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  1. Did a tiny bit more work on Stuart the other day now that the body is done i can move onto details like railings, pipes, whistles, etc
  2. Di and Va are nearly done, just got to add some final detailing and weathering to them
  3. My lil wing tank Bealie (shared her before) kept doing wheelies, so today I gave her a rear wheelset to fix this fits snugly and rolls well, has lots of side play too for tight bends
  4. So I guess Bealie is an 0-4-2t now She was doing wheelies and kept derailing so now she has a rear wheelset to counteract this it fits snugly, rolls like a dream, and has loads of side movement for tight bends
  5. All four locos of the Bleasdale line are now finished Gremlin, Rebecca, Pride of Wales, and Zoe
  6. Gremlin is now added to the stock box, will get a tsugawa chassis at some point but until then will run with a powered wagon
  7. Got some pics of Zoe and Rebecca out on the layout today
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