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  1. I think more learned contributors than I to this forum have covered this sub topic. 'Dance hall' vans though of SECR design, only appeared after grouping with the possible exception of a prototype. There are several SR brake vans e.g. Pillbox, Queen Mary, Warner and (soon) Road vans, as well as the elderly LBSC van available, that I doubt the RTR market needs another SR van for what was predominantly a passenger railway. Happy to be proved wrong though. Agree the D looks fantastic and amply justifies investment in dark lake birdcages!
  2. I had a look at the video of the product launch at the NRM last year. One of the presenters informs us that there will be a blanking plate that will fit into the front NEM pocket to give a more authentic appearance.
  3. Tramshed

    The Engine Shed

    davidw. Do you (or anyone else) know what became of the dedicated thread for the A2/2 & A2/3s?
  4. The following is a direct quote from the RCTS green book vol 2A. "In 1958-59 all except No. 60501 were fitted with the B.R. type Automatic Warning System". 60502 went in to Doncaster works for a general repair between 2/12/58 and 9/1/59 so this is probably the best candidate if you are looking for a precise date.
  5. And the change to a cast chimney if your period is post 1959. Then there are the spoked tender wheels to change to discs (if spokes are supplied, they were in P2 form). Given that there are effectively 3 versions of this class, 2 x curved cab, 2 x straight cab with truncated 'V' and 2 x 'full V' cab with retained early boiler (not modelled), it occurs to me that for those who are prepared to wait, Hornby might eventually offer a 'late crested' 60502 to make full use of the tooling suite.
  6. At the risk of planting another mine in this already overpopulated field, the tenders of 60501 and 60502 were not identical either. Both engines kept their original tenders from building as P2s to scrapping as A2/2s. 60501 had spoked wheels while 60502 had discs (this also affected those attempting a conversion of the Hornby P2 from 2001 to 2002). The CAD earlier in this thread appears to show that Hornby have gone for discs so may be correct for 60502.
  7. Fred You had me digging a bit further. The class acquired cast chimneys from April 1951 (60504) and four others between 1954 and 1958. 60506 was never so fitted. The above painting diagrams suggest 60501 is to be supplied with plain chimney so may be suitable for 60506. Just another thing to watch out for.
  8. Diagram 118 boilers fitted to the class as follows: 60501 10/1952 60502 3/1951 60505 3/1952 until 9/1957 (dia 117 fitted) 60506 6/1952 60503 and 60504 retained their 106A boilers throughout Information ex-RCTS 'Green books' vol 2A. Hope this helps.
  9. No, me neither. Just offering examples of products in the pipeline whose 'd' value may be impacted by recent events.
  10. I think we can all agree with that. Worth remembering that the age/gender skew among virus victims has a familiar look to it among (I suspect) the RM fraternity. Useful formula: E=L-d where E = enjoyment of ones hobby, L = life expectancy of the hobbyist and d=delivery date of the hobbyists latest model. Usual form on this forum is to moan about the ever increasing value of d. Our focus now should be on increasing the value of L. If any supply chain capacity were able to switch from models to ventilators, testing kits or PPE then so much the better. Another 6 months to wait for a 94xx, Bulleid coaches, Midland 1P etc. will be insignificant in the long run. Many modellers of working age may find themselves on a reduced income for some time yet and in no hurry for their next delivery.
  11. A mass boycott of Chinese goods would be cutting off nose to spite face since the hobby has become dependent on China. Anyone thinking of starting an on-line petition may like to examine the makers mark on the underside of their computer since IT hardware is mostly sourced there too. People can exercise choice as consumers in some areas (like only drinking european sourced wine on the grounds that if they cant cut down on the booze then at least cut down on the 'booze miles' if only to offset the 'model railway miles' of their other addictions) but not all!
  12. Crests on 70013 not the only difference between 'as built' and 'as preserved'. Following an accident on the western region in 1955 the WR allocated Britannias had the handrails removed from their smoke deflectors to be replaced by round recesses with hand holds. 70000 has handrails in preservation, 70013 has the round recess arrangement. I don't know when this was applied to 70013, perhaps others can verify, as It doesn't appear ever to have been allocated to a western region shed.
  13. Just what I hope is taken as a helpful suggestion for AY mod. Given that (it seems) the majority of comments relating to this manufacturer/supplier relate to some aspect or other of its demise and further that until the last 24 hours we had only one post in over two months, perhaps the time has come for it to be removed from the Products and Trade area or at least relegated to the Smaller Suppliers section. If it is deemed important to sustain a postbox for advice relating to the advantages or otherwise of crowdfunding then perhaps separate it from the section devoted to this particular company since, as has been stated elsewhere, this could happen to anyone.
  14. Surely it would not be too difficult to have three categories of stock status i.e. 'Not yet in stock', 'In stock' and 'No longer in stock'
  15. One of histories many ironies. 6 years later the factory, along with so many, was given over to production for the war effort.
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