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  1. Nice video of 37716 there, can't beat some good old "Tractor" thrash! Although I'm scracthing my head at why it's being used at Peak Forest again when it wasn't deemed satisfactory when it did the same job three years ago, read that the loco was put under strain At least it's something special, albeit it's about 300 miles away from me! Jules
  2. Excellent job there Andy, must be great soaking up the satisfaction of making a unique model! Could last a couple of years seeing Bachmann.... Jules
  3. I have to say very neat work with these resprays, I can imagine it can get quite fiddly working with tiny N gauge models! Regarding the brake cooling pipes fitted on 47/7's and 57/3's, Precision Labels do a 3D prined representation in 2mm scale and the link can be accesed by clicking here. All the best for the next lot of resprays! Jules
  4. Impressive work on the aubergine "Meridian" Jack, must be satisfying to have such a unique model! And yes, I feel your pain for university, really eats up your modelling time. Not just that but its consumed my mojo too! Just look ahead, time will fly much faster than you think... Kind regards Jules
  5. As usual, some very fine work with the resprays and the rescue jobs, I'm probably not the only one tempted by the blue 4-VEP 3417.... Just a quick word about the 117, when refurbrished (and in blue/grey livery) ventilation grills were added on the bodysides, they weren't present when in unrefurbrished all over blue condition. Seems to be a common theme with the longer lived 1st generation DMU's. Jules
  6. I am in love with these fine window etches and especially the open window, in N gauge as well! I'd probably go bonkers doing this to a N gauge model! Jules
  7. Thanks for the kind words again! For the OBA, I used just the letters from Fox Transfers' white stencilled data panels, they have the stencil "gaps" if you look closely! As they are individual letters, patience is the key to applying such tiny transfers and do not be surprised to lose a letter/number or two. If you don't fancy the idea of sticking individual numbers and letters, Precision Labels, Railtec and Rainbow Railways can help. They can be quite busy but they can produce custom transfers to order and service is mostly favourable. If you get round to decalling your OBA, good luck with it! Jules
  8. Finally, another long due update! I can now declare my Cambrian OBA is....finished! (It only took 7 years!!!!) The rusting on the ends and solebars was Revell 84 Matt Leather, a useful shade for representing old rust due to its purpleish tinge, applied with a 10/0 brush, trying to restrain myself and keep the rust effects varied! For many of the rust spots, I (you could say) drybrushed some of the paint downwards with the 10/0 brush to represent rainwater washing the rust downwards. On the solebars, I painted a series of dots to form a line (as per the prototype) of rust breaking through the paint and was tamed in places with some downward motion with a flat brush moistened with thinners, concentrating around the door hinges as they seemed to get pretty shabby! The solebars and bufferbeams were weathered with a 50/50 mix of Revell 84 Leather Brown and Humbrol 29 Dark Earth to give it that darkened apperance, with some Humbrol Rust and Dark Earth weatering powder on the W-irons to represent brake dust. The single links were highlighted with a reddish mix of 70:30 mix of Revell 84 and Humbrol 73 Wine and Humbrol 27004 Gunmetal represents grease on the handbrake levers and buffers, the latter getting my usual protective coat of satin varnish. Wheels painted with Humbrol 29 and wiped to represent the disk brakes polishing the surface. Well I have to say this weathering, although time consuming (my fickle motivation can testify!) is very enjoyable and satisfying to put your own personal touch to an otherwise standard model. Now who's next for the paintbrush....? Upon completing the OBA, attention switched to the MHA 394395 (original 16 rib body with Gill Sans lettering) to add some small but noticeable parts to an otherwise glaring gap on the model. These I belive, were brackets for the door operating levers back when the wagons were used for MGR hopper operations which was absent from the Hornby model! I initially struggled to work out the shape of these brackets from photos but closer observation cracked it. As a further curveball, they're different on each side! (I know the wheelbase markings are wildly innacurate, I used what I had to hand, came from Railtec's HKA hopper detail pack) The white bracket parts were built from 20 thou plasticard and the "L" shaped hangers were cut and bent from scrap etch. To anyone replicating this add-on, I have attached some rough drawings of the plasticard built brackets below (apologies, it's quite crude!!) Again, these are different on each side side so care must be taken to get the different ones on the correct side if you do crack out the plasticard! And finally, I have a LOCO (yes, a loco) on the workbench which has underwent a simple rebadging job with Railtec decals. This may be familiar to some long term readers on the thread, but to recap, this is a limited edition Bachmann Class 66 representing 66111 with Highland Rail logos. To replicate the loco in 2016 condition, the EWS logos and one of the Highland rail logos had to be removed, I used a cocktail stick and the printing came off quite easily. Then the replacement logos went on the secondmans side and the smaller cab front logos were added. I'll also get to the other Highland rail logo and distressed doesn't describe its condition! Anyway, that is it for this update, I have a few projects I really need to get off the back burner however, university is now a thing! Therefore, my workbench time will take another hit sadly. Happy modelling and stay safe! Jules
  9. Wow, this is some nice work on the OBA, I really like the painting on the planked bodysides, it really gives a "wood grain" effect and replicates the very patchwork nature on these wagons, it will look great with some distressed and weathered MFA/MHA/MTA and other appropriate wagons in the same train I also like the ends of the wagons as I feel the rust effects are restrained and well done, from personal experience, it's very easy to get too carried away and the effects start becoming unrealistic I'm sure somebody on this thread will know better, but from my knowledge, from 1990, quite a few ZAA "Pike" were converted to ZCA "Seahare" by simply welding the doors shut, putting a top capping on the top of the doors and repacing the floor with plain sheet. They came into privitisaton in significantly reduced numbers, so I assume most were converted into ZCA "Sea Urchin" in the early EWS era. The conversion of SPA's into "Sea Urchins" only occured in the EWS era. In model form, the Cambrian SPA or Kernow's RTR SPA can be fairly easily converted into a "Seahare" by removing the bolsters from the floor and sanding it flat, in addition to adding some plastic strip over the top of the doors. The few "Seahare" that made it into privitisation unscathed were mostly found in rusty "Dutch" enginners grey and yellow livery or Loadhaul livery I did this Seahare conversion 2 years ago using the Cambrian kit as a base and as Loadhaul livery suited these wagons I couldn't resist! The particular ZCA "Seahare" I'm modelling is DC460254 which survived in this livery into the EWS era (I haven't got to numbering it yet!) I hope this little insight into Seahares helped and as I say, keep up with the good work! Jules
  10. Hello again, Some interesting projects going on in your workbench! The MTA's with extended ends (and the ZKA Doorand) are rarley modelled so it's very nice to get a few unique gems into a fleet of wagons! Also, the Hornby TTA, although a fairly basic model, can be served as a base for detaling/conversions especially as they can be picked up for a few bob online! Unfortunately, my TTA project has ground to a halt due to a lack of detail parts and inspiration. I plan to model one of the BP Green TTA's used on the Fort William/Lairg oil traffic with full length walkways numbered in the 53XXX series. To get some more food for thought, I recommend checking out these two excellent workbenches, they have plenty of projects right up your street! Both threads have been here for years so it might take a lot of flicking through pages to find exactly what you want but it's worth having a nosey and trust me, you might spend more time than you anticipated reading these threads! I hope to post an update in the next couple of days as I've finally made tangible progress through some projects! Until then! Jules
  11. Hello GWR5674 Thanks for the kind remarks there! I have a few projects on the pipeline but I will reveal these in my next update (I really am due to post one!) which should be soon. A little taster here: I have been working on a loco on the workbench as well as my usual wagons, all will be revealed in the next update. I would be interested in seeing your work, do you have a workbench thread here? As always happy modelling Jules
  12. Very nice work Jack! Very intriguing how Fordley has gotten on and doubtless you'll be having endless fun with the shunting! Also the loader is very impressive, it's the first working loader I've ever seen in model form, although beware of the flying ballast! A few warning notices may be neccesary.... And I can understand the length issue, 15' on paper and 15' IRL can seem like two different things! My layout is only 8' long but it takes up half the room! Good luck with the rest Jack, look forward to seeing some more progress Jules
  13. That's great Jerry! Like I say, good luck with the windows and the 166 there! Jules
  14. Hi Jerry, What resin do you intend on using for the windows? Its the first time I've heard anyone using resin to create windows, something I may try myself in the future Good luck with the Class 166! Seems like an absolute pain in the @rse to work with! Jules
  15. Hot on the heels from 391257 came its Loadhaul Black livieried partner 391235, which looks very similar to 391257 in terms of weathering but with a few noticable differences! I did the "brush on, thinner off" technique again for the body, however I used a 1:1:1 ratio of a mixture of Humbrol 29 Dark Earth, Humbrol 62 Matt Leather and Revell 84 Leather Brown to give a more reddish tinge to the dirt, with the same mixture on the underframe. To replicate the relatively freshly painted out EWS logo, I scratched the logo off completely using a scalpel and used masking tape to preserve the black underneath. Once the initial coat of dirt was dry, the tape was removed and a little quantity of the dirt applied to tone down the stark contrast and make it look like the logo was painted out a year or two ago. The maroon panels on the right hand end on both sides was applied with several coats of Railmatch EWS maroon, taking care to preserve the maintenance panels on the bottom, although two extra ones were removed with a scalpel. The maroon panels were also masked before the initial application of dirt to preserve their relative freshness. Again, the warning flashes, lamp brackets, grab handles and bufferbeam steps were kept relatively clean with microbrushes and thinners. Humbrol 73 Wine and Revell 84 Leather Brown were mixed in 80:20 proportions and aplied to higlight the single links and a tiny amount on the springs, with Humbrol 27004 Gunmetal used to represent grease and oil on the disc callipers, springs etc. The buffers were treated to my textured application of Humbrol 27004 Gunmetal and some Satincote varnish, which I feel is quite effective and can be discerned on the photo above. Wheels were painted with Humbrol 29 Dark Earth and wiped off to represent disc brake action. The bodyshell was varnished to protect the weathering from coming off due to too much handling. Well, that is Wagon Number 3 finished off, the possible contender for Wagon Number 4 could be.... ....this! Long-term followers may recognise this wagon and I do admit, I've taken far too long to get to this stage for it considering Accurascale announced thier version! This wagon is numbered 394385, inspired from seeing the real thing on one freezing cold winters day at Millerhill Yard and the Fox transfers EWS Gill Sans data panel was used, although due to the limited space between the ribs on early build MHA's, I had to splice the panel and do some slight overlapping to get it to fit. Axlebox colour was changed from the factory applied yellow to the correct maroon (Railmatch again) and Lankashire Models and Supplies coupling hooks were added to the bufferbeams after taking off my very crude brake hoses. It just awaits its turn at weathering but I really should get some brake disks to finish the wheels off, so it may take another while seeing me.... I also have MTA 395083 in the pipeline for weathering as well so watch this space.... Thanks for looking Jules
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