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  1. Clearly a brilliant marketing ploy by Bachmann to generate more interest in their products on this forum. Froth and wishlisting can now be a quarterly ritual with the inevitable 'nothing for me this quarter' after each issue. Still there is always next quarter.......
  2. Given Hornby like to get the most out of existing tooling, there are a couple of A1/A3s that might appear next year. LNER 2555 'Centenary' springs to mind with an outside chance of classmate 'Spearmint' appearing in its post war renumbering guise. Number 100 to save anyone looking it up.
  3. From information supplied by learned members of the thread community and from other sources, the 'dance hall' vans went into production in 1921 (one prototype was made in 1918) and most emerged after grouping. The intricate SECR locomotive livery had given way to grey by this time.
  4. Last year Andy Y posted the 2019 announcement on January 11th following a trade event. Reaction filled 18 pages of thread ending on March 17th. This may be no guide at all to their 2020 intentions and we wait and see what excitement or otherwise it generates.
  5. Better to revive this thread for discussion on the O2 rather than wade through comments about O gauge Collett Goods etc. Certainly exciting news and revival of the O2 project very welcome, particularly for pre WW2 era modellers. We are promised some engineering improvements from the earlier versions.
  6. Ellis, As I don't model 7mm (budget and space constraints) it may be none of my business but your images sent me scuttling to find photos of the 1,435mm gauge ones. I accept that minor tweaks may be made between CAD and tooling and you are inviting suggestions for improvement. FWIW the dome looks as if it could be a bit bigger and more rounded. The one on the CAD looks a bit flat and square, as if it had been hit with a hammer or filed flat. Wishing you every success with this.
  7. Agree with Trog and Skinnylinny on this. The only way Hattons can control 'specification creep' and keep the price in the £30 target area while trying to please most people most of the time. £30 sounds cheap for a coach by today's standards but given they are shorter vehicles probably work out the same per unit length of train. As has been pointed out by several contributors, multiplying the number of body styles to suit examples from (say) 12 pre-grouping companies just ruins the economics. Congratulations to Hattons.
  8. Looking on the positive side (some on here do, others less so), perhaps this might even help to heal relations..... Examination of Hattons 'formations guide' we see the following Bachmann items:- GNR C1 Atlantic in the 'Cambridge express' LNWR Coal Tank in the 'North Western Local Passenger' LMS 1P in the 'Midland Local' Ransomes 45T crane in the 'BR crane' In the latter two cases these products have yet to hit the shelves but, with a following wind, should do so by 2021 when the 6 and 4 wheel stock is due. Free publicity for Bachy then and an excuse to make up previously impossible trains with their products. Own goal or olive branch? I hope the latter.
  9. Look on the bright side. If they hold to the original pre-order price, that's 5 years worth of inflation (and counting) you don't have to worry about. Buying RTR at prices of 5 years ago - whats not to like?
  10. Photo of steam crane under wires circa 1967 believed to be Leighton Buzzard. Photo taken by my late father. \just for interest
  11. Dear Rapidobill, Some suggested filler for a newsletter. Perhaps you could give your slant on the tea/chocolate/cheese debate. At least it might steer this thread back on topic.
  12. Tramshed

    Hornby P2

    Discussion about a model of 2007 prompted me to look back over my file of photos. Admittedly not in OO scale this was taken (somewhere!) by my late father. The film was processed in March 1964. Probably taken in the Lincolnshire area but just possibly in Hertfordshire. Any info welcome but interesting that whoever made this did it in original (non 'Bugatti') style and anticipated the 'real' 2007 by 55 years!
  13. B3 a very unlikely subject in RTR. Only 6 built and none survived beyond 1949. If I were Bachmann and I wanted a steam outline loco to announce on a visit to the GCR I would look at something in that railways loco pool, remembering their previous record with (e.g.) the 'Coal tank' and H2 on previous collectors club outings. In the current climate I would also go for something that required minimal tooling or possibly something that had the tooling prepared some time ago. My guess would be a standard class 2 mogul in the 78XXX series of which 65 were built and have not been previously released in RTR. They already have the Ivatt version in their range and may well have prepared the Riddles version around the same time. After all, they have done both the Fairburn and Riddles 2-6-4 tanks and the Brighton H1 appeared almost the same time as the H2. There is no chance of me having any inside info on this, just a logical hunch.
  14. Tramshed

    Oxford N7

    Not that good but some phone snaps of prints taken at the time. last 2 images credit M Deeks for anyone who wants the air pump detail
  15. Tramshed

    Oxford N7

    For a brief period in LNER days it ran as 7999 after rebuilding with RT firebox and before the LNER renumbering to 9621. Thus its owners could legitimately paint it in LNER black in preservation, which they did in 1996 for the 150th anniversary of the Eastern Union Railway (which amalgamated with the Eastern Counties to form the Great Eastern in 1860). It was displayed in Ipswich on the site of the former 'Ipswich loco' (since gone to housing) along with B12 and E4 and GE rolling stock. Alas pre digital camera but someone must have an image they can post.
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