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  1. Any PFA wagons and containers reach Inverness during the early 90's? Forgive me if my dates out, not totally up on the history of the wagons. Model the late 80's, including abit of the early 90's.
  2. Out of interest did any PFA wagons and containers ever reach Inverness?
  3. Apart from 37669, does anyone know of any Railfreight (old or new colours) apart from the 37/4's that have travelled over the West Highland line anytime up to 1990? Then again departmental grey as well.
  4. Question, can I turn off the lights on a Bachmann DBSO without DCC or do I have to let someone with dcc find the code and turn them off? Model dc, thought logically they'd have a switch, dcc on, dcc off......
  5. Have a Bachmann DBSO but run dc. Do I need someone with dcc to program the interior lights to turn off? Don't know why they didn't come out with an dcc option or a dcc on/off switch. Any tips would be great.
  6. A question about the class 47/7 push-pull sets from the early 1980's. Were all the MK2f DBSOs painted in scotrail first before the relevant coaching stock, understanding that could change from day to day. Trying to find a photo of a Blue/grey DBSO leading scotrail painted stock and/or class 47/7?
  7. Has anyone had experience stripping paint off Roco coaches, specifically VT601 coaches.
  8. Has anyone had experience stripping paint off Roco coaches, specifically VT601 coaches.
  9. Must admit down under the 'aussie' modellers are spoilt. The new Australian models come out with central motors, all grills and most if all colours schemes. The only down size is the cost, 150 pounds on average but with excellent running qualities and detail plus many colours, a super '47' would be great especially the choice of multiply numbers. Would be supa if one of the class 47 manufactures produced the models as they where really built, ie green, blue, large logo and so on. Be happy with plain models, not go down the Lima road with nearlly every model named or in some special colour sche
  10. On the subject of the CD player motors, can anyone recall their maker and/or part numbers? Would love to remotor one or 2 of my Lima 47s to bring them up modernish standards. Won't say whether Bachmann or Heljan are better, both have their good and bad points. Any help would be great. Regards, Stephen.
  11. Probly as excited as anyone else over the Hornby announcement about the MK2e coaches. Like a lot of people would like both blue and intercity coaches. 6 blue/grey coaches are listed, could anyone tell the codes numbers for getting a TSO, FO and a BSO. Or are they listed twice as two different numbers will be done? The adverts for the coaches are a bit confusing. Can anyone help? Stephen.
  12. Lima class 47 fans, Great to see Lima 47s getting worked on. There not that bad, probly the window ribbing and glazing are the worst. Everyone goes on about how good the Bachmann model is, I personally think the underframe battery box/water tanks are oversized. They give a pregnant look. I would love to pay a bit more to get a model thats correct. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Stephen.
  13. As we enter a new year the battle continues over which 4mm class 47 is the best. Lots of people knock the Heljan 47 for being to wide, but has anyone had a close look at the underframe on a Bachmann 47, especially the water tank version, it looks to wide and would go well under a Heljan 47 quiet nicely. Admittedly the Bachmann is nice but I have a few Heljan 47s as well. The older lima ones with new mech's even get a run. Plus you have to mix fleets to obtain diffrerent colour schemes as well as Bachmann, Heljan and Vitrains aren't quick in doing all the colours. Places like the states a
  14. Great to see some people doing up the Lima 47s. Doing up a Scotrail and Intercity one up at the moment; Roof fan grills, aireals, flushglazing, end detail and new mechanism, either a Diesel-trains or Vitrains. Have Bachmann and Heljan as well, there not perfect either. Stephen.
  15. Hello, Would anyone know what freight trains went to Konigshutte? If so are there any photo's available? All there seems to be is passenger trains. The furthest freight i"ve seen is HVLE trains at Hornberg where these trains seem to be to do with the limestone industry. Stephen.
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