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  1. Hi Paul, I would have a look at https://www.modelrail.li, they produce little kits of these 45-055, 145-042 which are not too unreasonable in price (considering its coming from Liechtenstein/Switzerland). Kind Regards Robert
  2. After a bit of building we don’t only have a one point/switch we now have a mini diorama. Still need to hardwire some bits together so it actually runs properly but the track work has been done. Kind regards, Robert
  3. Weichenbau teil 4 by RCW1810, on Flickr Weichenbau teil 5 by RCW1810, on Flickr Majority of the soldering done. Next up is a clean up, expensive kit to build but good fun. Yes indeed its not one to build a complex multi switch layout with that fills a room because the costs but a small diorama should be fine.
  4. Weichenbau teil 3 by RCW1810, on Flickr Bit further - Dark brown stain on the sleepers and first soldering. Now awaiting a new track cutter as I have managed to misplace that somewhere. Kind Regards, Robert
  5. Very true, but I've tried some others and so far this seems more of a success then the others (N-tram, Finescale-und-mehr). That said, I obviously haven't done any soldering yet so that might change. Luckily the ground area would be limited to 60 by 15cm at the most, so its quickly filled with these long switches. Kind Regards, Robert
  6. Weichenbau in 1:160 by RCW1810, on Flickr Weichenbau in 1:160 by RCW1810, on Flickr Weichen-bau teil 2 by RCW1810, on Flickr Not quite 2mm fine but close to I guess, a first attempt at rail building with code 40 on 9mm for a European (possibly Swiss or maybe Tsjech diorama). Next up is staining the wooden sleepers before starting the process of soldering (which is going to be a challenge for me). Any tip wil be welcome for soldering the track onto the cast bases. Kind Regards Robert
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