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  1. I can't make out what you are trying to say with this statement? Most preserved railways run a diesel gala. Some combine it to make a mixed traction weekend. Although I am surprised at the Bluebell playing host to 4 Deltics.
  2. I think the BLS might be confused at this. 45596 is most definitely a KWVR engine. The loco itself is at Tyseley being overhauled. 63601 isnt "Un-restored" more of boiler ticket awaiting a decision on its future.
  3. Joan of Ark was burnt at the stake for less than that! 4 Deltics on the Bluebell? The old guard must be rolling in their graves!
  4. Thats not a distant though. Thats a standard Western backing signal which is a form of stop signal.
  5. The odd occasion a southern loco managed to get north of Oxford. Banbury would have been one place where all 4 companies may have met.
  6. For the corridor side, I have fitted the large windows in the brake compartment as the type without window bars. I am not sure how 100% prototypical this is as most photos I have found are of preserved coaches and many surviving BSK's/BSO's have had the luggage area converted to wheelchair seating and tend to have window bars removed. On the non corridor side I have fitted the type with window bars except the window closest the guards compartment which is the greyed out type The SVR's 9220 is 100% in original condition. Our C+W manager went the way of converting TSO's to disabled access
  7. This years Autumn gala didnt have any all night running and was a specific timetable for Scotsman/ Tornado. The November event was more akin to a March gala than September gala. The overnight running is usually 1 train that is split in half. The two trains then run, crossing at Arley in the depths of the night. (can be a useful or annoying alarm clock). As to level of service it does change year on year.
  8. Looks like the first coach is a later Churchward with the 2nd and 4th being classic clerestory's. The 3rd coach looks like a Collett. It is Southampton Central though, not Wokingham or even Woking.
  9. Going away from the smaller size layouts. Holiday haunts was always one of the very best layouts on the circuit. No points but always something going on.
  10. Unicorn. The A4 isn't shunting. The Bulleid wiill keep going to probably a ground signal and the A4 will then reverse out of the siding, onto the back of this train and take it northwards.
  11. The cameras and microphones that adorned FS over the 5 days are for a program to be shown on BBC4 around Christmas time. It is a 1hour realtime journey from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster with FS. No commentary. Just the sights and sounds and general noise from the train and footplate crew. Very similar to the canal journey and Yorkshire bus another production company did for BBC4.
  12. Brockenhurst would be my shout. 2 Islands, footbridge access and buildings on the same level. An interesting feature included is the mail bridge.
  13. Jim. It looks like the C&PR are using the current line as all their P-way work has been increasing the speed of the slewing by lengthening the slew. I gather they are in the process of sorting out a track access and hopefully we might see the first C&PR train at Risborough by the end of the year. Then comes the long task of cleaning up the engineers sidings and the back platform.
  14. I dont know how the American sprung loaded drain cocks work but UK practice tends to be a lever and mechanism by the driver and the drivers knowledge of when to open/ shut them. If you ever get the chance. The BR black book is pretty much the bible on how to operate locos.
  15. Santa specials on the Severn Valley. 4 Toulousan sausages wrapped in foil with 2 small onions stuck on top of the manifold cook after about 1 run from KDR to AY. Jacket spuds are also cooked in the smokebox behind the steam pipe. Despite what people say they are very nice. It is also a good party trick for the kids. But as has been said above. There was a reason why there was a spare shovel on the footplate.....
  16. I doubt the two new platforms at Bletchley will be the old bays that were once on the down side of the fast lines. I imagine the two new platforms will be perched above the old station at the end of the flyover with a walkway down to the mainline station or right on the junction point at the northern end of the flyover with an extended footbridge from the station.
  17. Tony. Being only 27 I have no chance of remembering those years. My old man was born and bred in Petts wood and he used to spot on those bridges and as a youngster we used to go spotting. No Bulleids, Maunsells or anything half decent. The nearest thing to steam we copped were the last of the EPBs, HAPs and CEPs.
  18. Tony. Seeing it in full. It is Petts wood. The lamp/ P-way hut is/ was still there when I used to spend many a happy hour spotting from the two footbridges over the South Eastern and Chatham lines in and around Chislehurst junctions. The shot is looking towards the station from the footbridge now sadly completely caged in.
  19. I doubt it is in and around the SE area with a large Maunsell tender. Its looks more like one of the few boxes west of Salisbury for possibly an MOD site.
  20. First one is probably Eastleigh. 34047 looks like Bournemouth but I could be wrong and the following two are Worting junction.
  21. Looks like the back side of a black sighting board on the signal above the third coach.
  22. Duncan, The 50 wouldnt take power or keep power whilst working the DFE yesterday. Eventually, the station master and DSM shunt released BS1 (34053) and split the set into the Hollybusy/ carriage sidings. The class 20 then appeared later in the afternoon and headed south with the DFE stock. Running round TV yesterday was very tight between the 6 coach marker and barrow crossing. If you were around yesterday. Taw Valleys whistle is blowing by which makes communication on the ground a challenge.
  23. Usually every Sunday during the running season. Some Saturdays when there are special events on.
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