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  1. Nothing major for the layout has changed since the OP but I have started a job on rolling stock which I have be putting off for months. I finally started to strip back the horrific factory weathering on the 4 Heljan Dogfish wagons I got back in 2019. I did originally intend to model an earlier time period than I do currently so I bought them in Olive rather than Dutch, I wanted to reweather them anyway but I now decided to do a full respray. I know I could have just sold these 4 and buy the dutch liveried ones but I have made modifications to these to fix the droopy couplings. So o
  2. The line on the left is for a bay, it may need a small alteration to allow for units to go onto the up line but some level of reversing would always have to take place if that's the case. I could argue that small section of track between the fiddle yard junction and the station is bi-directional as well? It would also allow for dmus to run into the tmd from the bay then. I have done engineers sidings on my previous layout, this time I really do have my heart set on a TMD, I know a lot fell out of use by the time I am modelling but still being a freelance layout
  3. Stone Lane is now effectively complete. I will not be putting anymore time into this layout, as a new project has come up and I want to focus on that for the long term. Here is the completed platform. After putting it all together I weathered it using MIG black enamel wash, this stuff stinks to high heaven, but boy is it effective, so much so I had to tone it down in places using enamel thinners. I have put a slight bit of wear and tear on the most used end of the platform, using a drybrush method with buff paint on, this gives the impression of
  4. Hi all. I am just venturing into my first large layout. I have build 2 OO gauge micro layouts (as can be seen on the micro layouts section of the forum) and finally got the permissions (from the powers that be) to go up into the loft. Whilst the loft itself requires a fair bit of stuff doing, just a general tidy as well as when we moved here we just bunged a load of stuff up into the loft and left it there for 15 years. I am based in the North West of England, bordering on Wales. Our local railway line is known as the Borderlands Line, I tend to keep my modelling area round that
  5. Thank you. This is pretty much complete now, just a few tiny details to add.
  6. I did want one, but I had to make the decision between the sidings being long enough for 3 seacow/turbot or fitting a trap point in, in the end I felt the extra wagon was a better option, little bit of modellers lisence on that I'm afraid.
  7. The platform is finished, I've been waiting for a good day to photograph it all in its shabby glory.
  8. Thank you. The rock face was done in a similar style to Chris nevards idea, I just painted it with more washes than drybush. The signal box is superb, favourite part of the layout if I'm honest, Phillip at Intentio is excellent
  9. After finishing Oakford Lane earlier in 2020 and doing a few dioramas, I felt the desire to build a fully functional micro layout again. I live in the north west of england bordering on north wales, the fact our local railway is called the Borderlands Lane says it all as it passes through 3 counties and 2 countries. After some research I discovered the stone sidings at penmaenmawr, with lots of sectorisation photos and stock in use. I decided to build a layout based around a stone quarry set of sidings, but to add a little bit of interest I wanted to also include a station of
  10. Thank you. Its hanging basket liner with noch leaves spray glued on top.
  11. It has been a long while since I did an update. This layout has now effectively been completed. Since the last update I have built a few dioramas, a 2ft micro on a shoestring budget, and just finishing up a 4ft micro atm. Here are some pictures of Oakford Lane taken last weekend when we had a bit of good weather and I was able to take her outside. The 37 pictured was a comission loco done for me by laura McWilliams and is 37 686 in its construction sector livery guise with all the bells and whistles, I am so made up with the loco. DSC_0459 DSC_0458 DSC_0457
  12. Thank you very much, so they would likely have been similar over on the Western Region if not before the early 90s which I model.
  13. To dredge up an old topic, when did clamp lock motors come into use on the BR network? I cannot find any info of this, I have seen videos of Penmaenmawr on the welsh coast in 1995 with them, but was it much earlier than this? Thanks in advance Alex
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