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  1. Happy new year to all on RM web. Another quick update on the loco. Amended lower body sides now added, and I've made a start on sanding and filling the first lower-end. Still a long way to go, but it's good to have something to help fill the long winter nights. Stay safe folks.
  2. D6150

    CC65000 part 3

    So on we go with the CC65000 conversion. The "new" nose is now largely completed at one end of the V200 shell. A lot of filling and sanding required, but I think it's starting to take shape. Nothing to do with the bottle of Balvennie I opened yesterday..... Can anyone suggest a supplier of HO loco parts like buffer heads and air horns? I've scoured ebay but haven't found much that might suit? Thanks Ken
  3. So the f104G is finally finished. Not the easiest kit, or maybe I'm just a bit rusty with aircraft. Anyhow it's off to brighten up my home office; I've been working from home since March (as I'm sure lots of other RM webber's will have been). Italian airforce markings were really difficult to source, but eventually got a set designed for the earlier f86 from FantasyPrintShop.co.uk . Not the cheapest, but excellent product and service. I now have the final f104S-asa on my to do list for 2021. Thanks for looking, and all the best for Christmas and New Year. Ken
  4. D6150

    CC65000 part 2

    Thanks for this. It's possible this project may fall into the old Top Gear category of "ambitious but...rubbish", but hopefully not.
  5. D6150

    CC65000 part 2

    A bit of progress altering the nose of the V200 shell to look a bit more like a Cc65000. Not that much of the original plastic left, but starting to look a bit more like the prototype (I hope...). A fair bit of filler required to try and replicate the compound curves of the original. Thanks for looking. Ken
  6. D6150

    Cut and shut...

    So how to covert a DB V200 shell to something a bit more like the CC65000? So far I've altered the cab-side windows at both ends, including the plated-over windows above the cab doors to represent a loco towards the end of their life with SNCF. I've also cut the V200 nose off at one end, and made a start on re-shaping the windscreens. The CC65000 has windscreens that are straight at the bottom, while the V200 screens have a curved bottom edge. Fingers crossed it all goes together as planned.
  7. D6150


    So time to reveal my mystery project. It's going to the SNCF CC65000. The inspiration for this came from an excellent video on YouTube showing 65005 in its second career with Agrivap in the Auvergne. There are also some excellent photos on Flickr. Hornby made a model of the CC65000 in their ACHO range, and there have been some more modern replicas, but the cost of these is a long way beyond my budget (although I can't deny the quality). I was going to try scratch-building, but tbh I don't think I have the time or patience. The DB V200 has a similar profile
  8. So a wee update on the F104. Paint and transfers now mostly done. This took a lot longer than expected, but hopefully looks a bit better than the Airfix kits I used to knock together in a couple of hours. Italian airforce markings have proved difficult to get hold of, the first set from ebay were old stock which fell apart when I tried to apply them. The second set have got lost in the post apparently... Thanks for all the feedback on my previous post, I was surprised by the level of interest in what for many people must be an old jet with an iffy safety record that retired from fr
  9. Couple of better photos today (I hope)! 70810 approaching Raith's Farm, Dyce, with the 04.33 Irvine Caledonian Paper to Aberdeen Waterloo tanker train. Quite a fine day for the end of October.
  10. A couple of snatched photos of an unidentified Colas Rail class 70 on the 13.02 Aberdeen Craiginches to Oxwellmains cement tankers earlier today. Bucksburn in Aberdeen. The train was a few minutes early, so I didn't have time to get to the location I'd planned. Colas Rail colours do quite a good job of camoflaging the loco amongst all the autumn leaves.
  11. A couple of photos of an unidentified Colas Rail class 70 heading through Bucksburn on it's way out of Aberdeen this afternoon. The service is the 13.02 Aberdeen Craiginches to Oxwellmains cement tanker empties. The low-rise industrial buildings to the left of the train were part of the former Twinspires Creamery. This closed around 20 years ago, having opened in the 1950's, and was served by milk tanker trains up until the late 1960's. Apologies, a bit of a dull afternoon weather-wise.
  12. A photo of 70801 passing through Bankhead on the north side of Aberdeen earlier this afternoon. The 04.37 Irvine Caledonian Paper to Aberdeen tanker empties again. I thought I might be able to get a bit closer to the fence, but the vegetation's recovered pretty quickly since the area was cleared for access during the upgrade of the Aberdeen-Dyce line a couple of years ago.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, that would make sense. Will have to try and get some photos at some point.
  14. A couple of photos of 70806 crossing the Bucksburn Viaduct with yesterday morning's Aberdeen Waterloo to Irvine Caledonian Paper tanker train. The tankers are loaded this time. Does anyone know if Colas Rail locos lay-over in Aberdeen between trips? Apologies again for the dodgy picture quality, and the lampposts and railings getting in the way.
  15. A few photos from me of Colas Rail Class 70's in Aberdeen. First off we have a couple of shots of 70806 passing through Bankhead on the northern outskirts of Aberdeen with the 04.37 Irvine Caledonian Paper to Aberdeen Waterloo tanker empties. Photos taken earlier on today. After that we have a shot of an unidentified class 70 coming off the Bucksburn Viaduct on an Inverness to Waterloo/Craiginches working on 24/08/20. The flats to the left of the loco are built on the site of the former Bucksburn Station. All photos taken on my phone I'm afraid folks, so sorry fo
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