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  1. One thing I have been impressed with is how well designed the window glazing in the cab has been done, I feel one thing that always let down the Hattons Barclay was the cab glazing with the big chunky bit of clear plastic in the cab.
  2. It’s the maroon version “Invincible” that seems to be the hard one to get, it looks like Harburn Hobbies don’t have any available either. Cheers!
  3. Here’s a couple of photos from Flickr, I saved the links for weathering inspiration once the wagons are released 👍 although there isn’t much grey left on this one… Cheers, Adam
  4. Olivias trains have 1 in stock, they did have 2 until very recently… I couldn’t resist! 😀 Rails of Sheffield are also showing stock again now but have upped the price by £20.
  5. Excellent news, probably the best announcement in the last year for a micro layout modeller like myself. Auto release couplings on a Shunter! Absolute winner 👏
  6. 66711 - Aggregates & 66112 worked the last coal train in the UK recently… Probably both incorrect! Still waiting for the 8F 🤪
  7. No notification, two boxes just turned up today with the post man.
  8. My 5 arrived today, I must admit these have been my most looked forward to preorder this year and I’m pleased to say they do not disappoint! My NCB layout is still at the baseboard stage but these will definitely spur me on to get it finished! Thank you for producing these fine models Here are a few pictures I’ve grabbed this evening on my distillery layout…They look right at home with the NCB locos in my collection. My only regret is not buying more! :) Cheers, Adam
  9. Fresh from St Rollox locomotive works on a running in trip somewhere in the Scottish lowlands, away from its usual station pilot duties at Glasgow Central Station.
  10. I had a great weekend at the Statfold Model Railway Exhibition showing “Glenadam Distillery” It was great to meet fellow RM webbers 👋 I’ve had some interest from other exhibitions so I should hopefully be exhibiting at a few more next year. it was a busy weekend but I managed a few photos. Thanks all 🥃
  11. Thanks very much Alex, much appreciated 🙏
  12. Thanks very much Andrew, it was great to meet you too (and the dogs of course!) Thank you for your kind words, if in future you are available you’d be more than welcome to come and operate the layout. Best regards, Adam
  13. I picked the North British Distillery version up today from Tony’s trains at the Statfold Barn model railway exhibition. I posed it on my layout briefly but as it wasn’t DCC fitted I couldn’t use it today. Sorting the windows and fitting it with a chip are next on the list. Nice model though!
  14. Hello all, Just a reminder that I’ll be exhibiting “Glenadam Distillery” at the Statfold Model Railway Exhibition next weekend. I had the layout out last night to check things over and tweak a few bits. I grabbed a few photos before packing it away again. 1. The layout fully set up. 2. Scottish allocated 3F ‘47536’ fresh from St Rollox works on a running in trip to the Distillery to pick up some wagons. 3. J72 ‘68733’ leaving the distillery with a wagon full of filled casks, over the newly lowered bridge. Cheers! 🥃
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