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  1. Just been doing a bit of catching-up here on this thread and I must say very nice work on the locos! I especially like the weathered 90036, suppose the red can really show up dirt! Jules
  2. These lights are looking fantastic Will! Wish I had your soldering skills already! Jules
  3. A wee update on the current state of the workbench, it's currently full of wagons as usual! First of all a massive thank you to @Jack374 for giving me 4 of your superbly cast HAA/MHA distributors, gave me an oppurinty to try working with resin, it's quite easy to cut and file but be careful as it can be quite brittle! Here's a photo of the distributors, you can really appeciate the detail in Jack's castings and I'm grateful to him for these! Below, I present to you a comparison of the resin distributors (blue circles) against the Hornby moulded
  4. Mmmm this is looking very nice here! I am a fan of realistic catenary so I look forward to it's progress Good luck with this one, Jules
  5. Very neat work Jack, looking great as usual! First time I've ever heard of body removal to load/unload wagons and the method to secure the weights to the chassis but hope it works out fine! Will you use a resin load or a granule load? I'm also debating about what I should load my wagons with and how I should load/unload wagons (ie at the spoil tip or virtual quarry) As always, good luck mate Jules
  6. To all my readers, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year in spite of the current circumstances! The current winter lockdown (or holiday if you like) has presented me some time to devote to a few projects, including a very dormant project and one fresh from the brain! Ok, the former project was a ZCA (ex SPA type) crafted from the trusty Cambrian kit and modified with new sides from 40 thou plasticard (I subsequently found out that 40 thou was too thick, 20 thou would have been better) some Evergreen 40x30 thou strip and 40 thou L angle section. It was over a year s
  7. Hi 37114, I have read in a few Model Rail articles that bubble wrap isn't the best material to wrap models in, as there have been a few incedents where the bubble wrap actually sticks to the model and makes marks, especially if stored in hot temperatures. My advice would be to use grey foam (used in a lot of model packaging) but you could use acid free paper wrapped around the model with a few sachets of sillica gel in the box (the latter sugestion is by George Dent). I hope this may help. Jules
  8. This is looking excellent mate! I feel this could rival Bachmann's effort quite easily at a fraction of the price too! Keep it up! Jules
  9. Railtec do offer a set of 3D printed door lights in illuminated orange but they're not the right size to suit your requirements. I had a similar issue with a Hornby 156, I needed these lights to approximate the ones fitted on the real things. I used 2 layers of 10 thou plasticard secured temporaily to a small offcut of wood with double sided tape to aid painting and secured to the body with superglue. To form them you'll certainly need a sharp knife and a fine paintbrush. The paints I used were Humbrol Polished Aluminium for the outer frame and some Revell dark grey (a
  10. As promised, I have worked on the OAA 100023 for 2 weeks now and I have managed to craft up an underframe, mostly made from spare Parkside and Cambrian wagon kit parts either from spare kits or donated to me by a good friend, and thank you, you know who you are! Work started with the v hangers and central rod connecting them, the former were slightly modified Parkside Grampus ones, the rod was some 0.8mm steel wire. Then the brake levers were made by splicing some spare Parkside mouldings and gluing them together to make the distinctive brake levers found on OAA's (and SAA's [Steel
  11. Jeez, over 2 months since I last posted! How time flies! As the darker nights continue to approach, I continued with the 156, mainly focusing on the interior. (This represents 156500 when SPT refreshed it) I used Halfords grey primer from a nice new 500 ml can, I say the primer sprays and covers excellently! Some of the interior will be left in the grey primer, especially as I don't want to highlight how blocky the tables and seats are and the floor colour is a similar dark grey. For colours, the seats were painted in a mixture of Humbrol acryli
  12. Wow, James this weathering is amazing attention to detail! I especially like the chipped paint on the inner ends, you'd be streched to see if it's a model or the real thing! Keep it up! Jules
  13. Hi Will, this is looking really good! 37218 is one of my favourites and the wipac 37/0's are not modelled too often, I'm hooked! Are you doing the early DRS livery or the later "compass" livery? Good luck with this one, Jules
  14. Jack, unfortunately I find it a bit difficult ordering from S-Kits here! Can you send me their 2020 catalouge for me please? Much appreciated Jules
  15. Well, this update is sort of a "one step forward, two steps backwards" story, basically, looking at real trains, I realised my foamboard platform was too high!! So a (very) desparate attempt to shave off 2mm from the platform edging and cross braces came to nothing! So I ripped it all up, recovering the platform surface and the undamaged edging and cross braces then using a scalpel, I cut down the height to 13mm, as demonstrated by this photo below: However, silly me was overzealous and I cut down some of the recovered edging/bracing too much!! Additional strips were c
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