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  1. Did any of the Kernow JIA tiger China clay wagons ever make it up to Corpach? Basically would like to know what types of China clay wagons worked over the West Highland Line in the late 80s/early 90s?
  2. There is a 1960’s photo of Ballachulish yard around the goods shed area. There are lots of open wagons with tarps, was that ash heading away or something else? Not my photo.
  3. Anything similar by Bachmann or Hornby? At least you can mix LMS and LNER on rare occasions.
  4. Who has good eyesight? What build is the second coach?
  5. This book good for a 1960’s layout?
  6. Found a photo in the book: “The West Highland Lines” by Robert Robotham, a loco with some empty stock sits at Oban (1960) with some Gresley coaches in the background, my monies on it being the BR TV Train.
  7. Looking for photo's and/or info on whether any exLMS and exLNER coaches were mixed together working over the C&O to Oban (and later on over the WHL) in the 1950's and 60's? Most evidence shows the LMS built coaches sticking to the Oban line and the LNER built coaches running to Fort William.
  8. Not up with the rear end rules. Do they hang a red lamp on the last van on mixed trains?
  9. So after reading these great replies I can bring in pressflo’s into a Ballachulish (1950/60s) style yard for unloading and further transportation to the aluminium smelter but unfortunately no finished aluminium to return? Then I could bring my “modeller licence out” Already have plans for a mixed train. Have seen 2 photo’s goods wagons on the front of Ballachulish trains at Oban. Just wondering if they put them on the front again for the trip from connel?
  10. Just saw that photo plus one with a 27, 2 vans and Ballachulish cars. Did they run the wagons to the front at Connel as they would have needed a brake van? Please correct me if wrong.
  11. Saw a photo of 37404 on the down sleeper taken in 1989. Train was 3 aircon MK2’s and 2 MK3 sleepers. Would other coaches be added at Fort William or could just the aircon coaches have gone to Mallaig? Be something different to model.
  12. Your layout is coming along well. Out of interest, how long is it?
  13. In the DVD Caledonian Routes volume 3 there is a a train arriving at Callander from the Oban direction with a Class 27, 2 old coaches (Killin school train coaches?) and various goods wagons. There is a mention of the coaches taken to Callender by goods train on or near to a Thursday returning as the school train from Callander. Something I could work into a layout. Have a 2-6-4T to bring the coaches back.
  14. Apart from the scenic appeal, the aluminia traffic caught my eye. There's no need for a big unloading sight, especially taking up room on a small layout. Was going to run as a separate loaded train and even a Ballachulish version of the "Killin school train" to give extra train's to run.
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