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  1. C'mon Jordan, this evening (home?) slice the ends off both, take one of the cupolas off, stick what remains together and you'll have the start of a nice end cupola bogie caboose, bit like an SP prototype. Yeah, yeah, you'll need to fill that hole in the roof, redo the underframe, get some trucks, but you'll end up with some spare ends for your next kitbash, a pair of Kadees and 4 axles of good Peartree wheels. Aaaah, O-scale!! Jason
  2. The wheels are nickel-silver(?) plated whitemetal and as they wear, the w/m gets a covering of track-grime easily, so clean them regularly. NorthWest Short Line do replacements for the Roco/Atlas F-units (40" wheels), but I haven't seen any for the Plymouths (36"). Way back I read an article where the writer thought all the thick grease was used by the factory to stop the gears suffering from being banged around in shipping. Jordan's reminder to clean it all out and replace with fresh oil is what I do, usually after I've put it off for too long. Jason
  3. My apologies to Sir Douglas, he started this thread for non-GOG members views, it's just that some of the comments are irrelevant to today's recent financial puzzles. Anybody else tried swapping software at the same time as changing the real world's application requirements? Today's O-gauge scene, apart from the supposed Guild battle: are potential O-gaugers 'modern image' or 'steam' modellers (BTW I think the answer's Yes ) is which online environment do you prefer: Fb - ask a specific question - try the suggestion - didn't work - reword the question - etc, or a forum - I'm thin
  4. Well please tell me how you check(ed) the real facts. Thanks Jason
  5. Barry, my understanding as a regular GOG member has always been that the ALSRM start-up was triggered by a row in the Guild higher ranks and then the broader scale interests followed on. Certainly one of the big names discontinued Guild members' sales discounts at the same time. Jason
  6. Choice is an honorary 4-letter word. To choose which domestic shipper to use in the USA is ...er ...impossible? OK, you're right, spin the knife! DHL is one of the trans-Atlantic methods offered, they don't appear to do person-to-person shipping (like USPS for example): https://www.dhl.com/us-en/home/ship/parcel-and-document-shipping.html Look for the X Jason
  7. Bah, Rio Grande Airslide sold, now I'll have to try another import using ... um ... er...
  8. BTW Parcelforce do indeed send you a letter when the goods have arrived. Charges can be paid online and a front door delivery date agreed, as well as going to collect. I'm still in my importing days frame of mind, the more you can get in at one time, the smaller the import charge adds to the 'unit cost' ... well 'slightly smaller'. Selling the Rio Grande Airslide has to happen before I try anything else! Jason
  9. ICG car sold, the Rio Grande Airslide is only one left 45!!
  10. Rio Grande Airslide still available ... er ... oh, I'll risk it ... £45 plus P&P
  11. Santa Fe and L&N cars gone Jason
  12. O-scalers ... oh and everyone else, I haven't imported anything in bulk recently, so I've been out of touch with the cost since USPS put their prices up to pay for their pension shortfall and Pforce put their handling charge up to £12. Anyway, I couldn't resist looking at Norm's sale (normsoscale.com), good supplier and gave him a call (2.5p/min on 18185.co.uk) and ordered 8 frt cars. Have 4 spare Atlas asst'd cov'd hoppers all boxed, as new, available to Group members for my cost, yes cost just want to see what demand may be like these days, plus postage:
  13. I used to import O-scale regularly in the noughties then tailed off. Thought I should get up to speed on how much it can cost these days. So last month I saw Norms O-Scale in Maine were having a sale. I know Norm and gave him a call (2.5p/min last time I looked, with 18185.co.uk). Selected 8 Atlas O-scale frt cars and chose USPS shipping. He sent them around 25/7 and Parcelforce's import, etc bill arrived in the post 11/8, my choice for delivery was yesterday, so actual transit time was as good as I'd hoped. The 8 frt cars cost $355 and my total cost - TOTAL (USPS postage $1
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