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  1. Wondering which is the better running loco. I will be using it on a short shunting style layout so slow speed and smooth start/stop are main considerations. No DCC, planning PWM DC power. My only other reference for OO9 is actually HOe Liliput loco of some older vintage. Under PWM it is almost acceptable in performance. Other experience is in ON30 and N scale (US). Many smooth runners in N scale so high hopes for the little OO9 steamers. James
  2. I kind of assumed that there would be more gluing surface on a non-folded NEM style, I just didn't know which direction it would go. If I understand correctly they are longer and fold back towards the coupling wire and not wider (in a T shape) and fold inward. Seems like the longer would be much easier to adapt to any type mounting. I will order some of the NEM style assuming I can use them on anything. Thanks for the information everyone.
  3. I just ordered some kits to build in OO9 and they do not have an NEM pocket. Can I still use the NEM style Greenwich couplings on these? My thought is to just use a bit of epoxy to mount them to the bottom of the wagons using the "box" formed when folding the coupling into shape.
  4. So it sounds like I might need some larger diameter wheel sets. I will design my chassis around this and allow for some slightly larger diameter wheels. Next step is sourcing some!
  5. So, new question. I have 3D printed a couple of wagons and have designed some chassis that I think will fit under the wagons. To get the correct "sit" of the wagons I need to have the dimensions of the wheels used. Can anyone tell me the diameter of a Peco OO9 wheel measured across the tread? I currently have some 36" N-scale wheels I am going to use but they seem a little small. The diameter of the tread is 5.2 mm. I can't tell if these are horribly undersized for what I need or if my old days in On30 are throwing my eye off.
  6. Thanks guys, makes things much easier knowing dimensions and attributes before hand. I found a Liliput locomotive and passenger set at a local train show but I think the Peco freight cars will be easier to source over here, I know the track will be. Thank you again for taking the time to answer so quickly.
  7. Hello everyone, Wanting to start OO9 in Oklahoma so no chance of looking at anything in a shop, will have to order everything. My questions are, the Peco turnouts, are the points sprung so they stay in place if moved or do they need some kind of mech to hold the points in place. For electro-frog, is the frog powered through the points or do they need switched power through a spdt switch. Lastly, does anyone have exterior dimensions for the Peco 4 wheel wagons. Both the low board open wagons and the closed box wagons. Thanks in advance, James
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