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  1. One of the rivets was the wrong size …….,
  2. Paid top dollar last week for a Heljan 33 from a well known shop, plus £32 for decoder, and just spent an hour cleaning the bogies and pickups/wheels . New from a bigger dealer next time.
  3. I will certainly give all these a try, thanks.
  4. Thanks, where do I get replacement wheels? Are they all the same? What do I ask for?
  5. Thanks smokebox, I should have mentioned I already have 3 other locomotives running on the layout.
  6. Morning all, I'm new to DCC and have acquired a second hand Heljan class 33 with chip fitted. this is prone to stalling and cutting out, and the lights often flicker. I have been told this loco draws a lot of power and needs a beefier chip, possibly 1.5 amp. This means very little to me, but if it needs a new chip, any recommendations please. thanks, Tim.
  7. Thanks again dungrange, superb explanation, and as you say, I can operate all the main sounds, I don't think I will bother with a new controller. Tim
  8. Thanks very much, nicely explained. It's only a small layout with the new class 20/3 DCC, Harry Needle with a whole array of sounds, and in the loco instructions it does recommend a controller with a 128 steps, but I didn't know that. oh well, live and learn. Beautiful looking loco though.
  9. Morning all. I have just bought a Bachmann digital layout, and the e-z controller keeps referring to "latch" or "trigger" which I don't understand. also being new, I made the mistake of buying the Bachmann class 20/3 which needs 128 steps for best results and the e-z has only 28. Should have done my homework.
  10. Thanks for all the replies lads, I think the answer was under my nose literally. The wife has an anti slip sticky underlay on our rugs, available from IKEA, I will investigate further and keep you informed.
  11. Thanks Meil, the wife's always in there
  12. Morning all, has anyone tried using the fibre sheets as used on laminate flooring. I am starting another small layout 6'x4' with thick plywood and due to mobility problems I wanted a quick and easy base. Any other ideas? Thanks Tim
  13. Problem solved, just bought the proper power supply
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