
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