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  1. Loving the layout and locos Jack! Can't wait to see them in the flesh! Jules
  2. Tell me when you can make it up north! (with the layout) Good work BTW Jack Jules
  3. We have a week and two days off school up north, so I took the oppurtunity to do some modelling! Firstoff, some photos of the finished (worn plank effect still to be applied) side of 100023 It's still got a long way to go, needs interior painted (plank by plank!!!), numbering and weathering, it probabaly won't be finished until the new year!! Got to renumbering the three wagons that started it all... picked them up for £30 total at Falkirk many years ago (I wish wagons are still this cheap...) I numbered this MTA to 395161 after seeing a photo of it in Millerhill, I used the Fox EWS wagon data panel pack for all three and it was a real test for my eyesight trying to line up intracate digits!! MFA 391257 (yes the EWS logo is too small, but I used what I had to hand, a pack of Fox EWS logos) with the repositioned logo MFA 391235 Eventually the wagons will be varnished and weathered to represent the poor condition of these wagons (well hopefully!!) Cheers Jules
  4. Some progress on my OAA 100023, apoligies for the terrible phone pics For my project of 394829 (DB red MHA), I am unsure about the decals which I was hoping to get them customely made for me. Do I have to send the company my own artwork that I have drawn or are they willing to do the making for me as Railtec were extremely busy when I put in an order which only contained images of the wagon. I appreciate that they are a really busy company so fair enough I am grateful for any advice regarding custom decals as this is my first bespoke project Cheers Jules
  5. Ahh now I can breahe again - didn't screw up! Managed to strip the paint off and add the new grills (Evergreen styrene venner board in fact - courtesy from Roland Turner), and I conclude that went well! (I kept it on the ends, the paint stripper used a lot of IPA, cotton buds and paper towels and I didn't bother) Notice the difference of the shapes on the different sides, as per the real thing. Next jobs to do are to work on the roof detail (there's an exhaust for the generator - needs to be drilled, priming, painting, adding handles and decals!!! About your comment Jack, I find that you were right, a knife leaves some gouge marks that I tried to remove using sandpaper, which was only partially sucsessful, but the roof is a little tatty on M35469, I might get away with it! For something to toy around with, a Class 67 perhaps? (I bought this coach thinking I would model a short steam rake but even the shortest steam rake can't fit in my 3-car platform, it'll probabaly end up being shunted around as a loose coach, I guess this is a testbed for my cutting and shutting, detailing and painting skills) Well hopefully, I can use it well on the layout, or I can give it to someone who can run coaches better than I can!! Lewis, I plan to use S-Kits parabolic springs as they have the correct Single Link suspention, the already present Double Link suspention is rare on BP examples, according to my friend, who is an expert in tankers Hope your projects are going phenomenally! Cheers for reading, it's a wee bit long winded Jules
  6. You're getting on well on this layout, keep up the good work Eddie! Jules
  7. Moving on from the TTA, I was pondering what modelling project to do and dug out my Mk1 BSK. All I've done to it is to change the orientation of the battery boxes and change the bogie type to Commonwealth. As I plan to portray 35469 with side grills, and plus, I'm using a Hornby "Design Clever" Mk1, I decided to carve a lot of the moulded detail and the too obvious roof ribs using a Swann Morton #10 Blade and also need to cut two pairs of doors (this is my first serious kitbash, hope I don't screw up...) Pics for progresss... It was a pain in the neck to carve off the moulded end details, and ending up slicing into the detail I wanted to keep!! I have already drilled holes for replacement handrails, using a HSS 0.5mm drill Well let's see how this project goes on... Jules
  8. Been a wee bit busy, and since D of E was (annoyingly) postponed, I've found the time to post The TTA is far from finished, but all the holes/resecces have been filled with plastic strip or rod and tiny amounts of filler (this is a George Dent method, which works very well!) I plan to use the Stensons models walkways to represent a tanker numbered in the 53xxx series which worked on the Fort William fuel workings The underframe has been liberally butchered, the only thing left is the W irons and axleboxes! I plan to use some S-Kits springs (the correct parabolic type) and scratchbuilt brake/discharge pipes It's a long way from completion, but I've started on the other side of the OAA, pics are to follow Cheers Jules
  9. Sorry saxokid, the next update may not be until a wee while away (school plus homework, by the bucketload!!!!) Anyway, good luck with your projects Jules
  10. Very nice work you're getting up to Jack, hope you're doing well! Loving your 60065 Jules
  11. Nice to hear from you in a while Lewis! Hope your projects have been going well mate! More stuff will slowly (but surely) come! Jules
  12. Just a quick post on doing weathered/battered planks in model form to represent paint peel I used a fairly dark grey pained on individual planks and left it to dry for a few minutes before using a wooden toothpick and a dry brush to manipulate the paint. Another Tim Shackleton method in his Aspects of Modelling: Weathering Wagons and Rolling Stock This also shows progress on the OAA, slowly but surely! Jules
  13. A very nice set of projects Wanye! Look forward to their progress Good luck Jules
  14. Very nice work Jack!Where did you get the Max Joule plate for 20303 just out of intrest Good luck (with everyting) Jules
  15. Update in a little while, about the ex ZBO ZBA DB986446 Armed with some white and grey paint and a cut down Daler Rowley 10/0 (got for £3.50) to recrate lettering/numbers, as I'm too impatient to commision decals as I can't get round to do it The "ZBA" completely shames the "EWS" legends, which I did a year ago (I'm that slow!!) which a chunky 0.7mm Posca pen! I'll wash over the numbers with some Rust wash to kill the clean white look This was quite a test for my hand-eye co-ordination, if you can read DB986446, I've succeded! Hope I can get more posts soon, but due to the demands of Higher (equivallent to A-levels down south of the border) and Duke of Edinburgh, it's going to be harder, so please bear with me! Cheers Jules
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