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  1. I have made more progress on my gauge 1 custom engine and now I have got most of my school work out of the way I can crack into it and motor on in construction. since the last post I have shortened the chassis, took away the pistons and piston rods, cut and shortened the boiler and made a cab. I am going to quickly add a coat of paint so that I can figure out where things will be placed I also found out that it is the perfect hiding space for a pug I am currently feeling extremely motivated because of some recent news that I will share at a later date. I need to make sure however I might as well say now that I might be able to become a volunteer at our local preservation group. I have been approached by a member of the group to help build an engine and to help with maintenance and eventually running engines.
  2. I found recently that we still had an old Christmas engine in our attic that had been up there for many years as we didn't have the room to set it up around the tree anymore. So I came up with the idea of "Hey if we aren't going to use it anymore I wonder if I can cut it up and make something of it". The engine itself is a battery operated G scale engine based on a american 4-4-0. I have decided to cut everything off and shorten the chassis alongside making my own boiler and cab (including everything else like funnels, domes and cab interior). This means that I pretty much have full control on how it looks and to get rid of any pressure of accuracy I am going to make it to my own design while still taking parts from other engines. The finished result will hopefully look like a cross of the Furness railway K2 and the Adams T3. It will have inside pistons and will be made to Gauge 1. As you can see if I am going to make a British style 4-4-0 the distance between the leading axle and the drive wheels is strangely large. Because of that I will have to cut the chassis in half and cut a lot of the length of then stick it back together.
  3. I couldn't stop myself. I bought my fourth austerity tank (LNER Black with raised bunker). All of my austeritys are Hornby designs and have frozen incredibly reliable over the years I have owned them and have never broken down.
  4. it has also just occurred to me that I haven't spoken about my other colliery engines or my custom models. So I will need to post some things about that.
  5. Ok I have just gotten back from my trip to England and have got some things that I have completed and other stuff to share. I will share these in different posts just to make things more tidy and other things I need to finish. I managed to get my hands on a triang dock shunter for £4 from Ron lines (really recommend purchasing stuff from them) and decided it would be the perfect addition to my colliery group that I am working on. All I had to do was paint it and change some other features but apart from that not much changed. This first image shows the dock shunter before I painted and modified it and the second image shows how it looks after I finished working on it
  6. Sadly my entry for the Cake Box challenge didn't go through and it didn't get put into the listings. (My wifi went down before I went on holiday and I kinda just hoped it would go through) Either way I already have a plan for the next challenge and will start on that once I get back from my holiday. HOWEVER as I am on holiday in England and am also travelling to northern Wales I am going to pick up as much second hand stuff as I can so I will be able to do some kit bashing and some scratch building. I have already bought some stuff and I can say I highly recommend the new Hornby terrier especially the Kent And East Sussex blue terrier.
  7. I agree it is a lovely model
  8. I will be gone for just over a month after I post this and I will try and give any updates on any new work
  9. you can also see the first images in this entry to see the full measurements of the base
  10. This is my measurements for the cake box challenge my entry is linked here
  11. I will just post the proof on my blog Sorry for any inconvenience
  12. now it is saying the single image is over 10mb
  13. I have finished my model for the competition. The build process is on my Blog so if you want to have a look I will leave a link at the bottom. My two railway items are the track that crosses the river and a pile of sleepers sitting next to the person in yellow on the left bank. For waiting for a train I have a man standing on the right bank next to the waterwheel waving the train down. I will post an more images of the model after I have done some on the size of the diorama proving that it is within the the measurements
  14. there are many more of those boilers and tenders around Arthurs Pass. They were used to strengthen some banks and some were dug back up and they took some metal fittings and components.
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