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  1. Re least changed stations on ECML, I am not familiar with most of them, but I would have thought that York, Newcastle, Waverley, and Perth would be in the running. Apart from the filled in north bay at Perth, there is not much changed as far as I can see, and I would go for Perth or York for my vote. Lloyd
  2. I left Peterborough in July 1967, and I do not recall any rebuilding work starting by then, but talk of it, so it may have started late 67 or early 68. Lloyd
  3. I will vote for 2, 3 and 8 (but only the C43). All the others are too late for my chosen period (1929) or wrong location, though they appear to be more popular! Lloyd
  4. Gilbert Not a terminus, but Dawlish is hard to beat for this one. If it has to be a branch terminus, then St Ives.
  5. Brian 1, 3 if rail wagons are Ganes, J1/12/13/16 - the T series are the sleeper wagons, 4 (specifically T1), 7, 10, 11 (if N2-10/12/13/19-22). Lloyd
  6. Brian As I expect to be away from home for a couple of weeks, Could you vote for me for any Minks that would have been around in 1929, especially in the Newport/Severn Tunnel area, please? Thanks Lloyd
  7. I heard a story of a pilot with a North African airline, who went back into the passenger cabin to speak to the passengers. The cabin door shut behind him, and he did not have a key on him. He proceeded to ask if any of the passengers had an axe in their hand baggage. Being a North African airline, someone did, and he was able to smash his way back into the cockpit. Lloyd
  8. Same as before for this poll. 1, 2 and 3. Multiples, especially of 1. Lloyd
  9. I will go for 1, 2 and 3 in this poll. All the rest are too late for the period I hope to model. for focused choice, 1. Lloyd
  10. It has to be the Border sign just North of Berwick. Always gives me a warm feeling to know that I am back in Scotland, perhaps more that I am out of Englandshire. Lloyd
  11. Durham Cathedral. Not much else worth looking at. Lloyd
  12. With all this talk of the MC on the ECML, my memory of it is as a very useful time indicator. When watching from Spittal Bridge in the mornings on my way to school, the passing of the up MC was the signal for me to head off to school. If I was late, my excuse would be that it was because the MC was late! Lloyd
  13. That may be why the street name is 'Steep Hill'. Lloyd
  14. If this is Peterborough to Doncaster, then Doncaster Shed/Works. If it is P'borough to London, Fletton Brick works (before they were demolished). Lloyd
  15. I will agree with Paul, though I find it all rather dreary. Lloyd
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