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  1. That's a handy photo. Realised I'd missed a couple of details off the roof of my 37......
  2. So having completed the first Hornby TTA wagon, I've moved on to my next project (victim?) Hopefully still just about recognisable as the Triang Hornby R751 class 37. I'm trying to complete the modification/detailing I started a few years back (1997 if I'm honest, it's been a busy 20 years or so). The plan is to update 37130 to it's final form as 37681. I'm still debating liveries. Various alterations to the body shell so far (some better than others). Not one for the rivet counters I fear, but I have at least filled the slot in the fan-end nose. I have good memories of class 37's on the Elgin/Inverurie-Shotton timber trains in the mid 1990s, and may have some photos somewhere, if I can find them.....
  3. D6150

    Some time later....

    Thanks for this, I will have a look on the web to see what I can find. Incidentally I'm still trying to work out when and why the BP logos were removed from the TTA's used on the Lairg and Fort William trains. Does anyone know?
  4. So after a bit of a gap, some progress to report. My ho scale Australian project is currently on hold as I grapple with the bits I'm not so good at (scenics, buildings). Meantime I have been clearing out some of the old Hornby/Lima which has been cluttering up my folks loft for the last 20 years or so, and seeing what (if anything) i can do with it. First up is one of the omnipresent Hornby TTA wagons. This was the red Texaco version, but is now in BP colours, inspired by the Lairg tanker trains and quite a few posts on here. Quite pleased with how this has turned out, but probably not one for the rivet counters.... Planning on doing a couple more, so any comments and suggestions welcome.
  5. D6150

    Slow progress

    Ok, so limited progress of late, other demands and priorities. However I've made a start on the small Station building, creating a basic card "box" that all the detail can be hung on. I've tried replicating the clapboard/weatherboard finish of the original using thinner card, and although it's a slow process, I'm impressed with the results! Hopefully this will continue..... Ebay has provided some excellent Ho scale corrugated sheet from Auhagen for the roof, of which more later.
  6. D6150

    Bricks and sticks

    That's the one! Thanks for your help.
  7. D6150

    Bricks and sticks

    So, moving onto some buildings for the planned layout. My initial idea was for a signal box. However an extensive rake through Google suggested that signal boxes weren't that common a feature of stations in small rural South Australian communities. So plan B... The very informative "When there were stations" website (sorry not sure how to post hyperlinks) turned up some excellent photos of the former Station at Moockra. This features a small building of a design which was apparently once common across the SAR system, but is now apparently extinct. Australian National apparently had a major purge of redundant buildings in the 80's and 90's. Anyhow, a small but interesting structure to reproduce. I've made a start on a (roughly) scale drawing, working out dimensions from prints of a couple of photos. So far so good, I hope.
  8. D6150

    On we go..

    So, some more progress. Put together a pre-printed 20 foot ISO container in TNT Freight Services colours. Went together fairly easy, apart from the fact superglue wouldn't stick!! Looks pretty good for the cost, and will be tucked away in a corner of the eventual layout. Although now a global brand, TNT started off in Australia. Also been doing some more research on grain hopper wagons and railway buildings, more to follow.... Thanks
  9. D6150


    Hello, and thanks for the feedback. This is probably going to be quite a slow project to follow, as have other commitments to juggle! It may also evolve a bit as I go along. The next bit of the jigsaw should hopefully be an Australian National AHDL hopper wagon (converted from box cars in AN's workshops). After this, possibly a signal box, if I can pick a good prototype to copy. Thanks
  10. D6150


    So hello to you folks at RM Web. After lurking and reading others contributions, decided to add something myself. Currently working on ideas for a small layout, probably a branch terminus, on the South Australian/Victorian border. Time period is a bit hazy, anywhere in the last 30 years. Inspiration from YouTube and Flickr. First item of stock is a detailing and tidy-up of an old Life-Like GM F-series into a homage to the Commonwealth Railways/Australian National GM class. Yes I know it's too short and needs a couple of extra wheels per bogie, but time/money constraints apply. Comments and suggestions welcome, especially ideas for converting items of ho stock that are easy to find in the UK.... Thanks
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