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  1. I have an original O gauge Heljan Deltic which was subjected to a conserable amount of upgrade work including Pete Harvey etches, Bogie sideframes remodelled to represent the correct Class 55 profile. Fuel tanks narrowed plus numorous replacement cast items and finally a full repaint. Many of the most important spares dried up ages ago . If you lost any of the Brake hangers or chains hard lines, window wipers the same. Using the info supplied on the Spare parts drawing that was siupplied with my Deltic I contacted Heljan direct via their website . Their reply was a one liner referring me to contact Howes. Fast forward to the announcemnt during 2019 that Heljan would be doing a rerun of the Deltic and thinking that this would mean fresh supplies of parts I again contacted Heljan via their website, in fact twice asking if fresh supplies of Deltic parts would be released.... No reply what so ever. I then contacted Howes who told me they were hoping to see fresh supplies especially those that had been out of stock for some time. The fact that Howes have called it a day speaks volumes, draw you own conclusions Bob
  2. May I ask from where did you source the replacement smokebox door handle (Dart) Looks a nice casting Regards Bob
  3. Thank you for the clarification Bernard
  4. Doe this latest Bachmann J72 release just cover the first ten of the class built or the remainder up to and including the latter builds 69001- 69028
  5. Could not agree more Gary. An Accurascale O gauge Deltic or 37 mirrowing the sublime accuracy of the 4mm version would be irresistible
  6. Can anyone outline the detail differences between the original class members of J72s built way back from 1898 and the later 1950s build 69001 - 69028 Bob
  7. Please please Fran consider doing an O gauge Deltic and 37 regards Bob
  8. Just like your forthcoming Deltic I only wish you had plans to do these in O gauge
  9. ...........................and with the same glaring errors as before
  10. If its a BIG announcement it must be a Class 66. As all the liveries eventually seep out it could go on selling for years
  11. Has Heljan got any O gauge Diesel release spot on ?
  12. See the following link recentley in Hornby Magazine https://hornbymagazine.keypublishing.com/2019/08/01/video-flying-scotsman-with-zimo-sound/ This example uses a Zimo 645R decoder for OO Digitrains supplied zimo 645R active drive sound by Paul Chetter For a Heljan O gauge A3 an XL decoder would be required. I thought the Kylchap double chimmney exhaust souded pretty authentic and I'm very hard to please when comes to steam sounds Bob
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